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“Always a fair price for gasAnd quality.Others as walmart and soboba may seem cheap but the gas has no milage on your tank scandalous.This gas station is true to fact .”

4.3Superb79 Reviews

“I'm here, everyday...sometimes multiple times a day, to get cigarettes and/or my Voltage aka blue crack. I love all my ladies here ? , Jay is super nice and always friendly and it's down the street from me....?? I guess Steven is ok too lol”

4.2Good70 Reviews

“Love the courteous clerk Terri. She's awesome, amazing and so helpful. She's the reason I will only gas up here and all the snacks I want are always rite in one spot”

4.1Good83 Reviews

“I've been coming here for 3yrs since moving to Winchester, the low prices are worth driving to the other side of Hemet. My single income budget appreciates their consistently lowest prices in town especially with inflation. It's family run business & all the employees are courteous”

4Good103 Reviews

“Always good experience. Today pump stopped at 2989 when I ordered $30 of gas always check your receipt. I heard there was the same problem at other Arco ampms FYI”

4.1Good67 Reviews

“My local gas station and where I'll most likely go when I need a snack or a drink. They're in walking distance which is very convenient.The staff is pretty good. Hard workers, but also a little overworked. The place can be a bit messy from time to time when new product comes in and has yet to be put in place, but that comes with the workload. Generally it's taken care of by next day, so it never feels cluttered.Gas prices are on par with most other stations in the area. It won't be as cheap as gas in other parts of town, but you're not getting ripped off, either.Overall, it's a decent enough location and I am there almost once a day. If it keeps me coming back there has to be something to it, right?”

4Good62 Reviews

“I don't do reviews but filled up with propane and Jimmy was a great person to deal with. Knowledgeable and pleasant to talk to while my daughter-in-law went inside to pay. The station is clean and I would be happy to return. Good job Jimmy.”

3.9Good62 Reviews

“So I don’t normally take a photo of a restroom, but as they say, a picture can say a thousand words. Very kind and uplifting person at the counter said she had high expectations, of the stores condition, to exceed customer’s expectations and it’s obvious throughout the building. This store has my vote for sure!!!”

4.1Good33 Reviews

“I've been going to this gas station since before the pandemic when it had other owners. The owners now are not quite as friendly but they are friendly enough and provide service with a smile. They operate a standard convenience store with sodas and other drinks and snacks including chips, cookies and candy. The price of fuel has gone up way too high but somehow this station manages to keep the price reasonable. I will continue to come here for my gasoline needs.”

4Good37 Reviews

“I love this AMPM! I regularly visit between 6-8 a.m. and the crew that works then is always friendly and helpful. This particular store also gets great imported or rare candies and treats. Also, they go the extra mile with the 'Too-much-Good-Stuff' they prepare 'in House'.”

3.8Good56 Reviews

“Y'all saved my life when I first moved to Hemet. Me and my babies would park right in front of the gas station. Jesse and all the workers where so kind to us and fed us too I will always remember you.”

3.6Good94 Reviews

“Best customer service .happiest employees and this place is obviously ran well .it's always clean . Their is. Nothing worse than going into a place for a drink or snack and have to pump gas at a dirty gas station.. not this place . ?Employees have it dialed in ???”

3.8Good30 Reviews

“Sonny the owner is great and funny. Unless you get on his bad side. Great when he's mad at some idiot customer. Good times then. This place is great. Robert Garcia complained about people parked at the pumps in all directions making it difficult for patrons to get out at the pumps. I park in whatever direction I need to and have no problem getting in or out. Robert Garcia should learn to drive maybe or just stop crying.”

3.7Good38 Reviews

“I have been coming to this location and they are ALWAYS honest, helpful and fair. Even though I came in a few times with a bad attitude, the kindness they showed me was enough for me to realize I need to check myself and apologize. This location will always be my first choice.”

3.9Good19 Reviews

“There is something about Exxon....just recently started going consistently and my car is getting an 75 additional miles per tank!! Couldn't be happier about this ☺️ quality for sure!”

3.8Good24 Reviews

“My go to close by! Angel was friendly and helped me with all the questions I had. The suggestions and customer service were great. Thank you Angel for helping my family out.”

3.7Good31 Reviews

“For the most part, I always have a pleasant experience here. Today was a bummer. Purchased a carwash and the darn wash STOPPED HALFWAY. Of course I went back inside to let them know and they were every courteous and gave a refund. 5 stars!”

3.5Good60 Reviews

“This station has been my back-up when the Circle K on Sanderson and Esplanade is closed (semi regular occurrence). I've never driven over here to find them closed. I'm very pleased with this station!”

3.6Good18 Reviews

“The guy who makes the fried chicken here rules! Same name as me too. Excellent customer service and it always smells great in there. Bathrooms are clean and almost no hobos outside.”

3.3Good40 Reviews

“Was given great customer service By Frank, he took care of a situation that I was dealing with, true leader skills right there. Thanks bro, 7eleven should be proud to have you on their team”

3.2Average44 Reviews

“Terrance, philip, tony are awesome dudes great attitudes they show great leadership all in all i feel very safe going to this shell gas station early morning hours as i have to be at work and there is usually alot of homeless people hanging out i always feel safe”

3.2Average46 Reviews

“Only place around me that sells flex fuel E85. Propel gas does increase horse power. I have a 2011 f150, drives better than any other gas I’ve tried for my truck and dude gave me a 10 dollar gas card when I debut card wasn’t working. Thanks I recommend this place to anyone”

3Average5 Reviews

“Great gas and lasts me longer than Chevron, Arco, Mobil or Shell. Only bummer is that each terminal I have tried will never prints out a receipt. Instead it says something along the lines of go see cashier for receipt. Normally, that wouldn't be a problem, but there is always a suspicious or unfavorable person roaming about and I try to avoid them.”

3.1Average12 Reviews

“The clerk/owner is just so sweet and friendly. We walked in and within a min they asked what we need and we got the key to the washroom, hot water for the road, great coffee, etc. The store has some really interesting products too. Didn't think stopping at a gas station store can make our day (at 5:30am on a Sunday!)”

2.7Average19 Reviews

“All I have to say is that one girl with blonde hair that’s usually there around 7pm when I go , needs a damn PROMOTION! Her attitude and great costumer service makes me happy to shop and get my gas there . Definitely worth going she had multiple costumes in the store at once and we were all laughing joking about something she had mentioned !!! She Needs A Promotion foreal !!!”

2.4Poor11 Reviews

“A lot of new faces working all very hard workers. But the girl with red hair not sure her name she is by far the most beautiful polite woman I’ve seen in a long time the way she handles her Costomers with respect is just so amazing. She had 5 people checked out before the other employees barley had checked out one person !!!! She needs a raise or promotion highly skilled in communication with the public !!!”

2.8Average37 Reviews

“I got locked out of my car here with my phone inside and waited for AAA for two hours and these employees were so sweet they offered me something to drink and continually asked if I needed anything. finally one of the ladies there used her AAA for my car, they sat and waited with me after they were off because it was night out they said they didn’t want me to be alone. I have never in my life had such excellent costomer service especially at a gas station! The gas there is on the lower side too so that’s a plus.”

2.8Average55 Reviews

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