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“Just visited Old Towne Orange area for the first time today. Both Garre and Gary are very friendly and very knowledgeable about the time period of each piece. They were so kind to take so much time to show us each piece and inform us about its history. They also have a great selection of many beautiful pieces from various time periods, specializing in antiques.”

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“I have been coming here for years to fix my watches and this place is reliable and more than reasonable with their prices. If you have any questions the staff is knowledgeable and very friendly. I highly recommend this place for any clock/watch repair or shopping for watches.”

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“My husband I and went looking for a 10 year anniversary piece. Pasha Jewelers was our first stop. We met with Sandy- and she was patient, honest and incredibly knowledgeable. When we expressed she was our first stop there was zero pressure. She was confident we would be back (because she knew she was offering the best quality and price). We went and did our due diligence and yes, I ended up coming back. Sandy was so eager to offer a level a customer service that would win my business for years to come, and she succeeded. I've received so many compliments on my ring and I absolutely love it! She even helped me with my existing rings and went above and beyond helping bring those piece back to life. We will be happy returning customers!!!”

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“Long overdue review. I put in a custom work order years ago for a lion dance head pendant and the results were fantastic Had frequent communication, with photos, sizing, type of jade, and suggestions on the design. Although the purchase was years and years back, the person I purchased this for still wears it to this day.”

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“I was lucky enough to be referred to Jon's shop by some locals. Jon and team have treated me well, educated me on what is what, and always help me out a ton. Thank you!”

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“Besides the owner being one of the nicest people I have met, they have one of a kind fun items for Home, Garden and Personal use. It is so much fun to browse - I never walk away empty handed!!”

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“I came here randomly after a yoga class nearby and fell in love with the store! They have beautiful clothing, jewelry, and other accessories that are so eye catching and of great quality. If you are a texture person, I've never felt so many amazingly soft pieces. The prices are reasonable and the owner was very helpful and friendly. I don't live in Orange but I'll be back! Also, she said they get a lot of new things every week so it's constantly rotating! Definitely check it out!”

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“I have known Terry and Ken for 28 years. We do not trust anyone with our jewelry needs. We are impressed every single time. We spend time talking with Ken and Terry and care for them and their family.”

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“I inherited a small collection of coins, stamps and jewelry from my late aunt. I looked at many different dealers that I was looking to bring my collection to, but after reading reviews specifically for Dennis and his OC Rare Coin- I decided to travel from the valley to their office in Orange. I was not disappointed! I really appreciated having a safe and private space to go rather than a counter with items that were somewhat sentimental. I felt my aunt had cared enough to save these items for so long, I wanted the same care to be given to them in their departure. Dennis met me with his partner Victor. Each of them meticulously went over every piece of my collection. They explained a lot to me, and took the time to connect with me personally. They were courteous, kind, and very honest. Dennis said typically they recommend getting different offers, and organized/itemized everything for me to take home and think about- but with the experience I had (not to mention hours spent) why would I want to go anywhere else?! I walked away feeling good about my decision and pleased with the outcome. Highly recommend!”

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“Wendy and her staff are wonderful, friendly and so knowledgeable. I have been a weekly customer for 2cyears and I have grown tremendously in my skill and creativity as a result of their inventory, help, advice and support. It and they are part of my life now!”

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“Grat place to purchase quality jewelry, I purchase all jewelry gifts for loved ones here, ask for Sandy she is to the left as you walk in. She's very knowledgeable with all types of natural and lab produced gems and her prices are lower than Any retail chain jewelry store, Tell her Fred sent you.”

4.6 Superb17 Reviews

“Grat place to purchase quality jewelry, I purchase all jewelry gifts for loved ones here, ask for Sandy she is to the left as you walk in. She's very knowledgeable with all types of natural and lab produced gems and her prices are lower than Any retail chain jewelry store, Tell her Fred sent you.”

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“It is located in the Historic Orange Circle. Pleasantly next to Starbucks. I met William, the owner several years back, and he and his staff are the authority in their industry. This store has a great selection of watches, jewelry and art. His staff also deals in high-end designer bags. I go here for all my jewelry repair needs and go nowhere else. I appreciate the great selection of beautiful art decco pieces, the majority being piece unique. If you are looking for quality gift ideas or investment pieces, Watch and Wares is your go-to boutique.”

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“My husband and I visited there store and bought a vintage emerald ring. Denny was so helpful and kind. I could tell he did his business with integrity and was so knowledgeable about his jewelry. They were even kind enough to drop off our ring to our home as we lived a bit far from their store and had two young children.”

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“Today my husband and I came in to check out there inventory and get a ring resized and dipped again ...we ended up getting a ring enhancer for me and a new ring for my husband very pleased both of us very reasonable prices and Duy Tran was the gentlemen helping us he was great patient and not pushy at all I am very thankful that he explained everything in great detail. THANK YOU!”

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“Great first time experience at this shop. Sami was a true gentleman and very knowledgeable in his craft. If you have any questions, Sami is the man to help you. Very generous, will definitely come back again.”

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“Love! I love with a beautiful gold ring but it was a bit beyond my price range. Dan offered free layaway! No interest- just come in and make payment. I have been doing that with cash (the least I can do is save him credit card transactikn fees for his generosity) and am making the last payment today! Just in time for my birthday! Support this small business- you will leave with something unique, vintage (or not) and be happy you chose Riley's”

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“Antique jewelry lover's dream. Their inventory is very well curated and each piece is different from the next. Signets to engagement rings to charms and pocket watches. Super friendly and welcoming. Only downsides is that it can be confusing to get there as you have to pass through the antique mall and sometimes it can be crowded in the space for viewing the jewelry cases.”

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“Tiffany helped us get exactly what we were looking for at a great price. Once we decided on the watch we wanted she then found 5 of them as we were purchases gifts for our nephews. Then she found every discount available. When all was said and done, we were able to purchase the watches for almost 50% less than their sticker price. It was a great experience all the way around.”

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“I love oddities. They actually have a shop upstairs and downstairs be sure to check them both out. The upstairs shop looks small but packs a lot of unusual and really cool things. I enjoyed my stop here and will visit again when I'm near orange california.”

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“I'm really hard on jewelry, unfortunately. I've had A LOT of jewelry repaired over the years. LOTS. But I've never had such a truly great repair as I've had this time. It's only after VERY carefully looking that I'm able to actually find the repair. I'm incredibly very picky about jewelry; just like you totally would not believe my standards about it. (I hate it that I'm this way. OCD anyone?!!)This box chain has been repaired so perfect that I cannot just randomly find the spot and have to look link by link to find it!Thank you Jewelry Doctor, just a great big thank you.P.S. - I'm forever grateful that they were able to work with me in getting my chain back to me as I'd been in hospital and unable to go in person. Again, my eternal gratitude.”

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“I found this spot on google as it happened to be close to my house. My wife tangled one of her necklaces and tasked me with fixing it! Chuck, the owner, was in and untangled it immmediatly! He also cleaned it and showed me how to pack it up so it won’t get tangled again. Very detail oriented!He was such a great person to converse with and had many stories. He also didn’t charge me for this which was so kind! He’s been in business for decades. If you’re looking for an honest jeweler, look no further!”

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“This place is always packed!I feel like this place is understaffed but with what they do have, customer experience is great. Especially when looking for specific items.I went there to buy a pair of earrings from the piercing section box. And in case any of you don’t know, it’s $10 less than the price shown because the piercing service was not done, just purchasing the jewelry.”

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