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“We had a great experience today. We needed to do a complicated international shipment and Jaime was able to help us with pricing, regulations, forms, etc. He was quick and pleasant. I hope to work with them again. Really nice people.”

3.7Good55 Reviews

“Back at FedEx for another print job. This time I printed from Canva to FedEx. My first order was frustratingly cancelled by Canva. But I reordered my 500 flyers, called Jaime to confirm, and picked up the next day! I needed more flyers a few weeks later, so again ordered through Canva to FedEx, again called in advance to confirm, and again my order was ready soon after. So thankful for Jaime and his wonderful customer service on the phone and in person! I must have visited at the perfect time, mid-morning on a weekday, as there wasn't a line either time. If you need anything printed, I highly recommend this location and ordering online in advance. I'll be back!”

3.8Good12 Reviews

“On the way to an appointment in San Francisco, I discovered one of the necessary 4 pages had been printed with a 5” blank skip in the center of the third page. We stopped here, at The UPS Stire Rohnert Park, for a quick email to them of the needed page and the young gentleman at the counter quickly printed and we were on our way. I believe his name was Eric, but I could be wrong as we were not expecting to have to stop, so rushed in and back out. Thanks for excellent service!”

3.3Good89 Reviews

“I was happily surprised by the efficiency and options for mailing by UPS. The customer service agent was helpful and friendly. I have been to this location on many occasions and she is calm even when the line is to the door. I imagine it will be out the door at the holidays. They have copy machines, they mail and ship via all sorts of options, they have packaging for different needs etc.My friend left her phone charger at my house and I sent it to her today. She lives 1.5 to 2 hours from us. She found me the best option via, USPS for $6.00. I will definitely return. Though, I hope there are more agents in the coming months. Maybe I was just early and they have additional help later in the day.”

3.2Average45 Reviews

“Estes is totally on top of their game. Super fast quotes and reliable pickup and delivery. They are very adaptable to late changes as well. I would recommend them to anyone needing a great freight carrier.”

2.3Poor3 Reviews

“Usually our mail is delivered by a wonderful guy who's been working here for many years..Well he's not here this another person and when we came home all the mail boxes were opened this means anyone could take anymore "s mail..We went and closed all the boxes and put a call in to the post office.. Just very strange..I gave 4 star's because I really like our regular post man”

2.1Poor63 Reviews

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