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“We were treated so well here! The service was wonderful! Chips and guacamole, battered shrimp tacos, carne asada tacos, quesadillas all DELICIOUS!!Kid-friendliness: Extremely kid friendly! Made to order tacos off menu to accommodate our little one. They ensured a very kid friendly experience all around!!! 5-stars!!”

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“I just love this place! The sandwich options are so good and always so prepared fresh. This little neighborhood market has a little bit of everything. Yummy snacks, nice wine selection and such great service.”

4.8 Superb128 Reviews

“Me and my hubby have been driving by this place for a while and kept saying, we need to go there. We finally did it tonight and it was awesome! Angela was super friendly and made us feel welcomed. The food was amazing! We will definitely go back. It is a good place to unwind after a long day at work. We are happy it's close to our place. Please support local businesses, especially places like this one that care about the community”

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“For those who enjoy cooking at home, Assenti's delivers high quality pasta. So far, I've tried the black squid linguini and spaghetti. The pasta is fresh and soft with a delicious flavor. From their freezer, I've eaten their eggplant parmesan. I just purchased their frozen lobster ravioli and am looking forward to trying it. I know I won't be disappointed. Service was always quick and friendly on two separate visits. The store isn't large, but it's spacious, clean, bright and well organized.”

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“This place was sooo good! I went on my lunch break and I LOVED IT ! the young dude behind the sandwich counter made me a quick and good sandwich! I’ll definitely be back!”

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“Chris and Steve are always extremely helpful and even brighten my day. My local go to for beer:milk and munchies! Excellent selection of craft beer and liquor. They go above and beyond very happy they are my neighbor peeps? Steve get to work?”

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“Riviera's my go to spot. They offer a vast variety of everything, it keeps me coming back. From the moment you walk in the door to the moment you walk out; you always feel welcome. They also happen to be know for selling some pretty lucky lottery tickets. 10/10 will always recommend.”

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“This is one of the best sandwiches I have ever had. Before I even finished it, I was already looking at the menu of what I am going to get next time. Went in to place the order, being it was my first time, and they were very quick.. I ordered the Jack Hammer on Rye, which is very delicious. This will be my go-to lunch spot. There was so much meat on the sandwiches and came with a small side of potato salad or macaroni salad. Great quality and friendly service..Update. Ordered The Godfather (hot) very very good as well 10/10.”

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“When we visited Stone Brewing, the taphouse was located just outside Petco field. Even though they have since moved to Kettner, they remain a taproom for some of the best beer to come out of California (IMHO). With 16 of the best they have to offer at the moment, the taphouse is a mandatory visit place every time we come to town, with multiple flights planned to sample as much of the range as we can. Merchandise is available.”

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“This place is super cool! They have a variety of different drinks that you don't see everywhere! Big selection of alcohol as well and snacks. Owner is super nice.”

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“My fav place to wine shop. You don't need to know everything about wine to shop here. They can help you find something you'll love and the prices are competitive with grocery stores that are less quality.”

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“Customer service is exceptional! I ordered the Flaviar Whiskey Advent Calendar which was sold out on Falviar's website and I received it four days later in Florida. I highly recommend Del Mesa Liquor.”

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“This place is all around awesome. Every time I go in there they always have what I am looking for. There customer service is amazing very friendly employees. The prices are very good. I went in the other day and I saw there is decorated bottles for like a birthday gift. I will for sure be checking that out.”

4.9 Superb33 Reviews

“Can't give more then 5 stars everything about this place is amazing from the selection pricing and customer service! The guys behind the counter really know their alchhol and are always willing to help! The fat red headed guy that's usually their is also really nice !”

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“Was very impressed when I walked into the store they literally have a large variety of everything was greeted by the gentleman on my way in and handled with a wonderful customer care and I was ecstatic to find out they’re open till 2 o’clock every day .”

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“Amazing Imported chocolate and candy selection! Uk, Australian, German, South African, Italian, Swiss, Japanese, you name it, they probably have it! Super nice guys who run the place! Will come back regularly for sure!”

4.6 Superb65 Reviews

“Very conviniance place with good prices the staff its very nice they allways get out a conversation out of you, allways posive. Huge parking nevertheless with handy cap accessible.”

4.6 Superb63 Reviews

“Love this store!!! The owner is super cool and the prices are great!!! Large selection of spirits and if they don't have it in stock, he will definitely get it. My favorite Liquor store hands down.”

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“We’ve lived in San Diego for more than 10 years and this is the best ceviche we’ve had yet! Friendly staff, family friendly environment! excellent!Kid-friendliness: Family friendly!”

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“Handy is the best neighborhood liquor store. Mike and Wes are friendly and reliable, they have a great selection of booze and snacks, and on the weekends they usually have beverage tastings. They don't have a ton of food but they DO have a good selection of ice cream. They know what's important!”

4.7 Superb44 Reviews

“The selection is excellent and the people who work there are so kind and funny. I take my dog here when I take her for walks sometimes and they always make sure to give her treats.”

4.6 Superb59 Reviews

“This liquor store has literally everything! I got a slushy beer that I been looking for everywhere by 450 north. Impecable customer service and beautiful ladies!”

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“Best little liquor store with a huge selection. Even brands I didn't expect to see. Support a local business and you won't be disappointed. They even know your likes after a few visits!”

4.7 Superb40 Reviews

“All I kept saying the entire time I was eating my sandwich was "mmm..." mmm!" "Mmm this is a good sandwich" and "this is a quality sandwich". Really top notch quality sandwiches. And great service as well. Everything was so fresh and the combination of everything in the sandwich was delicious. We tried the green flash and navigator sandwiches. They were both incredibly delicious. Should've tried this place out much sooner! Will definitely be back.”

4.5 Superb80 Reviews

“Coolest staff, very nice and always stocked up on inventory. I can always count on them to have what I want. Everyone there has become family. Big shout out to both Fredys and Fadi for always being very helpful.”

4.5 Superb77 Reviews

“Ended up eating here for quite a few meals during a conference and I commend the team! Excellent service and seriously delicious food. Breakfast, lunch and dinner was all delicious. We were particularly enamored by the ”

4.4 Superb122 Reviews

“Had the best experience shipping at this store! It's rare that you find really helpful and friendly people these days, but this store had a whole team of them! Special shout out to Linda for being extraordinary! We appreciate your help!! We can't wait to enjoy our new table for years to come :-)”

4.4 Superb119 Reviews

“I love this liquor store. Friendly owners and staff good variety. Price is good. Always end up being the one place I wish I would have just went to in the first place. Good store”

4.5 Superb63 Reviews

“The guy inside was friendly and helpful to everyone who came through while we were there.They had some drinks that had been hard to find at chain businesses because they were initially available a little longer ago.Also, they have Zebra Cake rolls for sale individually. That's awesome!”

4.4 Superb109 Reviews

“The store is a lot to take in and kinda unorganized but the staff were absolutely amazing, so nice and helpful and the prices were extremely reasonable. Happy we stopped in.”

4.7 Superb33 Reviews

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