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“I have been shopping here for years, mainly ordering their catering platters for parties and get-togethers. We again enjoyed their delicious catered foods recently. They again did not fail us. Delish!”

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“This is one of a few stores that sell orange soda (my husband favorite soft drink). We stop by here a couple times a week just for orange soda. The guys working here have always been friendly and welcoming. Parking is good and the store is clean and organized. They are a small supermarket but carry a full selection of products, meats, canned goods, dairy and more.”

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“I love love this liquor store!The people who work there are just so friendly and they give you a welcome vibe. One of owners wife runs the store and she is very friendly and professional. She's always doing something to make the store clean and organized. In addition the sell fried chicken and fish(forgot the name) lol but is inside the store. Come check them out, you will be happy you did.”

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“Amazing hand picked beer selection, staff is always friendly and helpful. Sometimes prices can be over compared to others outside of downtown. But I always overlook the prices by the great selection, central location, and friendly service. Try out the sandwiches and fresh deli options, they even have Togo artisan pizzeria slices! It's really a one stop shop. :)”

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“My wife and I went to check this market out this evening as we were in the area and my first impression was that it was clean even if the building and it's layout were a bit older. The store shelves were well stocked, everything was well labeled and easy to navigate, though prices did seem a bit on the high side. On the upside I did notice that management tried to stock different brands compared to the larger chains so you would see rare or hard to find smaller regional brands and/or specialty foods instead of just the ubiquitous national brands. Their fish section was well stocked and I closed some items other markets just don't carry plus their deli was large and well stocked with decent prices on made to order sandwiches as well as other deli favorites. Lastly, I enjoyed going through their gourmet soda section seeing brands I hadn't seen in years but were alive and well being offered for sale at Keil's. It is nice that a few of these local owned and operated grocery stores still exist to offer customers a different take from the giant corporations.”

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“Whenever I'm around this area, I drop by. They have all sorts of vegetables, fruits, snacks, dry goods and a small butcher area. The staff is always friendly, I feel welcomed here. It's a go to place for people who lives near by. It's an Asian market with so many stuff that you'll need last minute. Parking is pretty good unless you catch them at a busy time! They have lotto here. Who knows you can be the next billionaire”

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“Great selection of Asian spices, sauces, curries, meats, and vegetables. The prices are reasonable and less than most other Asian markets. The aisles are narrow in order to pack everything into the small store. The checkout line is long, but moved quickly. Parking is very limited, so side streets are your best bet.”

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“There are many malls in the United States there are some with the use of High Schools and the even the use of a large shopping mall yes there are many that have the space for the use of large shopping malls. When it comes to many locations here in San Diego there are some that have the many trolleys and the many buses that have connect service to the many different parts of the city and the North County. The Mira Mesa Mall area has been one place that has been the place of the many movie premiers with the many areas of the City of Mira Mesa has been the host for the Military for when the Airshow comes to the area of Mira Mesa you can hear the many plains and aircraft. For the Mira Mesa Marketplace is a great place that you can come and bring your family and friends with some of the largest stores and the large makeup companies from Sephora and the clothing companies of Old Navy there is so much to see and do at the Mira Mesa Marketcenter. Located close by the many Transits and the Express busses that take you back and forth to the City of San Diego with the many malls that are in the North County and the many that are connected to the many stops that take you to the city of Escondido and Oceanside. The day that I took on a personal day for shopping I wanted to check out the Mira Mesa Best Buy I heard so much about the store the store itself was one of the bigger ones and with wider array. I had walked over from the Mira Mesa Transit very close by the mall and the Mira Mesa Market Center you can go to the many stores just down the street from the Transit Center. The large size of the shopping center with the many departments stores the white color of the shopping complex. white color of the many buildings and with the large Best Buy Building you see it has the same company color of the Yellow and Blue with the stone trim. With the Mira mesa Market Center large spacious parking areas with the Edwards Theater the main center as you come into the main parking lot area with the white pillar designs amongst the many parking areas. Mira Mesa Marketcenter is one of the most beautiful shopping and Department Store Centers with some of the largest Department Stores which are in close distance to the many restaurants at the Center you can walk over to the On the Border Mexican Restaurant one of the best restaurants served the freshest and the finest homemade queso and the freshest taco chips not from a bag. The many eateries are some of the best to have in such a large Market Center you can go to the Department stores and still have time to get lunch or dinner without having to move your car. As a Yelp Elite Reviewer, I have found that the Mira Mesa Market Center is one of the largest Department Store Centers you can walk around at with the many areas you can sit down at and relax. With the many malls and the shopping centers I have seen and shopped many of them I have seen closed and many of them have gone out of business. Mira Mesa Market Center is like being in a small city within a larger city when you see the size of Mira Mesa you can joy with friends and coworkers at one of the many restaurants and the fabulous Apple B's with the theater close by. With many of the stores and the restaurants having some of the best values when you go during certain times you get bargain show's connected with free show tickets. With the many stores that I have found there were many that were on the high end to see what the Holiday will bring with Black Friday when prices will be much lower.”

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“Great products, nice healthy food and options. Plus the team here is always friendly and it feels like a local grocery/deli/salad bar…they make the best cookies too! I love the salad bar because it rotates and the organic produce is a plus in the salad bar world. Also their food is cooked with olive oil not the canola, additives nor preservative. Plus check out this cool car in the parking lot. Recommend!”

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“We were staying in San Diego area and I Google a grocery store near me and this came out as a closest location and my frist impression wen I walked in was super clean and organized store. Friendly staff and fresh products and hot food.i wish to have a store like this in my home town. Thank you. Kudos to management”

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“This is the place you go too buy produce and meat in bulk. This is known to be a traditional mexican grocery store. They sell a lot of items that resemble stores in Tijuana.”

3.8 Good81 Reviews

“This is our last drive in theater! This is a great cheap date option or low budget outing with family! The roads are a bit bumpy so be careful when you're driving. It also needs more signs about which theater you're in so you may want to double check with the snack bar when you arrive. The bathrooms need some help, but the standard snacks are available and the staff is great! I recommend buying the popcorn and a fountain drink and bringing some of your own goodies along with those! Also great if you have a truck or an SUV where you can make a bed and back it in!”

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“I've never had a bad shopping experience at this Aldi! They have some of the best prices for produce and eggs around. Their produce section is a bit smaller and may rotate in selection but I've always found the basics there. I also enjoy their unique snacks and charcuterie selection and of course the infamous aisle of shame, an aisle near the registers where they have random goods (from shoes to water bottles to rugs to tables, it's always fun to browse through!). They won't have too many brand names so it may look generic but the food quality is not bad. And they have a Twice as Nice policy where you can get a refund and replacement if you're not satisfied with the quality of their Aldi brands. I have heard that Aldi and Trader Joe's are related. TJ's does have nice branding and the quality might be a bit better but I'd say they are not far off from each other!The store is pretty clean too with wide aisles. The only thing is they have huge containers where they put the excess cardboard from the shelves, so that is sometimes in the way. But overall, I've never had issues with the service here. They usually have 1 or 2 cashiers but I prefer self checkout and they have 5 self checkouts. I usually do not wait in line long. and i've had no problem getting help, once I accidentally inputted the wrong item at self checkout and got help right away. Don't forget a quarter for the carts!!! You can also ask at the register for one and they will give it to you :)”

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“Local neighborhood market that is good to pick up quick incidentals, breakfast items or snacks, wine or other beverages. I haven't tried anything in their deli yet, but I have heard that it is pretty good. Street parking. Be careful if it's during the day when the meter person is around”

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“I visited this asian supermarket for the 1st time yesterday, in search of some Banh Chung for the Tet celebration. I usually fo to a small asian market close to my home, but being a small store, it doesn't carry all the things I need to buy, so I thought I'd make a 46 minutes drive to see if I can find what I'm looking for. Thuan Phat turned out to be the perfect market for an avid asian cook like me! The merchandise selection is awesome, from meat/poultry/seafood fresh or frozen, to the produce dept, and groceries. My only complaint is that I paid $13 for a bag of mangosteen fruits, but once I got home and cut them up, they were all bad inside. I couldn't tell from the look on the outside, as these fruits have a very thick dark color skin. I would come back to shop at this store for everything, but will be careful about buying fruits with thick dark skins!”

3.7 Good41 Reviews

“Eddie treats you like his best friend he always puts a smile on your face and he is one of the nicest person I’ve ever met I really recommend his store because in my opinion it’s one of the best”

3.6 Good22 Reviews

“Great specialty grocery store with middle-eastern and eastern-european food. There's also a to go restaurant inside. I stop every time I'm in the neighborhood.”

3.6 Good36 Reviews

“Not sure why I needed to show my receipt when Joshua just watched me bag them I appreciate the manager helping out so quickly. As long as I'm not racially profiled again, perfect store”

3.6 Good61 Reviews

“Great for picking up some Ube ice creamChicken tocino and they have. a side counter before front of store that had lumpia like we make at home and yummy arascaldo plus puto and other desserts.”

3.6 Good63 Reviews

“This neighborhood Walmart surprised me a bit on the positive side. Well stocked, very well taken care of. I've shopped a Walmart super store for years but this is actually nicer for groceries IMO. Close to downtown so an excellent option. MUCH cheaper than Ralph's. Parking lot across side street and homeless presence are minor downsides.”

2.4 Poor62 Reviews

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