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“Nice team. Enjoy having them here in circle. Look forward to them having more selection of items. Pricing hopefully will also be fair and competitive. Great long hours and nice convenient location. Hopefully deli food will also be added at some point.”

4.6 Superb56 Reviews

“(Translated by Google) Here in Latapatia we have the best select meats such as ranchera chorizo ​​T-bone steak leg diesmillo shoulder etc.(Original)Aquí enlatapatia tenemos lasmegores carnes selectas como ranchera chorizo chuletón pierna diesmillo espaldilla etc”

4.9 Superb18 Reviews

“This place just changed hands. The new owners are very nice and are trying to be helpful to there customers and provide us with what we need at a fair price. They just started to carry peach vodka. And they have a very good selection of booze and food items.”

4.9 Superb15 Reviews

“The best family that you could ever do business with.... Andy is such a good person, I can't say enough about him and his family. Andy you are such a good hearted person, may GOD Bless you and your family..... thank you Nick Abraham”

4.6 Superb8 Reviews

“This pharmacy is fabulous. 100% improvement over CVS down the street. I might also shop in this store if corporate would fix the A/C. It's too warm for me in the store to linger beyond picking up prescriptions. The workers here deserve a medal for working in such a warm invironment.”

3.9 Good17 Reviews

“We pump gas about twice a week here. The guy that speaks Portuguese behind the counter is the nicest. I saw all the "credit card" scam reviews, but every time I pay inside. I have noticed it does say "card not working" at all pumps. Maybe they've caught on and are trying to make changes. Update: they replaced the pumps!!! They're all brand new and are accepting cards. They always have the coffee I like and that's why I go inside. When it's hot, he has the ac running and when it's cold the heater on. It's nice. It's on a corner with 3 entrances in and out of the place making it easier to find a pump fast. Usually the best price on the street!”

3.7 Good24 Reviews

“This is the Best Gas Station in Santa Barbara and the entire World! Brian The Manager is the Best guy and also their mechanics. I will not trust my car to any other mechanics on the planet. This is the only gas station I will go to within 200 miles of Santa Barbara. Goleta Goodland Greatest. Make sure to support them always. C”

3.7 Good23 Reviews

“I have a laundry room in the apartments I live in but for the past 2 years I rather do my laundry here. I always find the washers and dryers clean. Luz, staff, is always cleaning, vacuuming, or on her knees wiping everything spotless! It's a good feeling to trust the place you wash your clothes at. The hard work and dedication Luz puts to this laundromat is amazing. She always takes time out of her break time when asked for help by a customer which is shocking to me after she broke all that sweat after cleaning! Everyone is always greeted with a smile from her! Awesome customer service!”

4.3 Superb8 Reviews

“Cut through during heavy traffic to get on the freeway this day. But normally cigs and had are pricey here, and let time I went in the fridge was broken and their inventory was cut in half...I also have a creepy story how I asked to use the bathroom, and the attendant came outside, unlocked the door and let me in, but cooler behind... I thought"this is how Dateline NBC starts"”

3.7 Good17 Reviews

“Stopped in for a sprite and they have this crazySMART CHECK ✔️ OUT device. I don't know how it works but it's cool. I posted video on Instagram and it blew up.I got mad at the other circle ⭕ K because I got a burrito and it said $3.50. so I get to the cashier and she says $4.50 . So I threw the burrito”

3.4 Good41 Reviews

“(Translated by Google) Hello bere please help me save me nice vilst a lot as time because I can camtar About 20 srtistsd. And today is my birthday and I don't have anything to eat Li's brothers Acosta rivers and Alejandra save it and don't report them(Original)Hola bere por favor ayudzme saves que me nice vilst much as vecez por que pueco camtar Como 20 srtistsd. Y hoy es mi cumple años y no tengo no para comer Li's hermanos Acosta rivers y Alejandra lo save y no los denunciaque”

4.8 Superb5 Reviews

“Wow they have Lyca phone services! They are with T-Mobile and unlimited text and calls to mexico!! Plus great data plans for internet. Life can't get any better. Plus this market is amazing!”

4.3 Superb6 Reviews

“Very convenient location but right now their price is over $4 per gallon.Some of the pumps are poorly established making it possible for you to damage your car or hot another car trying to get out.”

3.8 Good8 Reviews

“Wonderful people. This isn't the easiest area to have your Franchise... Or corporate owned store. Much traffic comes through this area. Kudos to A and R. :)”

4.2 Good5 Reviews

“Gas at a good price. Yes there are a lot of homeless & alleged drug users but I never had a problem with them. They seem to mind their business. I used to work in the area so I was ALWAYS at this 7-Eleven. I’m not in that area anymore but I still go there to get gas every once in a while. Staff have always been friendly.”

3.3 Good23 Reviews

“Odd because when they first opened definitely they were 24 hours but it seems like every time I've gone there lately after midnight or between midnight and 4:00 a.m., although the sign says open outside, the doors are always locked so you can't go in to buy anything. So yes the pumps are open for gas, but don't stop there to get anything but gas.”

3.6 Good10 Reviews

“Save you receiptsYour only getting 5 stars just to grab your attention.This is not safe nor healthy. You can forget about sanitizing and throw away that rotten food.I chose this 711 on its appearance from outside, comparing it to pacific and warner. I work security grave shift, I always go for the ice coffee. This time I decided to confidently go with a lunchable. (Lowbudget) I grab a turkey, finished it. Tasted a bit funky. Long story short, everyone that get anything edible check the expiration date.”

3.1 Average38 Reviews

“So far so good, popped in today looking for some craft beer & my oh my do they have a sight to see...if you need a step up from the typical brew THIS IS THE SPOT...was lucky enough to be shown their insane selection of beers!!”

3.3 Good13 Reviews

“I had a problem with my prescription being billed to the wrong insurance. Today, I had the pleasure of speaking with Samantha, the pharmacist. She was kind, patient, and extremely understanding of my situation. She took the time to go over each prescription that was billed incorrectly, and even went above and beyond to a few months back on my profile to make sure that the claim was correct. I am glad to have her helped me today.”

3.5 Good8 Reviews

“I have to give a shoutout to the folks at rite aid for serving Thrifty Ice Cream with the scoops I remember from my childhood and with an extensive list of ice cream flavors to choose from. When I go in (at least once a week), I am immediately identified by the cashier who then communicates over the loud speaker for one of his or her co workers to head to the ice cream section where I am immediately served. The chocolate malted crunch and the rocky road are just as I remember it as a kid growing up when the store was actually named thrifty. Outstanding customer service and outstanding product at a very fair price. Thank you for making my day Rite Aid - appreciate all that you do.”

3.1 Average22 Reviews

“i Wanna say thank you staff for being so awesome I was pretty bummed when you called to cancel my order but honestly your customer service was appreciated I can't even be upset because prior to this I've been here numerous times and it's always been a pleasure this staff is awesome”

3 Average41 Reviews

“They are so hospitable to me for letting me use their restrooms, not just being a late uber driver, but letting my service dog stay at my side. Thank you guys! ;-)”

3 Average32 Reviews

“While the 7-11 brand seems to have gone a little bit down hill, it is still a very good business. Our neighborhood 7-11 is pretty decent. It is located on a Main Street so it gets business and is doing pretty good. We come here mainly for snacks and the drink deals that are always ongoing. Like today was the large Brisk Ice Teas on sale 2/$3 which is not bad considering some stores sell the same drink for nearly $3 each. Also come here for the chips, got my the flaming hot Cheetos with nacho sauce pour over them. Yes, they have a chili and nacho cheese dispenser where the sauces are free. Anything that is free (to a point) is a good thing. Keep it up”

4.5 Superb2 Reviews

“Very convenient location. Gas is not the cheapest. Customer service is good. They have soft drinks and snacks and a little bit of car supplies like oil. Its very convenient because its open 24 hrs. They accept google pay. I recommend this gast station for a quick stop”

3 Average24 Reviews

“Clean and great. Easy access getting in and out. Right near the Home Depot. Prices were good and it wasn't too busy on a Friday afternoon when I needed to refuel the car. Wear your face mask. No way to interact through a window. They've got it set up so you must go inside the store.”

3.1 Average13 Reviews

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