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“If there was ever an award for best customer service and kindness, this place would be in first place, trust me you will never be disappointed to do business here, they go out they way to assist you”

4.9 Superb119 Reviews

“I love this location- so calm, never crowded. Dr. Petrick and the office staff are so professional and attentive. Very thorough and always prepared for my visit.”

4.7 Superb161 Reviews

“Me like this place! I've been coming here on and off for years, my purchases are always small and far in between. I'm writing this review because I really like the staff, their customer service and their attitude is ALWAYS great! They're even happy to special order, even the smallest of items.”

4.3 Superb115 Reviews

“I have only just been introduced to this compounding pharmacy with a recent prescription. I am very impressed with their attention to detail, and, when there was a problem, they helped solve and resolve it. I also appreciate how they will schedule the date of readiness and they call to say it is able to be picked up. Thank you for such personal service.”

4.5 Superb55 Reviews

“Best Pharmacy period. Free delivery , consistent helpfulness , friendliness , and 100% efficiency at all times. 986 Santa Monica makes your pharmacy needs so much easier. Gerald and Hayeon the pharmacists are fantastic. Each person answering calls is extremely competent , pleasant , friendly , and at all times helpful. Kim S.”

4.8 Superb19 Reviews

“If you go here to get prescriptions just be aware, you'll never be able to go back to Walgreens or Rite Aid again. I mean at this point, I'd probably drive 2 hours to OPP before going to any place else. INCREDIBLE. They're real people who actually care about you and don't judge at all. This place is a blessing of the stars. If you're someone who's been going to pharmacies every month for years, this IS YOUR PLACE. Cheers to Bob and the entire wonderful team at OPP :)”

5 Superb13 Reviews

“Great compounding pharmacy. Very friendly, always exceptional service. My son can’t tolerate cellulose fillers and this is the only compounding pharmacy that will go extra mile to help us get pure medicine without additional fillers.”

4.6 Superb13 Reviews

“This pharmacy is amazing! The staff treats you like family, they offer convenient delivery services, and they proactively handle my monthly medication refills. I appreciate that they even contact my doctor when I need a prescription refill. I highly recommend this pharmacy”

4.1 Good23 Reviews

“Best neighborhood pharmacy. Some businesses should be a place for neighbors and a personalized experience. I want to know my pharmacist and staff care - that's McCarthy!”

5 Superb9 Reviews

“Overall, this Rite-Aid is generally pretty well-stocked and clean and the staff is always courteous and helpful. I think the pharmacy is much more efficient and personable than others I've been to. It's very well-organized and the pharmacists and technicians are always knowledgeable and engaged with the patients. The main pharmacist, Pouya, has been there for as long as I can remember. Many years. Over that time, he's given me vaccine shots and explained medications to me and was kind enough to even help me flip one prescription to the correct version. I've seen him be incredibly gracious with many people, including myself, over those years.This is a good neighborhood Rite-Aid with a staff you can trust.”

3.6 Good99 Reviews

“The staff and owners of Saint John Plaza Pharmacy are the most amazing people you will ever meet.One of the staff, named Pam knew how much I was suffering, and she took care of the charge, and rushed it to my home personally. Thestaff takes a personal interest in your problems, and makes your life so most easier and more enjoyable.If you want to be treated likea rock star, and with efficiency and expedience. This is your place. Please try it. It will make your life so much easier and more enjoyable.”

4.7 Superb11 Reviews

“I love this pharmacy. They are really good at communication. They always let me know when my prescriptions are ready and they offer to deliver them. Delivery is cheap and I get my prescriptions the same day. Excellent customer service and great compounding pharmacy.”

3.5 Good118 Reviews

“Marjan, Stephanie and Jose in the Pharmacy are outstanding! They always take the time to explain new prescriptions plus they ALWAYS find the best prices for me.Thank You!! All three of you always go the extra mile for all your patients.”

4 Good13 Reviews

“The friendliest most helpful pharmacy I've ever been to! These are great folks! I went to the CVS pharmacy on Wilshire Boulevard they were rude and unhelpful! I came over to Parkside got excellent service they're excellent people I highly recommend going there for your pharmacy needs!”

4.8 Superb4 Reviews

“Well, I have been through a lot of infusion pharmacy and infusion connections just made my life super easy. My tpn comes on time always and they are never late when giving me my infusion solution. Keep up the good work. You guys rock!”

3.9 Good7 Reviews

“The CVS at 3202 Wilshire, Santa Monica has an outstanding pharmacy.Additionally, the store is well-stocked with outstanding store help along with helpful cashiers.”

3.4 Good18 Reviews

“Helpful pharmacists. Availability of stock seems average to better than average. Open most holidays....Christmas, New Year's,... probably Lag B'Omer...!”

3.5 Good11 Reviews

“Mea culpa both Brentwood Pharmacy and Brentwood Plaza Pharmacy. I totally messed up when I checked in at the former while standing in the later making a minimal purchase prior to my dental appointment eight floors above. Now I'm getting Yelp email prompts to review your business. In the spirit of making things right: I see by so many positive Brentwood Pharmacy reviews, this is a place of integrity not unlike Brentwood Plaza Pharmacy which is perhaps a branch location? Again, I was not in/at your business but based on what I've read, perhaps I should be in the future...”

4.5 Superb2 Reviews

“I've was told mixed reviews about this Ralphs but I must say this location was fully stocked. Staff was very pleasant and helped me scan and saved 27.00 bucks. I went around 8:00pm and was helped by Aron. He was a very kind young man checking out and bagging groceries. I told him hey I got this he still insisted on helping me but I bagged the rest. Great customer service Aron thank you for the scan tip on my app.”

3.2 Average23 Reviews

“I came here to pick up medication. They had it, they gave it to me, and that was pretty much what I expected them to do. I see a lot of reviews for this location that are less than stellar, and I think they are being unfair and are possibly expecting too much from a CVS pharmacy. Do they have the best customer service? No, not buy a longshot, but that's why people should go to Nordstrom if that is what they are looking for. If, however, you are just looking to buy some crappy Russell Stover candy to give someone that you don't really care that much about, or you need to pick up greeting cards, Epson salt, a blood pressure meter, a thermometer, or just some medication because you have the sniffles or allergies... This place more than suits those needs. So, haters, keep on hating but maybe do it some other place.”

2.2 Poor6 Reviews

“Just moved into the area and I'm very grateful for Jacky and the entire team at Golden Wellness. They're a very sharp, professional and friendly team. Who go out of their way to help you with your prescriptions. No matter how busy they were juggling phone calls and patients, they made time to make sure all my questions were answered about a new prescription. I know without a doubt Golden Wellness is THE BEST pharmacy in our neighborhood. And that our health and well-being is their upmost priority. Just can't recommend them enough, Thank you Jacky!!!”

2.6 Average16 Reviews

“5 stars for the pharmacy. They were out of my med but allowed my doctor to quickly change it for one they had in minus 1 star for not having the cheapest, most frequently written prescription for bacterial conjunctivitis in stock.minus 1 star from overall b/c they didn't have basic kleenex in stock. I LOVE the tiny small kleenex you can put in your purse and they were all out. Also it was HARD to find the kleenex, You'd think it would be next to the toilet paper or paper towels, nope.also their makeup area was kind of a mess, the OCD in me likes to have things all in their proper place.”

2 Poor10 Reviews

“My first time to stop by at this branch. And I did not get to the right entrance in the first place. I guess they changed the entrance to other side for safety and protection. The entrance is not on Pico Blvd, but on Lincoln instead.Maybe due to Christmas season and understaff, or maybe the parking lot is just too small, the store is not crowded and some of the shelves are empty especially popular items in pharmacy and on sale isle.2 cashiers are working hard efficiently to help people check out sooner and they are very friendly and nice. This Walgreens is small, yet with technology display that impresses me a lot. Rather than open and close the door, you know what’s inside. This is like what I have seen in Korean subway station where people can simply tap and order to be delivered home before they board the train.It is still clean, quiet and safe to visit. The sign is not too strong or clear like other branches. Maybe this is intended to be a community oriented store?I do hope they fill the stock soon so people can get what they come here for. And again, this”

2.3 Poor23 Reviews

“It's a good wall greens clean, and the staff is attentive and keeps the shelves stocked. They're helpful in the photo department and pharmacy. Staff is good.”

2.2 Poor22 Reviews

“Had not been to this CVS location in at least a year, despite living about a mile away. I agree with the previous comments from Susie M. The young staff is to be commended for their good customer service. They offer help without one having to ask, as they are stocking aisles. Cashiers are efficient despite having to contend with all sorts of customers.”

2.1 Poor34 Reviews

“I’ve been to this pharmacy for quite some time, Paris is the pharmacist who has helped me and she’s accurate very helpful and informative. Thank you Paris for your help at sensitive moments and your guidance.”

2.3 Poor56 Reviews

“I recently had the pleasure of visiting the Rite Aid Pharmacy on Pico in Santa Monica, and I must say, it was a truly exceptional experience. From the moment I stepped in, I was greeted with warmth and professionalism. The staff at this Rite Aid location goes above and beyond to ensure customer satisfaction. Not only were they knowledgeable about their products, but they also took the time to address all my questions and concerns with patience and care. It's evident that they prioritize customer service, and it truly sets them apart. Moreover, the pharmacy team demonstrated efficiency and accuracy in filling my prescriptions. I appreciate how they prioritize safety and precision in their work, ensuring that I received the correct medications in a timely manner. The cleanliness and organization of the store were also impressive.”

2.1 Poor35 Reviews

“The pharmacist Thomas always treats me like family. Christian also is a great employee . They both always have a smile when I arrive. I wouldn’t change my Santa Monica CVS for any other! We ( my mother , father, myself , my son as an infant and now 21 yrs old) the entire family have been loyal customers more than 25-30 years ….”

2.4 Poor85 Reviews

“Man everyone has such harsh reviews.. This is my go to pharmacy store. Everyone at the pharmacy is nice, informative and easy to work with. I’ve had on-going prescriptions filled here and had my last booster shot here. The staff is professional and kind. I’ve also had a great experience with the woman in the cosmetics department!All I’ll say is that most stores, especially pharmacies are having shortages and don’t have as many people working right now. But patient & kind, they are doing their best.”

1.4 Poor19 Reviews

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