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“Last time I visited here was six years ago and it was wonderful then and it's wonderful now. VERY polite service and a great variety of items. Fast and convenient. I”

3.7 Good64 Reviews

“This is my favorite gas station. great service and amazing employees. Cindi is a super cool, and helpful attendant who always brightens my day. very clean bathroom and snack shop. i come here every week and they always have the herbal mate i love”

4.4 Superb19 Reviews

“I freaking dislocation on a daily basis Monday through Friday. Very friendly employees clean store and fast service. Also they are the cheapest in Santa Monica for gasoline.”

3.2 Average92 Reviews

“Marjan, Stephanie and Jose in the Pharmacy are outstanding! They always take the time to explain new prescriptions plus they ALWAYS find the best prices for me.Thank You!! All three of you always go the extra mile for all your patients.”

4 Good13 Reviews

“The CVS at 3202 Wilshire, Santa Monica has an outstanding pharmacy.Additionally, the store is well-stocked with outstanding store help along with helpful cashiers.”

3.4 Good18 Reviews

“This place has everything without the attitude!! Their prices are reasonable (for the beach) and the staff is knowledgeable about their products. It'd be a mistake to go elsewhere”

2.9 Average8 Reviews

“This place has become so overrun with people begging for money outside of the store. If you come early in the morning, they are really out there arguing and going at it and it feels like the apocalypse. I try to go here during daylight hours, as the police often come by, and sweep up the homeless, but they eventually come back. There was even one time when one of the store clerks had to lock himself inside of the store, to protect himself from a crazy man yelling with a stick outside. During the week in the weekday, this place is packed with high school students, so it is primarily best to go here in the afternoon/evening.They have all of the usual goodies that you want, but the downside is that the AC machine is not always working. The coffee is usually hot and ready for you. Unless you come early in the morning when they are getting it ready for the rush. The location is kind of unique in that it is in a strip mall that shares the property with four other businesses, so the parking can be kind of tight sometimes.The number one take away from this location is just to be aware of your surroundings and be careful when pulling out of the driveway.”

2.6 Average18 Reviews

“I will definitely be back in this grocery shop again and again! They had fresh produce to meats and fish. The store is so big and spacious as well. This grocery shop is my go-to shop from now on. I love this place! Easy to find what you are looking for, and friendly assistance when required.”

2.6 Average14 Reviews

“Chill place to wash your car if you don't have the $ to detail or want to keep your car fresh n' clean between details. I recommend the supreme wash since it's only $2 ore than the basic. It doesn't dry so be prepared to dry it off yourself or hop on the fwy so the water flies off before it collects dirt. Shell gas stinks though I recommend Chevron or something for gas.”

2.4 Poor105 Reviews

“The pharmacist Thomas always treats me like family. Christian also is a great employee . They both always have a smile when I arrive. I wouldn’t change my Santa Monica CVS for any other! We ( my mother , father, myself , my son as an infant and now 21 yrs old) the entire family have been loyal customers more than 25-30 years ….”

2.4 Poor85 Reviews

“Just typical gas station although there are not very many gas stations fuel 9187. It’s not that fairly price because it’s a little bit more pricey for your convenience buy some sodas and some chips.”

2.3 Poor12 Reviews

“I came here to pick up medication. They had it, they gave it to me, and that was pretty much what I expected them to do. I see a lot of reviews for this location that are less than stellar, and I think they are being unfair and are possibly expecting too much from a CVS pharmacy. Do they have the best customer service? No, not buy a longshot, but that's why people should go to Nordstrom if that is what they are looking for. If, however, you are just looking to buy some crappy Russell Stover candy to give someone that you don't really care that much about, or you need to pick up greeting cards, Epson salt, a blood pressure meter, a thermometer, or just some medication because you have the sniffles or allergies... This place more than suits those needs. So, haters, keep on hating but maybe do it some other place.”

2.2 Poor6 Reviews

“Brand New store.They have all different kinds of coffee.8 different kinds of Sluprees.The soda machine is all new.Has all different kinds of sodas.Huge store size.”

2.3 Poor23 Reviews

“My first time to stop by at this branch. And I did not get to the right entrance in the first place. I guess they changed the entrance to other side for safety and protection. The entrance is not on Pico Blvd, but on Lincoln instead.Maybe due to Christmas season and understaff, or maybe the parking lot is just too small, the store is not crowded and some of the shelves are empty especially popular items in pharmacy and on sale isle.2 cashiers are working hard efficiently to help people check out sooner and they are very friendly and nice. This Walgreens is small, yet with technology display that impresses me a lot. Rather than open and close the door, you know what’s inside. This is like what I have seen in Korean subway station where people can simply tap and order to be delivered home before they board the train.It is still clean, quiet and safe to visit. The sign is not too strong or clear like other branches. Maybe this is intended to be a community oriented store?I do hope they fill the stock soon so people can get what they come here for. And again, this”

2.3 Poor23 Reviews

“Disclosure - I've never once interacted with any of the workers here, only swiped my cc to grab gas and go, so my 5 star review is based on the following: 1. Price - this is consistently the cheapest gas station in the sm area north of the 10. Over the years, I've kept my eye out and tried to save money where I could; I haven't found another station in the area that's as competitive (stations offering special cash pricing excluded) 2. Alt fuels - e85!! And diesel!!! And more e85!!! And it's not just 1 pump that has e85, it's all of them! If you like to tinker with cars, finding a local station that carries e85 is like finding the garden of eden for cheap hp.”

2 Poor4 Reviews

“I’ve been to this pharmacy for quite some time, Paris is the pharmacist who has helped me and she’s accurate very helpful and informative. Thank you Paris for your help at sensitive moments and your guidance.”

2.3 Poor56 Reviews

“It's a good wall greens clean, and the staff is attentive and keeps the shelves stocked. They're helpful in the photo department and pharmacy. Staff is good.”

2.2 Poor22 Reviews

“Kind of shocked at all the negative pharmacy reviews. I had my prescriptions transferred here when the Vons on Broadway & Lincoln closed. This is way closer to my home, 3 blocks, I can just walk now. They call me when my prescriptions are ready, I also get texts. Never had a problem with the staff, always courteous and attentive. There’s rarely any line at all. I can’t imagine what all these whiners are complaining about. I’m only leaving a review to try to balance out all the negativity. I imagine it’s hard enough for the employees to deal with all the vagrants and drug addicts that constantly terrorize the store, without having to deal with self entitled impatient prima donna customers on top of it all. Give ‘em a break people! Yeeesh!”

2.2 Poor33 Reviews

“5 stars for the pharmacy. They were out of my med but allowed my doctor to quickly change it for one they had in minus 1 star for not having the cheapest, most frequently written prescription for bacterial conjunctivitis in stock.minus 1 star from overall b/c they didn't have basic kleenex in stock. I LOVE the tiny small kleenex you can put in your purse and they were all out. Also it was HARD to find the kleenex, You'd think it would be next to the toilet paper or paper towels, nope.also their makeup area was kind of a mess, the OCD in me likes to have things all in their proper place.”

2 Poor10 Reviews

“Competitive gas prices in Santa Monica! Lots of room to park and get gas. Water air are available. Each station has cleaning supplies for your windshield. Restrooms are available upon request. Very well kept parking lot. Right off the corner of Lincoln and Olympic.”

1.3 Poor3 Reviews

“Latino owned. Great coffee. Cute vibe. Ordered a horchata nondairy latte and it hit the spot. Also grabbed a blood orange ice tea and my non-coffee consuming partner enjoyed it. The menu is limited during the pandemic (for example, they didn't have cafe de olla or baked goods) but I'm looking forward to trying other items in the future. Such as the beans and avocado toast. Yum. Also hope to come hang out there with my laptop when it opens up entirely.”

1.6 Poor5 Reviews

“Despite the extended wait times, this gas station offers the best prices when you're a member. However, visits to the store aren't typically tied to refueling, contrary to their expectations. While contemplating a diesel truck, it seems they only provide regular and premium gasoline options, limiting choices for diesel vehicle owners.”

1.8 Poor10 Reviews

“Had not been to this CVS location in at least a year, despite living about a mile away. I agree with the previous comments from Susie M. The young staff is to be commended for their good customer service. They offer help without one having to ask, as they are stocking aisles. Cashiers are efficient despite having to contend with all sorts of customers.”

2.1 Poor34 Reviews

“I recently had the pleasure of visiting the Rite Aid Pharmacy on Pico in Santa Monica, and I must say, it was a truly exceptional experience. From the moment I stepped in, I was greeted with warmth and professionalism. The staff at this Rite Aid location goes above and beyond to ensure customer satisfaction. Not only were they knowledgeable about their products, but they also took the time to address all my questions and concerns with patience and care. It's evident that they prioritize customer service, and it truly sets them apart. Moreover, the pharmacy team demonstrated efficiency and accuracy in filling my prescriptions. I appreciate how they prioritize safety and precision in their work, ensuring that I received the correct medications in a timely manner. The cleanliness and organization of the store were also impressive.”

2.1 Poor35 Reviews

“Don’t waste your money on the car wash. Only thing I’ll say bad about this place as there is no dyer. Paying $15 or even $7 for an automated car wash that doesn’t even dry is not cool.Other than that good gas station.”

1.9 Poor16 Reviews

“Talk about a one stop shop! Everyone here is so so friendly and I always look forward to charging my car here :') They literally have everything you can imagine, really taking the concept of a convenience store to a whole another level. Thank you Michelle for being such a sweetheart! I always leave here with a big ole smile on my face.”

2 Poor28 Reviews

“Used activemenus to place an order. I am not from the LA area and wanted some snacks. I did not know where to go and saw activemenus online. It was great. Placed my order and it arrived sooner than I was told it would. A quick call from the delivery guy and I had the snacks I wanted. Would highly suggest giving them a try. I have not visited the actual store itself.”

1.8 Poor30 Reviews

“Man everyone has such harsh reviews.. This is my go to pharmacy store. Everyone at the pharmacy is nice, informative and easy to work with. I’ve had on-going prescriptions filled here and had my last booster shot here. The staff is professional and kind. I’ve also had a great experience with the woman in the cosmetics department!All I’ll say is that most stores, especially pharmacies are having shortages and don’t have as many people working right now. But patient & kind, they are doing their best.”

1.4 Poor19 Reviews

“This is truly the best drug store and pharmacy in Santa Monica. I love their service, supplies and pharmacy. They really care and go out of their way to help. I tell everyone I know how amazing they are. I started getting all my household supplies and pharmacy needs here this year as my family and myself were very displeased by the lack of assistance over the last couple of years from the other pharmacy's located at other drug stores nearby.”

1.5 Poor54 Reviews

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