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“You can only Google so much and I had finally hit a wall. Couldnt figure out how to adjust the belt in my 83 gmc. Few shops quoted me 100, 120 even after I told them my suspicion of the squealing . Came by here before I was gonna head into one of those shops and had a fella here try it out on the whim. FIXED! he even showed me and explained why I couldn't quiet figure it out. ( some stuff was cut/modded)Belt tightend, truck is happy. My wallet is happy. 20 bucks. I basically paid for the 5 minute tutorial which is more than 101% worth it.”

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“Costco is the best place in Santa Rosa if you need gas. I'm not going to lie though, if you got the time and are going that way Rohnert Park Costco has way shorter lines.”

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“Great car Wash they got propane gas diesel nice little store with Subway shop on the inside ice creams if you want wide selection of cold beverages from beer to energy drinks & cigarette scratchers”

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“Gas and 7 eleven are the only reason I've been, besides lines for gas sometimes my only complaint is my big gulp was 95% coloring and 5% flavor. I'm sire it's not a constant thing just my bad luck that time.”

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“Kind of pissed me off that I couldn't get a pack of smokes because I didn't have an ID really freaking irritating when you're 40 years old and you can't get a other than that the store is great”

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“Go to the 76 station to fill up my water and dump my sewer for my RV the attendant is always very nice very easy and convenient I would suggest going there if not just for gas to dump your waste for RVs”

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“Thank you for having functioning restrooms. Your competitors 76 down the street don't understand how important this is and uses the statement sorry we restrooms are out of order to frequently.5 stars for provide good customer service.”

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“Best gas station in the world. Best hot dogs. The staff is awesome. They all remember you like your Norm from cheers if you go there enough. The prices are the lowest in the area, usually.”

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“I get my car washed here. Excellent service. The employees are always professional, positive, efficient, and friendly. Always look forward to seeing them. 5 stars all the way.”

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“Great location, the car wash is usually pretty busy, there's a subway inside so you can get a sandwich while you fill up but there's never soap in the windshield washer fluid and the sponges you clean it with are falling apart.”

3.7 Good64 Reviews

“I go here often to pick up lunch for my wife and I during her lunch break as she works at the Macy's at calling Town Mall within the same parking lot as this Subway that is within the Valero gas station. There's a young woman by the name of Liz who is very professional and very kind and quick and good at her job. You can actually hear her smile when she speaks. I think she legitimately is enjoying her job because it is pretty hard to fake that with every customer so I think her positivity is most definitely for real. Out of the many times I've gone here to pick up lunch there's only one time I ever had a problem and it was when she was really busy making a big order for another customer and I was stuck waiting for 5 minutes while Liz was by herself making everything and then after that 5 minute wait another Subway employee who was a much older woman decided to help me but why did she make me wait so long? That long wait made me think that Liz was there by herself. Other than that everything has been great here”

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“Hello followers, I'm Angel a CSR, at Chevron/Redwood and invite everyone to come and get great Chevron gas, and Redwood Market. ❤ Corner Of Marlow And Guerneville.”

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“I was already impressed with their customer service & prices from previous interactions & then this happened.It was February 1, 2019 I was trying to get there before they closed @ 5pm but when I finally left my driveway it was 5:05 :( I was frustrated with myself. I needed to do the rest of my last minute tasks, crafts, & preparations for my daughter's funeral service on February 2nd & needed kerosene for the heater! As I was driving to another store for other supplies I had to drive by North Bay & when I saw their gate was still open I quickly u-turned, walked up to the office door (assuming it was locked) & it was unlocked!! It was pretty dark but I heard voices in the way back....Long story short after a couple loud "hellos" back & forth a tall man came into the office & of course I told him my situation. He wasn't sure how to work the kerosene pump but we figured it out together! While doing so I offered to show him an article about my daughter so he'd know I wasn't lying & how much I appreciate him helping me after hours but he said it wasn't necessary. I said 2 sentences about the accident he quickly jumped in & said "Mallory?" & I shockingly said "yes, did u know her?" He said "no, but I've been following the story. I'm so sorry for your loss it's so sad" I said "thank you". When we were done I tried to pay him & even tip him but he absolutely refused!I was already impressed with their service but when I was leaving their that evening I was overwhelmed with emotions & in tears. I was blown away by the feeling of feeling connected & feeling like I was being treated like a person by another person not a business man after my wallet! Dear Mr Tall Man, I thank you for your kindness, your sympathetic words, generousity, & compassion. I'll forever be a loyal customer to your business for anything I need of which your business provides no matter how cheap or expensive the prices. Your personable customer service & being treated with the emotional compassion you provided me that evening is worth more than any dollar is priceless. Forever Loyal & Satisfied Customer,Natasha Parker”

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“It's a gas station! My Mom trusts them with her credit card! And they have a convenience store! And you can wash your windshield while spending an arm and a leg to fill your tank! Works for me!”

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“Flying A gas station is your typical gas station as far as gas stations go. The inside is always kept nice and clean and the snacks are always stocked and the prices of gas are the lowest around. One employee in particular, Tara, is awesome - always going that extra mile to make it a point to remember my name or the items I purchase making my visit more personable and enjoyable. I definitely recommend Flying A Gas Station.”

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“I know that "convenience " stores such as this one are way over priced, as I understand that we're paying for "the convenience" but $33 & some change for a half gallon rainbow sherbet ice cream, 1 can pears, 1lb bacon, sausage and 1 1/2 lb bag foster farms frozen chicken strips? Seriously?? There should be some kind of limit on how much these places can mark up the prices. Talk about greed....”

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“It's been a pain to get to since the construction, however the usually have the lowest prices on everything including gas. The staff is always friendly and engaging. Bathrooms are always clean. They do a good job.”

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“Convenient gas station located on Guerneville and Marlow Roads. Gas is a little higher than other gas stations nearby. This 76 station is very clean and open/spacious and there is always a pump open. There's a convenience store with a variety of goods inside. Easy to drive in and out of and its open 24/7.”

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“Tonight my buddy accidentally handed a 50 to the young guy behind the counter and he ran out with his change after the gas was put in (my buddy stopped right at 20 bucks ha ha) but thanks to this guy's honesty it all turned out ok.”

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“Friendly service, open till 11:00pm , decent selector munchies..Gas prices are the same as other gas stations in larkfield they have techron though! Lol! Nice cashiers ..”

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“Amazing amazing amazing customer service!!! Was extremely helpful after I drove around town looking for this special drink thing for my daughter.. greeted me, helped me, directed me.. best ever.. will be coming back all the time HAPPY LOVES HAPPY”

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“I was in Santa Rosa and stopped at my favorite gas station at Farmer's Lane x Hwy 12. BTW, I think the address is 1400 Farmer's Lane, because there's a big "1400" on the building. So, gas was a little pricey at $6.59/ Reg. But this station is right off the freeway, and has a great location. I went inside the food mart to buy some "pogey bait".....that's military slang for candy and snacks. The clerk was super friendly and energetic. Service was quick! Very clean place. Always nice to get gas here”

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“They don't take EBT. I wish they do cause now I'll have to remember them as not taking EBT and go to another ARCO who does. But overall, clean store. Ok costumer service.”

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“My husband has been in the hospital after having emergency surgery a week ago today. We had to leave a vehicle behind there to get him to the hospital. They gave us permission to leave it there & have been keeping an eye on it-as they can.So greatly appreciated, u don't find businesses that look out for the community like that anymore!”

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“The owner, Raja, is one of the nicest people you can ever meet. Store is always clean, and with a large coffee being only a buck, it's also a place for saving money.”

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“It has been redesigned since I last used it. I like the choice of having touchless or a touch style car wash. I will only use a touchless for my own vehicles. I bought the $10 car wash and it did a fine job but my vehicles don't get very dirty anyway. It is a nice alternative to having to get everything out at your own house supplies, hose, etc. I will use it again!”

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“This shop dropped everything to help me when the fuel pump in my 1969 C10 truck died unexpectedly around the corner. They had a new pump delivered and installed in about an hour, and at a VERY reasonable rate. I highly recommend this business, with very kind and considerate employees for any repairs you might need. They went out of their way, on a day they were robbed, no less (someone stole dozens of gallons of propane cans) JUST to make sure I was safely back on the road. 10 stars!I will definitely be recommending this place to anyone that will listen.”

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