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“Roger has been my go to mechanic for anything I am unable to do myself. He is reasonable, personable, and just an all round pleasure to conduct buisness with. I will continue to return here with my vehicle trouble in the future.”

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“I have used Chuck’s brake to keep my boat trailer in top shape. They do exceptional work. They let me know what they find and make great suggestions on what repairs and maintenance are needed. Really great to deal with.”

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“Great service and friendly, helpful, employees. Very knowledgeable owner and mechanic. They seem very honest. Plus a cool pet rescue dog named Diesel, that is super friendly and sometimes greets you when you arrive.”

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“I was really happy with my experience with this shop. No nonsense, just good service.First, I appreciate when an appointment means something. We scheduled a time to bring in our car to diagnose a transmission problem. A couple hours later, they called us with a report of the issue they found. Thankfully, it was simple and they didn't even charge us for the repair.Next, I appreciate the fact that they noticed the brake fluid was dirty and asked if we wanted it taken care of while it was at the shop. I was aware it was due to be changed, and we went ahead and had them take care of it.I also appreciate that they didn't try to sell us anything we didn't need. All of the other service on the car was up to date, and I appreciate they didn't try to push any unnecessary service.This was our first time here, but I'll be sure to come back if I ever need something.Services: Transmission”

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“My dad had an issue with his 2014 Ram 2500 not starting. Within three hours he was on site and worked for confidently until the truck was fixed. Thanks to him their Summer trip will proceed without a hold up. Please use this company, super professional, knowledgeable and even tolerant of my sonasking endless questions.Thanks again!Service: Electrical”

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“My E350 limped its way into CK Auto flashing an inoperable message and involuntarily shutting down. It was noisy and driving rough. I figured I was in for an expensive repair bill. Paul and his team diagnosed and repaired it the same day- very, very affordably. I was so grateful. They are kind, conscientious and very knowledgeable. I will never go back to the dealership again.Service: Electrical repair”

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“I have been being our BMWs to Raul for over 5years and over that time he has always been honest, fair pricing and great at communicating what the issue is and options to repair it. It is great having a mechanic you can trust.”

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“Amazing service. I used all around auto years ago for my other car, and the again with my current car, every interaction I’ve had with Dale has been lovely. Prices are more than reasonable and the service is the best I’ve received at any car mechanic. Highly recommend!”

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“Went to Auto Sport Detailing because of the reviews and I wanted my Tesla Model Y Performance with matte ppf and they did a really good job. My Tesla looks different and brand new. They also applied ceramic coating and did paint correction. I really like the new look of my Tesla. I recommend this shop and the people are nice. They even found matching Tesla emblems and applied it.”

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“Dave is a wealth of knowledge and experience. His shop is not just a parts store, but an old fashioned "Speed Shop" (where you go to get performance parts). I have kept several vehicles on the road because of Dave, and have gotten several more back on the road in style due to his knowledge and the parts he has been able to get for me.”

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“Straight shooters. Brought a 32 year old Jeep for diagnostic of failed smog. Identified issue and cool with me taking the vehicle back to wrench what I can (and like).This is the second older vehicle I have had them work on. Each time they accurate in diagnosis and in previous case the repairs as well.”

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“Great service. Excellent mechanic. Top notch equipment and tools. Super friendly and Bill is a hell of a nice guy. (First time customer. I’ll certainly be back for routine services and repairs if needed.)”

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“Quality service and provided great explanation as to what was wrong with vehicle and provided reasonable estimate and finished the repairs promptlyService: Transmission”

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“Lance is the man @ Local Heroes whom I have alot of respect for because he is an expert in what he does. My Dodge Charger RT 2008 drives like she is brand new. The whole team there is awesome and easy to work with. If u are looking for a great and honest automotive shop Local Heroes is a 20 on a 10 point scale. Special thanks for all you do.”

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“I had a great experience here and highly recommended this shop if you’re looking for a Mini specialist. I had ran into some mechanical issues on a used Mini I just purchased and one being something that needed attention sooner than later. These folks were able to get me in and fixed the issue in a day. Very professional and friendly staff. This is going to be my new spot now for taking care of my Mini. Thank you to the entire team here!”

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“I called several places to get quotes in Rohnert Park and Santa Rosa; even had an appointment with one that was the cheapest so far, but still significantly higher than the national average. I decided to call one more after googling "discount/cheap/good price auto glass, and Discount Auto Glass popped up. I remembered an experience I had with them a long time ago and was thrilled to see they were still around. I called and got quoted the lowest price, it was even lower than the national average! They said come in anytime I wanted that day for several rock chips in my windshield. While there, I remembered a problem I had with my driver's window rattling and asked about it. They literally had to take the whole door apart which is not quick or easy to do. Been there, done that! Everything was fixed/filled/repaired faster than I could actually read through my small pile of mail from that day! I thought my final cost would be at least 3 digits... Only $75!! I read other reviews on Yelp and they all sound spot on EXCEPT for the one stars. I read them thoroughly and can't help but laugh. One said that they talked down to her because she was a woman! I'm a woman and they were extremely respectful towards me! Another person was mad because they weren't happy with him pulling his own car into the garage! Guess what?! I'm a "woman" and even I know that even with an appointment, you never pull your car into the garage/bay until either they tell you to, or they do it their selves! It's a safety thing! Every automotive shop does the same thing. There's broken glass on the ground, other people's cars, etc. If you get hurt, even cut your baby toe, then they are liable for allowing you to be in there. I think that anyone who's ever been to a car shop knows that! Even the review about the inside of her car being hotter with the new glass! First off, most cars come with some kind of protective sun tint on it nowadays, but not all. Her car probably had it on their originally, but upon ordering the new windshield, got just what she ordered... A windshield. If you want the tinting, go to a tint shop! The glass place isn't responsible for making sure a tint shop returns your calls; they have their own calls to return! Yes, it means you have to call around and do a bit more research, but that's life! It's no one's fault. You can get mad about it, but don't get mad at the people that just helped you! These reviews are to rate service and how well "their job" was done, not about how we feel when we're frustrated with other things in our lives! This place is THE BEST I've ever been to for auto glass repair, and always the best prices. They're down to earth real people, not "walking talking billboards trying to rob you!" All of this coming from a woman too!”

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“I'm another one that is 100% happy with the work they did. I recently got my car detailed and ceramic coated by them, and their attention to detail is unmatched. They even went above and beyond for me by getting my car ready next day, and referred me to a place to get my tint done which turned out great as well. Future detailing and wrap will be through them as well, thank you guys!Services: Auto detailing”

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“I can't speak more highly of this place. It's strange more people don't know about them! They truly care about what they do. I have brought my Mini Countryman to them time and time again. Just this last visit, I had a flat from a screw in my tire. Because I had just purchased my tires through them, they inspected and patched it free of charge. Each visit comes with a free carwash too! They know what they are talking about, call and text for easy and personable service, and are genuinely just nice people. Thank you GS! Really love having you on my team.Services: Auto battery replacement”

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“They were very clear with how to take care of my truck and followed through exactly as they said they would. My bill was also less than I expected. I would recommend them without hesitation.”

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“Amazing and fast service. Called Friday when the brakes went out on our car, he said they could do an assessment on Monday. They were able to isolate and fix the issue very fast (it was the master brake cylinder) and we had the car back by the next day. Incredibly fast service and a fair price!! Will be bringing our cars back to them in the future if needed!Services: Auto brake repair”

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“Trusted family mechanic for more than 20 years and always comes through when emergencies arise. Clean shop and best service around in my opinion.Services: Auto engine tuning”

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“My car got broken into and I called Courtney and he was so amazing and helpful and got me a tow truck, loaner car and my car fixed asap! Definitely recommend forever !”

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“by far the best Porsche shop in NorCal. And I've been to a few. Paul and Zach solve a problem I've have with my car for 4 years. Have taken it to a number of high end Porsche shops, none were able to solve it. I dropped my car off at Autobahn and about an hour later I got a call. "I think we've found your problem". And indeed they did. Saved me thousands of dollars. They could easily have taken me to the cleaners but didn't. I am very happy with this shop. I live in San Francisco. I wont go anywhere else for service.”

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“I went to the BNC on East Todd road for an oil change. I have no money to speak of so I told them I could only afford the oil change and would have to do the emissions next time. They changed my oil and when I got home I looked at the engine and they had repaired a leak on the top and also on the bottom. They never mentioned it and figured that I wouldn't notice. I did notice and thought that if anyone wants to find a truly honest mechanic, it would be there.”

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“We brought our newly purchased Sprinter Van to them for service. They were on time with the repair, very professional and communication was great! You definitely should take your vehicle to them for service!”

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“The initial offer was less than I was asking and was on par with what other companies were offering, but Margarita worked with me and ended up offering me near what I was asking. It was really a pleasure working with Margarita. She explained the process, 0 pressure, and was really pleasant to work with. Not only will I reach out to Margarita again when I need to sell car, but I will also look at the Manly group if I ever want to buy a Honda, Hyundai, or any used car. The total experience was phenomenal.”

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“This place is the best. I trust these people with my car and in fact bought one from them. Honest capable and transparent. Tom created a fantastic business and his successors are keeping up with high standards he developed.”

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“The best service and trustworthy guys. Always looking out for you and prioritizing safety on your car. They don’t give off that pushy seller type feel like with most places. Give simple and direct explanations and provide honest work. Highly recommend to anyone in Sonoma County.”

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“I had a screw in my tire. They found it, fixed it, and got me back out on the road in less than 15 min for only $25. Great guys, great service. For get about all the big tire places, this is where you should go.”

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“Fred is the kind of mechanic you always wanted to help you with your project. He's old school and has a wealth of knowledge. Easy to talk to and confident with his answers, you would find it hard in this day and age having someone of this caliber to help out!”

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