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“Wendy's gas station offers gasoline prices that are notably below the city's average, attracting a substantial crowd of customers. However, their pump setup is reminiscent of Costco gas stations, featuring long tubes that can easily reach across vehicles. Regrettably, some customers are unaware of this convenience and insist on specific entry paths, causing congestion and, on occasion, frustration among fellow patrons. This hurts the overall pumping experience.To mitigate these issues, I recommend avoiding peak hours to appreciate the cost savings. Additionally, they offer propane refills. However, it's important to note that due to the station's continuous busyness, the clerk may be unable to assist with propane tank refills, leading to some frustrated customers. On a more positive note, my recent visit on a Sunday morning to refill my propane tank was a pleasant experience. The cost of filling up a small tank remains consistent at $19 since 2012.All in all, I am grateful to have access to reasonable gasoline prices and a propane refilling station in our city.”

4.4Superb51 Reviews

“I had my car smogged here. This is where I always go for my smog check. The man that helped me was very nice and gave me a discount because there was a little bit of a wait. I've recommended this place to all my friends.”

4.1Good100 Reviews

“It's probably the nicest gas station I've seen. The ease of ingress and egress, the extra room in case it's busy, the pump layout and the store are top notch. It's pretty much brand new due to the renovation of the old station, and I hope it stays clean and sparkly. I've started using the Chevron phone app to pay at the pump, and it works great.”

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“Every time I go to get fuel, I go to this location, 420 Thousand Oaks Blvd. Customer service is always on point. Don't go to 2861 N Moorpark Rd. The guy there is absolutely rude and has a bad attitude, borderline scary.”

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“Looks like the employee mark is the only one that truly goes out of his way to help customers. Wish there more employees like that working there. Without him they would need massive help.”

3.8Good43 Reviews

“Looking for a hydrogen station? This station is great! I met their mechanic named Mike. He was great! Helped me fill up. Very nice and pleasant worker! He didn’t have to help me, but he did as an Arco employee serving up True Zero hydrogen. Thank you thank you.”

3.6Good37 Reviews

“Just went in here and bought some coolant with a friend who also knew nada about overheating cars and the attendant literally told us what we needed and then proceeded to come out to our car and fill the reservoir for us! What an awesome guy, I'll definitely be back!”

3.6Good33 Reviews

“There's nothing special about this ⛽ gas station.... Except the fact that the "fuel" is pretty good. I just had my fuel filter replaced. The gas from this location seems to last for awhile, unlike other competitors..?? As of March 2022 the gas prices in Southern CA are sliding (5.75-6.00$). I have began to wonder ? are the owner's putting water ? or something in the tanks ?? Honestly when I fill up from other fuel..just "Evaporates".. This station is tucked away in Thousand Oaks CA.. surrounded by commercial businesses and alot of apartment complexes..on "Erbes road .. they sell ?,drinks and lots of treats. The station is rather small (exterior area) .. they sell plenty of ⛽ gas.. Cheap..gas .. CATCH my drift..???”

3.5Good51 Reviews

“My partner was in a rush at that point we found this corner store that administrations clients quick. Much obliged to you for your convenient and extraordinary assistance. Thank you very much!”

3.5Good41 Reviews

“The Arco on the corner of Michael & Borchard are among the folks taking precautions and taking them seriously. They are screening those that come in, ensuring that the transaction is swift. In addition they provide gloves when you enter. They’re attentive and on it. The only thing I would recommend is providing better sanitizer resources. They do have hand sanitizing dispensers between pumps however there is minimal space between the dispensing area and the back wall which could increase the chance of spreading germs.”

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“To wait outside from 1:45am to 2:30am was a complete joke. No sign on window to notify anyone what was going on. Then what do you know the cashier named "ryan" walks out of the back with no explanation. "Looks completely under the influence" of god knows what. This gas station should be your last stop. Beware.”

3.4Good47 Reviews

“Hampshire Shell is akin to the neighborhood hangout that you'd find in small town America. There are gas stations all over the place, so what makes this one different? There are a number of reasons: - Ease of access / exit - the two other gas stations in the area have extremely dangerous entrances and exits. At Shell, you have the option of exiting onto a lightly traveled side road with traffic light safety to get back onto Hampshire road. - Prices are comparable or slightly better than competition in the area. Generally, I've found them to be 10-20 cents a gallon cheaper than the Mobil in town. - Great snack shop. Who doesn't get the munchies before a road trip? Great selection of beef jerky, candy, chips, bottled water, and soda. - Lottery tickets, if you're feeling lucky. - Very friendly employees Best gas station in town.”

3.3Good28 Reviews

“I have been going to this Shell since I realized I could use my Ralph's rewards. I have never had a problem getting my rewards and anytime I have dealt with Rosy, she has been very friendly and helpful. Always greets me with a smile and tells me to have a great day! Never a bad experience!”

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“This Chevron has provided me great service for the last 2-4 years in general, but an act of kindness tonight sealed the deal. I drive 40+ miles through Ventura’s farmland to work every day. With double shifts, and the drive back, I have no spare time to even consider washing my car. The more dirty it’s gotten, the more embarrassed I get.I tried to wipe it down myself, but my wrists are weak, so I figured I’d at least get a basic wash. Louis has shown me respect, and kindness every visit, but when he saw I was struggling, he hooked me up best service!Thanks to him, my car looks brand new! After this act of kindness, Im officially a loyal customer, & definitely not going anywhere else for washes in the future!”

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“This is a wonderful little gas station, right in the heart of Thousand Oaks. Their gas prices seem to be lower than the price gougers on Thousand Oaks Boulevard. The additional benefit of this gas station over others is that they have a very reasonably priced car wash on the premises. This makes things convenient, especially in the rainy/winter season, when cars get dirty, and need a quick wash, but don't justify a full service hand car wash.”

2.9Average28 Reviews

“My mom stopped here because her vehicle was operating strangely. Mike was so thoughtful and checked the car out and even test drove it to see if he could identify what my mom was describing. He located a fuse that needed replaced and ran diagnostics. He only charged us for a small amount of oil but none of his time or labor. Frankly, it was clear how much Mike cares about people. I made sure we fueled both of our cars there and will be sure to support this shop in the future. Many thanks to Mike for his kindness.”

2.9Average34 Reviews

“Convenient location and very thoughtful about COVID safety inside. Very clean. Convenience store has a good selection, and the location is inside the complex with Trader Joe's.”

2.6Average17 Reviews

“Amazing Customer Service! These gentlemen cater to their clients, and always have a friendly, professional demeanor. With competitive pricing as well. Best Chevron Around!Melanie Hartert”

2.5Average21 Reviews

“The manager at the shell is very amazing.Somehow I left my wallet in the bathroom. As soon as I realized I left it I called and the manager had found it. He is very trusting considering there was $1200 inside the wallet. Whoever hired him should keep on to this guy.”

2.7Average38 Reviews

“Walked into the store and immediately got an overwhelming sensation of bliss and comfort. The atmosphere this man brings to the gas station is awe-inspiring, not to mention his intense care for COVID protocols which made me feel safe and warm. And to add on, his appearance fell nothing short of full regalia. He even sang a song for us as we walked in "~mask mask mask~". Not to mention he's a feminist. 10/10 would recommend everyone else that sent in reviews is lying don't trust everything you see on the internet trust no one.”

2.3Poor32 Reviews

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