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“Daiso of Tustin California the place is very clean I love it it's a family store where you can find Goody's for the kids and for adults especially from japan country”

4.4 Superb30 Reviews

“TJ Maxx in Park Ave , TUSTIN most of the time has the beautiful collection of the Home Goods stuff that encorrage pepel to go there and have a good shopping with a good remembering experiences with the Kind,Caring ,polite Costumer Services person like :Ms : lorina and Mr : Erick ,that nicely help the costumers like me that like to thanks and appreciated them deeply . also thanks the dear mangers who run this shop nicely . Best Regards, Nas,,,S Mrch 12/ 24”

3.9 Good64 Reviews

“This one has maternity clothes and that’s a huge win for me. Maternity clothes are hard to find these days and I wish I had purchased more from here while I was in town”

3.9 Good38 Reviews

“Just about the easiest return of a product ever. I had all the tags and the receipt for an item bought just a week earlier. The arguable down side is that one simply got in the single checkout line that was being served by 5 or 6 cashiers. The upside is that is the most efficient way to associate that labor, for faster service all the time and lower costs. There is never any penalty for picking the trainee line either.”

3.8 Good62 Reviews

“I liked it better when they were two stores. It seemed like each store had a better variety. I generally shop for kitchen stuff and housewares. Home Goods always had an extensive selection. Marshall's usually had a decent choice of items. Somehow, when they merged into one store, the kitchen stuff became very limited. It seems like Marshall's got a little bigger, and Home Goods vanished. If all the locations consolidate like this one, I will remove more stars.”

3.7 Good32 Reviews

“Amazing prices and huge variety of major brand name clothing, sneakers accessories etc. They even carry my favorite perfume which has been discontinued and ive been unable to find anywhere for 30% of the original price!!!”

3.6 Good65 Reviews

“I like this target because it is big and has a good selection of items. It's a clean store and the workers are usually very nice and helpful. I hadn't been clothes shopping in a while. I went to get some socks, underwear, and t-shirts and was surprised to find that all the cheap Target brand and Hanes undergarments were locked up. I pushed the button but no human arrived to unlock the case after waiting for 10 minutes, so I left and bought it online. What has this world come to where you need to lock up a $2 pair of bun hugs. Sheesh!”

2.9 Average9 Reviews

“Love that I have a Sephora inside my Kohls! This location does not carry all items as the Sephora store at Market Place but it is by far cleaner and not as busy (which I love) the employees are very knowledgeable. Mia was very sweet and helpful in picking out some products! Love how she make suggestions and provided me with options help fit my budget. Definitely my go to store now!!”

2.7 Average8 Reviews

“Yet again it was a cool store as a visiting Canadian.Plenty of neat products we don't have back home including versions of my favorite products.Overall they are a decently large store with a great selection, good organization, clean shelves, etc.Definitely had fun here.”

3.5 Good189 Reviews

“Good quality items but the isles at this store are too tight and the line after Christmas was 30-40 minutes long. Needed more cashiers. Probably better after the holidays”

3.1 Average43 Reviews