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“Found exactly what I was looking for, but I do every time even when I'm not looking for anything ?.The team here is so friendly and they do their best keeping the store organized and clean.”

4.2Good125 Reviews

“I need to say something about Jennifer who is the best, very helpful and she make me feel like I am the best costumer, so sweet. Moreover, I am very impressed about how clean they keep the store. Thank you Jennifer ?”

4.1Good111 Reviews

“Great place for smaller inexpensive items. That being said, since when did everything go up? Now all items are $1.75 on up. Geeze, I remember when they started off at $1.25.This is a great place to get storage containers. I am super organized so the variety of containers they offer are great. You have to buy them when you are there because they may not have the same items next week. This place keeps me organized. They sell nick nacks from school supplies, hair accessories, seasonal items, gardening tools, plates, kitchen accessories, and more.”

4.1Good107 Reviews

“Taty was the best Person I met all day. Taty was the ONLY person that greeted me out this entire Shopping outlet as i enter the door. I was so grateful and she made my day. Thank you Taty.”

4.6Superb20 Reviews

“I love this place! High-end fashion. At a lower price. Love the collections they carry. The fitting room staff is friendly they kindly help you get what you need.”

3.8Good103 Reviews

“Target's return policy is quick and pleasant. I'm a long-time Target shopper for good value, nice & professional staff and good selections. ONLY NEGATIVE is they eliminated my ability to phone for delivery outside store (now I'd require a SmartPhone and monthly service just to stay outside -- I don't have the $$ to do this and hate your policy of only using the Q-code to reach employees indoors). STOP & think of your customers - many don't have tons of $$ but have been loyal customers and buy at Target vs all other stores! Thank you”

3.6Good134 Reviews

“Found the best bedroom curtains and curtain rod super cute gem style and a Bebe crystal phone holder for the car, hasn't fallen off my windshield it's very catchy shimmering. Bought a couple other things great deals.”

3.6Good92 Reviews

“Christopher from night shift on 12.3.21 helped my friend and I when he notice we needed help. With no hesitation he jumped into action and not only he did his job, but he truly is a great representation of this store and company. Great job Christopher ??”

3.6Good46 Reviews

“A very typical Marshall's location. Some good deals at just need to check back regularly and be ready to buy when you find an item you want. This store was packed with merchandise but more tidy than most on our last visit.”

3.5Good144 Reviews

“This whole mall turned tout to be better than expected. I'm not a big shopper but my wife is (surprised?). She found stuff at this Nordstrom Rack for cheaper than the one we have in our town. We will definitely be back here sooner than later I think.”

3.5Good154 Reviews

“Outstanding time waiting for my online order. Was able to go to the display in-store once I alerted them I was here to pick it up. Did a bit more shopping then pop over to self check out and get back to the pick up area with time to spare, so magical.”

3.5Good182 Reviews

“I have been here several times now. They have a better selection at this location than the Target closer to me, so that's a plus. Parking lot is often times packed during the middle of the day which I took a star off for. This location is popular and can also be running low on stock so I advise checking the Target app to see if an item you're particularly interested in is in-stock before coming. The employees I spoke to today were super friendly and helpful. They do have a Starbucks but no outdoor garden center. Still, overall, a pretty decent neighborhood Target store.”

3.1Average76 Reviews

“Accessible pricing for high end goods. Lots of items from the saks store as well as items made for outlet. Good price point. Nice saks outlet store to bargain hunt at since there’s actual designer items that are on sale.”

3.1Average135 Reviews

“This Walmart is clean and organized. Not much to complain here except that the self check outs are closed and only two cashiers open with very long lines on both. We shopped a bit late and there was pallets of merchandise blocking aisles. Had a better selection of product compared to the one closer by my home.”

2.8Average270 Reviews

“Staff were very kind caring friendly and so nice and helped me with my purchase thanks to the cashier. For her help regarding my purchase of fabric, the card reader could not read my credit card very well and we tried my credit card several times did not work to my shocking eyes and then my husband used his card and paid but I was so shocked and will go to bank to check why ??? Anyhow store was not that organized but staff were so kind and helpful and caring , overall I got what I needed at home and thank God and praise Lord Jesus and thank you Mother Mary. For today ... as each day has its own drama these days ,,,,”

1.8Poor103 Reviews

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