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“If you need to stock up on pantry items or just want a good coffee and cookie watching Venice pass you by, then head to Gjusta Grocer. Fresh food, tinned goods wonderful baked goods with a great selection of wine. Make sure you try the focaccia and a lemon honey ginger shot.”

3.5 Good42 Reviews

“This is a nice store. I went here and was satisfied with my experience. I was walking by the store when I saw a sign saying they had Dippin Dots, so I went inside to get some. They were in a cooler, so I grabbed a bag of Cookies n Cream flavor and took it to the cashier. It cost $5 so I bought it and left the store, satisfied with my experience. I gave this store five stars because it has Dippin Dits and other typical convenience store snacks conveniently located on Venice Beach.”

5 Superb4 Reviews

“They helped me out during the Coronapocalypse!I was able to get provisions - I know the other reviews weren't great - but they were so decent to me esp. in the circumstances.So many places just shut their doors, Venice Beach Mart was brave!”

3.8 Good12 Reviews

“This is my favorite pharmacy I've ever gone to. Every time I go the staff is so friendly. Sometimes my clinician doesn't send something that's needed or a new protocol happens. The pharmacist does everything they can to fix thing quickly. I've never had to wait longer than a day to get my prescriptions if there is a delay. They either have my medicine in stock or they'll have it in a next couple of days. I moved to East Atlanta and I still pick up my medication at this pharmacy.”

3.5 Good17 Reviews

“Upon entering the liquor store, I was pleasantly surprised by the impeccable selection, friendly staff, and convenient location. Whether you're seeking a fine wine or a rare whiskey, this store delivers. A treasure trove for discerning drinkers. Highly recommend exploring!”

3.2 Average21 Reviews

“Do you know out all the different 7-Elevens I’ve been to this one is always well stocked. I think 7-Eleven coffee is better than Starbucks and McDonald’s if you ask me but that’s just my opinion lol they have the syrups. They got different creamers, different coffees and they also have an array of different snacks if you’re on the run like you know, hotdogs and wings and pizza and stuff like that and you’re always stocked up I think that’s cool I appreciate that and they stay on top of the cleanliness of the store so that’s a plus just thought I’d let everybody know”

3.1 Average60 Reviews

“Cannot believe the bad reviews. I met most of the staff b4 covid and I always found them to be the kindest and most non-judgemental pharmacists in LA! I travel to Venice just for them, after having realized how special they are. There aren't many customer service folk in this town who recognize a good customer, but these guys are on it. For being such an iconic ediface while still maintaining that small town feel, but mostly for genuinely caring for their customers, they deserve praise. They ARE a smaller pharmacy, so their phones are always ringing, but most refills can be ordered online now anyway, and for their few faults, seeing their friendly smiles makes the whole experience worth it. Maybe I just seem less crazy in places full of crazies but whatever it is, they've got my business.”

2.8 Average20 Reviews

“Very nice employee Very good group, unfortunately people that come here very disrespectful and homeless coming, the employee of Venice are carful and caring of all traffic coming in and out. Isable of many years has to deal with homeless, not in any employee respects but they help me and try to deal with vagrants.”

2.8 Average29 Reviews

“Gershon the pharmacist was funny, helpful and he even save me some money on my prescription. Anna the pharmacy Asisitant as always so precise and quick filling up my prescriptions. Thank you both!”

2.3 Poor12 Reviews

“Today I was in the pharmacy around 4pm and I witnessed a woman screaming at the employees behind the counter. She berated them and made huge scene! Some of us in line were a little scared from of this woman's behavior. I want to commend the pharmacy's staff for staying calm and managing this situation in a professional manner. Especially Brandi. I watched her handle these insults and chaos from this woman with grace. Brandi continued to help other customers and make us feel safe and get everyone's needs met while this woman continued to berate her.”

2.4 Poor18 Reviews

“The restaurant was clean and the service was usual McDonald’s style. It’s been awhile since I had an egg McMuffin and was pleased by the special two sausage McMuffin with eggs for 5.00. They were hot when I got them.”

2.3 Poor15 Reviews

“Honestly, I didn't stop for gas but it's the best stop not for gas hut different kinds of ice cold drinks. From water to Gatorade to sparking water. The cashier was very attentive and efficient. Got to admit though...the prices of drinks and thinks can be pretty high.”

2 Poor9 Reviews

“Wow these guys are open on Thanksgiving. The hard work from the new mgmt is so visible. So clean and organized. Beautiful selection of wines, Tequila and Mezcal. Good luck to the new guys. Keep up the good work! Hopefully the unhappy customers from the previous ownership will be back to be amazed.”

2.4 Poor29 Reviews

“Truly excellent experience in the pharmacy today. I transferred my prescriptions from Rite Aid on Lincoln and this was such a pleasant surprise. Everyone was so friendly, helpful, and prescriptions was filled easily. Very grateful!”

2.3 Poor25 Reviews

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