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“I had the most amazing experience at this Walgreens Pharmacy. Shana was the most helpful and dedicated pharmacist I have encountered. I went to pick up a few prescriptions and asked about one particular prescription that was almost $100 with my insurance as well as with Goodrx.. I mentioned that for some reason the cost was $49 at Ralph's as well as Costco. I asked why there such a price difference and I really wished I didn't have to transfer my prescription to one of them. Shana offered to help me after I paid for the other prescriptions. She spent time looking through her various systems looking for discount coupons. She was incredibly persistent and found a coupon that reduce the price to $48 (one dollar below the lowest price). Shana's level of professionalism and patience was absolutely amazing.”

2.8 Average37 Reviews

“Very helpful and friendly employees. Kudos to the owner! Super clean market too. I recommend that local residents stop by to check out their operations. Interesting boats close by too. We are very lucky to have this unique market here.”

3.2 Average6 Reviews

“CVS clinic is the way to go! Making an appointment is super easy and the process is fast after checking in upon arrival. Shout out to Francis Bayona; he is super efficient!!”

2 Poor47 Reviews

“Hmmmm. Satisfaction ALWAYS Guaranteed or your money was never ours. Love it. Walgreens on almost every corner instead of Tyrell's Generics. Go figure. Love it.”

1.9 Poor29 Reviews

“I was getting followed by a homeless man who was threatening me and I went into this chevron to get help. The cashier was absolutely amazing and told the man to go away, helped me call 911 and ultimately helped me out the back door to go across the street to the emergency room. If not for this cashier I don't think I'd be safe right now and who knows what would've happened. If I wasn't terrified to walk in that area again I would run back there tomorrow just to thank him. This man helped me more than he could ever know. Thank you”

1.8 Poor13 Reviews

“My husband lost his iphone. I was able to track from my phone that a lady standing outside of this Walgreen had his phone. That lady denied it and walked to the store. She must be a frequent problem at that store, the security guard from Allied Universal told us to take a photo of her; other store associates: Melissa, Robert, and Danielle told us to call the police, followed that lady inside the store, extended their support for us. That lady bought a bag of paper towel, showed my husband her purse had "no phone", while she was walking out. Then our tracking didn't move with her. It indicated the phone was inside the store. How in the world could we find it behind thousands of merchandise? A lot of us were looking for the phone. Robert even offered to look at the store security camera tape if we couldn't find it. Finally I found it hiding under a compression hose package, behind the paper towel shelf. We can't express enough our gratitude that so many of this Walgreen associates went beyond the call of their duties to help us. This Walgreen is not the closet drug store to our home, but will definitely be the only drug store we have in the future.”

1.6 Poor14 Reviews

“I know - pizza at 7-11 but for $10 it is better than 90% of the frozen pizzas and the cheese is better than that chain that is a "tile" game. Pepperoni is the way to go and have them make it fresh. It takes like 2 minutes in that fancy dancy oven.”

1.2 Poor24 Reviews

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