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“I've been doing business with these fine folks for years. Owners are a really nice and caring couple. I'm also always impressed with the professionalism of the staff. Very courteous and go out of their way to ensure you're taken care of. I've had live scans, notary services, and packing+shipping done here. Lately I've been using their pack & ship services almost daily for my at home business. I can honestly say that if it weren't for these wonderful people, and the services they offer, I wouldn't have a business. God bless this business forever please and amen.”

4.2Good55 Reviews

“I needed 2 people to witness my signature on some legal documents, but did not need to have it notarized. My bank said they could not do it. Since I live around the corner I called this PostalAnnex and they were super helpful and were happy to witness my signature by both of the employees. Super friendly and professional and helpful. Thanks!”

4.1Good61 Reviews

“Lynn the manager was super helpful! I had four large boxes to return and I forgot to put tape on some of them. She was really nice and offered to tape them up for me even though it was my mistake. It was busy and there was a line of people but all the employees were friendly and helpful to everyone. Probably the best UPS location I've been to. Thanks Lynn!”

4Good80 Reviews

“Knowledgeable, friendly and very helpful. They are well stocked, plus they have displays with supplies I just knew I needed or wanted. I will go back and check out rest of store when I have time”

4.9Superb10 Reviews

“I had been trying to return a rug for almost 2 weeks and the previous FedEx locations I stopped at were not very helpful and would not take it. Gabby at this location was phenomenal; she was really great at problem-solving and efficient! She helped make it happen, and had excellent customer service through the whole experience. This will be the FedEx I return to every time going forward.”

3.9Good91 Reviews

“Anavey was super helpful. I went to use the self-service email and print me Seltzer kiosk but my document was not printing maybe because it was secured or whatnot so I tried the workstation and the workstation still did not allow me to print off my papers needed. As a last resort I expressed my struggles with anime and she was able to locate my PDF file and print from her device. I would have left this business on service but because of her help I was able to get the job done”

3.7Good100 Reviews

“Super pleasant experience at this post office! Even with it being the holiday season, and close to closing time with a full office, the staff there were efficient, cheerful and quick! Brenda was extra kind and helpful for us and kind to my kids while still being fast at her job!”

2.9Average87 Reviews

“Maribel went above and beyond helping me today with a LiveScan. I had filled the form out incorrectly and instead of sending me away to reprint at home, she reprinted the form for me. She helped me fill out the information correctly. Very kind and patient. I would recommend this place to anyone. Thank you.”

2.6Average49 Reviews

“Reshma was really helpful. I brought in a package that wasn't tapped up and nicely help me out and tapped it up for me with no hesitation. Highly recommended.”

2.9Average136 Reviews

“I had a most wonderful experience with the consummate professional Evelia Lorenzo. Both my wife and I had appointments for our passport applications. Evelia was very thorough, courteous, and jovial throughout the whole process. She made it very smooth and easy, and was actually quite entertaining:) On a sidenote the exterior of the whole facility is very dilapidated and very poorly maintained. They should do more to improve the overall look up the facility. There seemed to be transients nearby as well. The overall service was superb. Thank you!”

1.7Poor91 Reviews

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