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“I been a patronage of this gas station ever since I moved to this area and buying gas from here for the low gas price most of the time.20years ago, I forgot to put the gas pumper back in went block away with pump attached to mouth of the gas tank, an employee ran after my car, lol.Ent back to pay for the damage gave him my credit card to charge on it, after I found out he did not charge anything on my card.Same owner still owns the station.I still buy gas from there most of the time.”

3.9Good58 Reviews

“You can always count on a good cup of coffee. Its easy to get in and out of in hurry...and if you ask politely they will allow you to use their restroom,..... just saying!”

3.8Good25 Reviews

“Smells really weird in that store. I don't know of it was the guy servicing the ATM or if there's a faulty machine or something going on, but yeah, it was hard to ignore.”

3.5Good51 Reviews

“THIS WAS MORE LIKE 2 YEARS AND 3 MONTHS AGOEverywhere else I went was 3.50 a gallon. This was 3.19 for the middle grade not even the lowest octane which was $3.50 everywhere else plus some. Really like the station and the shop when you go inside they are very friendly and a good assortment of goodies”

3.4Good55 Reviews

“Honest mechanics and owner. How rare is that in the auto repair trade.. especially in Hemet. Some services are good deals, while others are fairly competitive. The mechanics have decades of experience and use quality parts & lubricants.. and shop truly stands by their work. Never had a negative experience since finding the place a year ago”

3.4Good35 Reviews

“The employees are so great and nice! I love the variety of food I can buy at lunch. I always get a slurpee and a taquito for lunch; the slurpees machines are always working when I'm there and the taquitos are always warm. Just the best in the area!Donovan Doan (Senior Class Cabinet)”

3.2Average71 Reviews

“I had the midnight munchies and went to get some snacks and there was a young man who was SO respectful names Isaiah his service is what makes the place 4 stars ! Very respectful”

3.4Good24 Reviews

“On my way to and from work, this Arco consistently has the best prices in the area by at least 0.25/gal which is significant over time. I've always had good experiences here, hence it being my regular stop when needed. The station is clean, the clerks greet me with a smile while being responsive and personable, and you can't beat the value.”

3.1Average72 Reviews

“One of the good cheap gas stations if you're in Westminster. Especially if you're eating Lobster at one of Capitol Seafood, Seafood Paradise, or Seafood Cove and need to head out to the 405 or 22 after”

3.6Good7 Reviews

“Friendly and handsome employee working last night! Was in a bad mood but when I pulled up and saw his green eyes and we had small talk it instantly improved my mood. Who would've thought I'd leave a review for a gas station lol”

2.9Average12 Reviews

“This 7-11 has more sunflower seed flavors. But they don't have the better deal. The one down the street has less flavors but a better price. The upside to this one is that they have a gas station.”

2.7Average38 Reviews

“How does one really rate a gas station? It's not like ppl come here for customer service or food to rate. But, 5 stars is cuz I always save .20-.30 cents when coming to this location, not to mention it's close by. I have their rewards card and also signed up for their gas card, which is the reason for saving some change when using V-Power.”

2.5Average20 Reviews

“Friendly attendants. They will turn on the air for you if you ask nicely. Convenient for me as I live in the neighborhood. Pricing is competitive in the area and Chevron quality is the best.”

2.5Average21 Reviews

“I give the CIRCLE K 09477 located at 13441 Beach Blvd, Westminster, CA 92683 FIVE STARS. Always well stocked and with a cool staff that keeps the store clean. The area surrounding Circle K, needs the city to clean it up. Beach Blvd is now squatters territory. 5️⃣ ?'s to Circle K.”

2.6Average61 Reviews

“Very nice place to pump gas and I was driving for like 4 hours and I was about to explode because I needed to urinate and I went inside asking if I could use the bathroom and Yes in this gas station they have toilets for the public, you just need to ask for the key and return it afterwards. You know there are some gas stations that just don't have a public restroom.”

2.5Average49 Reviews

“I used to go to shell more often, but because of the pandemic, the number of my visit went down a lot.They have many lines so you can get a spot quickly, and the best is they have car wash. It is easy to pay and use and get some discounts for gas when you get car wash combined.The location is the corner of the big streets, so it is very easy to access.One time I saw the broken handle and told the clerk and he explained me well and helped me to get another spot. When I pass the day after, it was fixed.Good maintenance! But the price is always a little bit higher than other gas stations. I don't know why.If you become a member or have a associated credit card, they do give you a discount.You can also use the convenient store with the gas station.”

2.3Poor37 Reviews

“Hot dogs sign ready for 19th.$1.00 hot dogs..wooo woooo.Can't wait.Love this store. Best circle k around. Ty ty tyty.Great friendly staff.a.nd super helpful and courteous ALWAYS.”

2.3Poor43 Reviews

“This is my top choice for gas stations. It's a name I trust and I really did see a different when I switched over from another gas station. The cashiers have always been friendly and I haven't had a problem at any of their gas stations. It's a quick and easy get there and go. I do get snacks and drinks once in a while but not very often.”

1.9Poor33 Reviews

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