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“All the guys are soo nice and friendly love them.! One day I didn't have enough money for my kids Breakfast and I told him I'll be back can you hold on it I live close by and he said right away no no don't worrie go and give your kids breakfast and when you have time you pay me OMG who does that I thanked him did what he said took my kids to school and right away came straight and pay him for my kids breakfast!!! (I bought Milk Pancake Mix and Juice)”

4.2Good47 Reviews

“H and H Liquor is a nice and convenient neighborhood store. They have a great selection of lottery scratch off tickets, hard alcohol, beers, energy drinks, cigarettes and other miscellaneous snacks. I found the employees to be very friendly and grateful for my business. The place is clean, organized and well managed.??”

4.5Superb24 Reviews

“They have a high speed operation, I usually come in with 5-6 5-gal jugs and can fill them all simultaneously with taps to spare. The automated system on the left was a nice expansion. They'll help you wipe down with a rag and will sometimes help you fill if you bring a lot of jugs. Open pretty late, really good hours.”

4.4Superb20 Reviews

“Love love love this reliable liquor store. They always have what I need and the gentlemen working behind the counter is always sooo kind! It's always clean & well stocked in here.”

4.6Superb16 Reviews

“Good guys in here! Very friendly and welcoming environment. I've never been in a liquor store where the crew like actively wants to engage with you. Also the candy and alcohol selection is quite huge, and I like the little lotto cafe area. I'll have to come back soon!”

4.4Superb18 Reviews

“A lot better than the previous business. Hours on Google say open at 7am but they open at 8am. Sometimes they haven't been open on time. Nonetheless, the owner is super cool and friendly. The staff is nice and always wanting to spark conversations which is unlike any other mini market or liquor store I've ever been to.”

5Superb9 Reviews

“You can always count on a good cup of coffee. Its easy to get in and out of in hurry...and if you ask politely they will allow you to use their restroom,..... just saying!”

3.8Good25 Reviews

“(Translated by Google) very good customer service and more than ivon who takes good care of me(Original)muy buen servicio al cliente y más de ivon que bien me atiende”

4.4Superb12 Reviews

“Take pulse, prescribe, dispense medication. The teacher has a heart, diagnoses and advises on eating very carefully.Sometimes crowded, long wait. Visit the restaurant or coffee shop next door if you want.”

4.5Superb11 Reviews

“Smells really weird in that store. I don't know of it was the guy servicing the ATM or if there's a faulty machine or something going on, but yeah, it was hard to ignore.”

3.5Good52 Reviews

“THIS WAS MORE LIKE 2 YEARS AND 3 MONTHS AGOEverywhere else I went was 3.50 a gallon. This was 3.19 for the middle grade not even the lowest octane which was $3.50 everywhere else plus some. Really like the station and the shop when you go inside they are very friendly and a good assortment of goodies”

3.4Good55 Reviews

“I know this may seem like any other ordinary liquor store that you saw at every corner in the little town you grew up in, but man...the quality of products- AMAZING, the costumer service- OUTSTANDING, the overall nostalgic yet lively vibe- FANTASTIC. I would've never expected to have such a good experience at a convenience store, yet here we are. If you want to feel something again, maybe even experience the euphoria of childhood joy, don't hesitate to visit Bibo's.”

3.6Good21 Reviews

“Honest mechanics and owner. How rare is that in the auto repair trade.. especially in Hemet. Some services are good deals, while others are fairly competitive. The mechanics have decades of experience and use quality parts & lubricants.. and shop truly stands by their work. Never had a negative experience since finding the place a year ago”

3.4Good35 Reviews

“I have been a loyal customer at CVS Pharmacy for several years, and I can confidently say that I will never consider using any other pharmacy. The pharmacists, technicians, and the entire staff at this location are truly exceptional, consistently going above and beyond to serve their patients.A recent experience exemplifies their exceptional commitment to customer care. About a week ago, I had just left my oncologist's office and urgently needed to pick up a prescription that she had newly prescribed. Unfortunately, I found myself stuck in heavy traffic, and it seemed I would arrive at the pharmacy just a few minutes after their closing time. In a bit of a panic, I called the pharmacy to inform them of my situation and stress how crucial it was for me to obtain the medication that day.To my amazement, both the technician and the pharmacist collaborated to ensure I received my prescription, despite the fact that I was running late. I arrived shortly after their official closing time, and to my great relief, they were both waiting for me. They had willingly extended their working hours, solely to provide me with my essential medication. This act of kindness and dedication is something I will never forget.Every encounter I've had with the team at this pharmacy is marked by their unwavering commitment to providing exceptional service. They consistently make me feel secure and well-cared for, which, in today's world, is a rare and precious find, whether at a pharmacy or almost anywhere else. I consider myself incredibly fortunate to have discovered this pharmacy and am profoundly grateful for everything they have done and continue to do for me as their patient.— Jaime E.”

3.6Good19 Reviews

“The employees are so great and nice! I love the variety of food I can buy at lunch. I always get a slurpee and a taquito for lunch; the slurpees machines are always working when I'm there and the taquitos are always warm. Just the best in the area!Donovan Doan (Senior Class Cabinet)”

3.1Average76 Reviews

“I love getting Slurpee drinks. Especially on a hot day. Very cold and refreshing. They have hot and cold beverage options. With plenty of snacks and tasty treats. Including pizza and hot dogs, burritos and freshly baked goods. They also have very good coffee with plenty of different tasting creamers. Hazelnut is my go to. Happy eating : b”

3.1Average59 Reviews

“I placed a pick up order here and the process was so smooth and fast. I placed my order via their app and got a notification on my phone about ten mins later that my order was ready. I was able to get in and out super fast thanks to the awesome employees there. I wish I got their names but was helped by a woman cashier and a younger male employee(maybe in his 20s). He helped bring my items to my car since I ordered quite a few drinks. Thank you to this 7-11 team :) I appreciated it.”

3.1Average46 Reviews

“This 7-11 has more sunflower seed flavors. But they don't have the better deal. The one down the street has less flavors but a better price. The upside to this one is that they have a gas station.”

2.9Average42 Reviews

“Coffee plus muffin for $2!!! Great deal, but 5 stars to the employee this morning who was so kind, helpful, and overall cheery. Made my morning a whole lot better!”

2.7Average41 Reviews

“cool location and has a lot of really good stuff. I like to come here and buy lotion whenever I am coming back from the gym. Anytime I go to the gym I usually get really dry skin. I usually stop at this Walgreens location because they have really good deals and specials on lotion. They have all the types of lotion that I typically like. I like high moisturizing lotions and this location has a bunch of them. I'm super grateful for thataspirin is another thing I usually pick up here. It is convenient and super easy for me to grab it.”

2.6Average41 Reviews

“My grandson and I were on our way to a theme park and he saw this 7-Eleven and insisted we stop. He wanted a treat. I said okay and pulled in. There were some kids hanging out by the door, but just school kids having fun. The exterior was super clean. This is an older building, but they clearly take pride in their store by making it spotless and welcoming. We entered and my grandson took quite some time to decide what he wanted, after all, he was being limited to one treat. The store employees did not mind and my grandson just kept walking around. The place has a great selection of treats, candy, ice cream and beverages. It also has everyday essentials and some items travelers might need. Everything was well organized and the entire store was super clean. My grandson finally picked out what he wanted and I paid for it. There were two men working there and both were very friendly. They said thank you and I asked to use the restroom. I don't think their restroom is really for the public, but they were so nice, they directed me where to go, into the back of the store. We found it and all was well. We thanked them and left. The employees there were just really nice, so thank you if you read this. My grandson and I appreciate you and will be back.”

2.5Average24 Reviews

“For once I was able to get some ice with my own cup without being charged so i could add water to it. I also bought a refill of soda. The other 7-11 i usually go to are total jerks and want to charge for anything possible. They even took the water tab off of the soda machine so you are forced to buy water from them.Thank you for being fair to your customers! I will be coming here more often.”

2.5Average35 Reviews

“You are looking at a future Mega lottery winner?Feel silly and lucky today so I went in and brought a lottery ticket, because of me the owner will win some cash soon too. I can dream can’t I?!?The place seemed clean and the young guy working there was very nice and friendly to me and the person in front of me. ???”

2.4Poor47 Reviews

“Hot dogs sign ready for 19th.$1.00 hot dogs..wooo woooo.Can't wait.Love this store. Best circle k around. Ty ty tyty.Great friendly staff.a.nd super helpful and courteous ALWAYS.”

2.2Poor47 Reviews

“Have been here before but today great customer service. 7pm attendant fantastic scene of humor, Chevron keep this employee don't loose him, he is great for your station.”

1.9Poor35 Reviews

“While I did not previously have a good experience with Walgreens in general, tonight, Walgreens associate Stormy made my night & provided excellent customer service. If you are reading this Stormy, please do not feel bad about what happened; it is Walgreens and their poor technological systems that have failed us both. Thank you (Stormy) once again for your help!”

2.2Poor102 Reviews

“Needed some Vaseline and lip balm and found these on sale! Will definitely come back here for other things! Also, love these products! They make my lips and skin so soft!”

1.8Poor30 Reviews

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