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“The customer service and attention they give you as a customer is really amazing. The owner henry. He actually cares about getting you the best price for your medication. For my grandmother he was able to use Medicare and medical for another medication which now will save my grandmother 2400 a year. Considering she is on a fixed income that is huge for her. CVS and other stores never was able to do that for her. Overall I give this place a 5 stars.”

4.8 Superb37 Reviews

“This place is very friendly. Once have your prescription filled here, you won't go to another pharmacy. People who have posted negative reviews are folks who have unresolved issues. Our family and comes here for well over 4 years now. Thank you and keep up with the good work.”

4.5 Superb25 Reviews

“This is always my go-to pharmacy. Great place to get your medication. The workers are friendly and always do their best to help you. They speak perfect Vietnamese and perfect English if you’re more comfortable in either of those.”

4.5 Superb23 Reviews

“My boyfriend Brian and I love love love the ladies at this location! They are always so kind and welcoming and help us quick and easy. We have monthly prescriptions and they remember him by name and he always comes home and says how nice and cool they are. We appreciate them all! Quick, friendly, and efficient!”

4.7 Superb14 Reviews

“They didn't have the vaccine I need here (varicella). But they were nice enough to help direct me to the right place. Service was very nice and friendly. Thank you!”

4.5 Superb19 Reviews

“I rarely give review online, but I have to for this pharmacy. The customer service is excellent from the pharmacist in charge to the whole staff. They always contact you to let you know when doctor's office fax new prescriptions to them, explaining things in details, asking you which medications you want filled or put on file, letting you know if the medications are covered by insurance or not. They always call you when prescriptions are ready for pick up. I wasn't happy with my mom's previous pharmacy, and asked Xuan Pharmacy to transfer all of her medications over to them. The pharmacist in charge took the time to go over my mom's medications with me, she's very thorough and careful with my mom's medication. You want a pharmacist like that. They go all the way to contact your doctor's office for any new med you need as a courtesy, something you don't find common at Vietnamese pharmacies. They never turn down any of your requests even though the request may be difficult, but at least they try, and let you know the outcome. My recommendation is to give them a try. You can always change pharmacy, but at least with this one, I don't think you will be disappointed. One of the highlights is that they keep the communication line very well with you. It's unlikely that you misunderstand them or they miss fill your prescriptions, because they always double check with you.”

4.5 Superb14 Reviews

“Great service at this pharmacy. Never had to wait long to fill a prescription and pharmacist is always super knowledgeable. Helped me clarify a few concerns I had with some medication I had never taken before. Great community pharmacy!”

4.4 Superb14 Reviews

“My parents and I have been getting our medicines here for years and we love their customer services. They're very flexible with us and willing to help us out.”

4.6 Superb8 Reviews

“Used this Pharmacy as a child. (Over 3 decades ago). I returned last month. What a wonderful surprise when I walked in……..I saw Phillip and Rosa. The exact same Pharmacist’s who took care of me when I was a child. They are amazing. I don’t plan on going anywhere else for my pharmaceutical needs. Thank You Phillip and Rosa for being the caring people that you are.”

4.3 Superb11 Reviews

“I have been going here ever since I was a little kid. My mom and her family members come here a lot since they know the owners and the person that works at the pharmacy. The man that always in the front is very friendly and nice. The pharmacist is very nice and friendly as well. They also help me with my prescriptions of what I need. I always meet different pharmacist at the front. I always come here to get my refill.”

4.5 Superb8 Reviews

“This pharmacy is in the heart of Little Saigon, where my dad likes to get his meds. He's been going here for quite some time now, 20+ years. I've been in charge of his meds for the past 3+ years and I really do appreciate the pharmacists for always being so accomodating. When his meds run low, they are just a phone call away and would get it ready very timely. The pharmacy also carries a lot of medical supplies and equipments like walkers, canes, Ensure, etc... Proud to be able to support local small businesses.”

4.3 Superb9 Reviews

“This has been my family Pharmacy for years. It's small, in a building with an accupucture office, piano lessons and computer lessons. The pharmacist is a knowledge able female, she is terrific. It is not a "corporate^ business. It is a real person who knows her customers. There's no flash, not much retail mercbandise It is not a store, It is a pharmacy!”

4.8 Superb4 Reviews

“Such a cute little pharmacy! I came here to get my PCR COVID test and got results within 24 hours. I also ended up buying some acne medication that Dr. Tran sold which worked great for me. She was super helpful. :) I’ll definitely come here again.”

4.3 Superb6 Reviews

“Was difficult to locate since maps said it was in the middle of the parking lot. It's actually located next to garden palace. Handed my over my prescription and she was quick to fill it. It was 5-10 minutes wait max. She was very polite.”

4.4 Superb5 Reviews

“I have been a loyal customer at CVS Pharmacy for several years, and I can confidently say that I will never consider using any other pharmacy. The pharmacists, technicians, and the entire staff at this location are truly exceptional, consistently going above and beyond to serve their patients.A recent experience exemplifies their exceptional commitment to customer care. About a week ago, I had just left my oncologist's office and urgently needed to pick up a prescription that she had newly prescribed. Unfortunately, I found myself stuck in heavy traffic, and it seemed I would arrive at the pharmacy just a few minutes after their closing time. In a bit of a panic, I called the pharmacy to inform them of my situation and stress how crucial it was for me to obtain the medication that day.To my amazement, both the technician and the pharmacist collaborated to ensure I received my prescription, despite the fact that I was running late. I arrived shortly after their official closing time, and to my great relief, they were both waiting for me. They had willingly extended their working hours, solely to provide me with my essential medication. This act of kindness and dedication is something I will never forget.Every encounter I've had with the team at this pharmacy is marked by their unwavering commitment to providing exceptional service. They consistently make me feel secure and well-cared for, which, in today's world, is a rare and precious find, whether at a pharmacy or almost anywhere else. I consider myself incredibly fortunate to have discovered this pharmacy and am profoundly grateful for everything they have done and continue to do for me as their patient.— Jaime E.”

3.6 Good19 Reviews

“Linh's Pharmacy is a full service drug store and offers excellent and knowledgeable service. While on travel, I became ill and needed to prescription medication referred by doctor. Due to health complications, I needed a pharmacist who understands my needs. Linh's Pharmacy had such staff to answer all my concerns at reasonable prices. Thank you Linh's Pharmacy for being there when I became ill.”

3.6 Good11 Reviews

“Outstanding service! The staff is super-friendly and efficient, providing quick and unparalleled services. The pharmacy team's knowledge, dedication, and personalized care stand out. They even coordinated with my parents' doctor for cost-effective alternatives. Highly recommend for exceptional service and expertise! --- Dịch vụ xuất sắc! Nhân viên thân thiện và hiệu quả, mang đến dịch vụ nhanh chóng và không giới hạn. Xin cảm ơn rất nhiều!!!”

4 Good4 Reviews

“Fast, friendly, quick! A lot of Vietnamese places take awhile but they were quick filling my moms medication as a first time customer too. Will use this place more often.”

3.5 Good8 Reviews

“Exceptional staff and service. They are always willing to go the extra mile to make sure you are taken care of. Orders are always quick and painless unlike many of the larger chain pharmacies”

3.7 Good3 Reviews

“I started checking with LC pharmacy because they're right around the corner from my home. Everyone there is extra helpful super professional and I'm so lucky to live right around the corner if you have any troubles you can contact Mary and she can straighten it out for you she has for me.It's extra comforting to have business people like this so close to your home within walking distance.Check them out you will not regret it!”

3.2 Average6 Reviews

“I don't know what anyone is talking about when they say "they". This pharmacy is run by one person. She is the best of the best. She gets things done quickly and very professional. She is kind hearted, very polite, and an amazing human being. When my doctor faxed the prescription, she is done when I got there. She is very kind spirited and joyful. Many places are miserable because of the stress of the pharmacy world, but not here. Highly recommended.”

3 Average4 Reviews

“Great fast pharmacy. Michelle was very helpful. I like these mom and pop pharmacy better than the chain story. They have more personal service. Thanks Michelle! A++++”

2.6 Average5 Reviews

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