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“Southcreek has been a great place to live. Staff have been nice and considerate, property is nice and well kept up. Property seems to be quiet and respectful. So far it has been great.”

4.8 Superb32 Reviews

“Overall, I enjoyed my time living at Oxford Station. There were some hiccups, but that’s to be expected when cohabitating with so many different people and personalities. ?The management team here, specifically Kimmy Gilmore, is top notch, and I hope that Mission Rock Residential values her immensely. One member of the maintenance crew, I believe his name is Damien, was less than pleasant to interact with, but the rest of the crew is friendly.I feel it’s pertinent to mention the huge sinkhole which has opened up multiple times over the past decade at the corner of Oxford and Navajo. I was fearful of building infrastructure/stability, and my pup needed a yard, so I chose to vacate. Side note: Englewood water is literal poison, so plan accordingly.Despite a handful of drawbacks, as someone who has lived in many different complexes all over the Denver Metro Area, I must admit that Oxford Station is an above average apartment living experience with competent staff and some truly gorgeous views, even in select East-facing units.”

4.3 Superb55 Reviews

“Thank you Tanya, Sandra, Aranza and all the maintenance crew y’all are amazing! We have lived here for more than four years and we loved it from day one till we moved to our home. The office are super helpful and friendly they made Dove valley super homely . Thank you and happy new years to yall ?.”

4.2 Good60 Reviews

“I recently moved in and it was a breeze! Katlyn and Ro have been amazing. They have helped me take care of things I didn't know I needed tk take care of when I moved in. They both work hard and stay on top of things. I highly recommend this place!”

3.9 Good55 Reviews

“Veronica is amazing! She went above and beyond in the application process to help me and my family! We love her and are thankful for her ability to provide amazing customer service!So far in the first month we have had a lot of help. The maintenance crew has been efficient in taking care of some cosmetics that were noticed when we moved it.Our kids love the green and playing with all the other kids. Friendly neighbors! The grass is well maintained and the dog stations well stocked.So far, so Great!”

3.9 Good35 Reviews

“Let me start with the amenities – It's a place that will impress all your friends. The gym and pool are my go-to spots to stay active. The garden is a little hidden gem, and I love watching it change with the seasons. The final unspoken amenity is that the super nice King Soopers grocery store next door. The time saved from going to the grocery store alone makes Kent Place wonderful.Now, onto the units – they're really nice. I never hear my neighbors, which is a rare treat in apartment living.Finally, The staff are the heart of the community. They try really hard to create community with all the great events and it's reassuring to know that there's always someone available downstairs when you need assistance. That's a level of service that's hard to come by in a city like Denver. Lastly, I want to give a special shoutout to Mary, our lease agent. She was fantastic in walking us through the buildings, showing the amenities and made moving here a breeze.”

3.8 Good36 Reviews

“Maintenance was a bit slow to respond due to capacity issues BUT when maintenance did come it was perfect.Luis, who had only been working for the building for a very short period of time, fulfilled all of our requests with lightning speed and perfection. He truly was the handiest handyman I've ever seen”

3.7 Good72 Reviews

“So far my experience has been amazing. They have been so helpful along the application process from the beginning to approval! They are very responsive to emails and phone calls and have also been incredibly nice. Im so excited for this to be me and my daughter’s new home!”

3.7 Good6 Reviews

“We had a great move-in at 201Lofts and are still pretty happy with the pricing, amenities, and location. The property manager seems spread pretty thin, but she is incredibly understanding and willing to work with new residents. The maintenance guy is great, but he's taking on a different positions now :(Overall, we've had a safe, quiet, good experience here so far.Others have noted homeless people and trash backups, but we've seen none of those in the building.”

3.3 Good14 Reviews

“My coworker, Jason Hilderman, brought me to his apartment and I was shocked. These apartments look fantastic. Once my current lease is up, this will be the first place I come too. I strongly recommend giving this place a visit if you are looking for a apartment that's clean, and in a great area.”

3 Average79 Reviews

“I still maintain the 4 stars and as of right now, the reason why is because I have lived here for 2 years and have never once been able to use the club house/ pool table because it closes with the office. I pay for the use of the clubhouse and I work a 9-5, the club house is always closed by the time I'm home. I hope one day I can actually play a game of pool after I'm home from work.”

1.4 Poor10 Reviews

“I wanted to wait 3 months to do a review but honestly I'm pleased with my experience of living here that I can do it now. The community is always clean in my experience. I don't see trash everywhere or anywhere really besides in its designated place like the dumpsters. The environment is inviting and comfortable. Parking usually isn't an issue and I feel I live in a more crowded part of the complex where the families are. My daughter has made some friends as well which is so awesome. I haven't had any issues with my apartment so far and I honestly have no complaints which is really rare. If I have the option to renew once my lease is up I definitely will.Thank you Avery Park for being home.”

2.2 Poor29 Reviews