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“My phone stopped working.I walked in and they helped me set up a new phone.I didn't know people were making appointments and they still help me.Having the phone was important to me and my business. I felt welcome and helped. It was easy!”

4.5 Superb37 Reviews

“Absolutely hands down best place to go! People are amazing and friendly. Super helpful! Joined there Home + 2 years ago. Saved myself tons of money in repairs and cleanings .”

4.4 Superb120 Reviews

“Amazing service and really good prices. I cannot recommend this place enough. Really fair and trustworthy staff who will certainly give you an honest opinion and a fair price. Any time I have an issue with my phone this is definitely the first place i'd go.”

4.9 Superb87 Reviews

“Steve was a great help today. He took the time to fix the problem and walks me through the steps to educate me on how to address it in the future. I'm rather behind on my tech knowledge and he didn't make me feel stupid. That means a lot. I'll be back.”

5 Superb60 Reviews

“William Mayes was a tremendous help with the dreaded process of switching off one account to another and additionally swapping a line from a different provider over to Verizon and setting up new phones and explaining everything into detail. Definitely recommend going to this Verizon store and asking for William to assist with any of your phone service needs.”

5 Superb58 Reviews

“Thank you Jenny for completing my SmartPay application and approving me with a New Samsung Galaxy S10. I'm so excited and I appreciate how patient you was with me in transfering all my info from my old to my new phone. Now this great customer service. Highly recommended”

4.8 Superb64 Reviews

“Always a pleasure. Great customer service. Never had an issue going back at any locations to replace my broken screens. On top of that we have a lifetime warranty. Can’t get better than that. Thanks again.”

4.6 Superb134 Reviews

“My battery died when we lost PowerTried to charge in my car and it died.Super service!!Picking up the next day..Coming back in February for my tablet and computer.Best service ever”

4.9 Superb44 Reviews

“KATIE C and the others have been very helpful to me. When it comes to buying a new phone or questions about your phone or making a payment they're very helpful especially the employee by the name of Katie C. She is smart and friendly and courteous”

4.8 Superb29 Reviews

“I would say thank you to Justin Simao who noticed me as soon as I walk in and was very articulate in communicating with me, My reason for being their was to get service for my new iPhone he was very patient especially after I told him about having social anxiety he made me feel like a V.I.P client spoke to me with the up most respect and understanding this gentleman is a great asset and I am grateful for having him helped me.AT&T awesome job”

4.4 Superb44 Reviews

“This store is literally the best cricket around. I've been coming to this store almost 7 years now and I've never had a bad experience, they always seem to have the customer getting the best deal in mind, while other locations are strictly trying to get the most money out of you not suggesting any type of ways to get discounts etc. This store on new Britain Ave isn't far from Flatbush Walmart and they literally saved me about $130 today when the east Hartford store I decided to try out because it's closer to where I live and it showed they had almost 5 stars so I was only in there about ten minutes and the guy working there was nice enough but when asked what's the cheapest phone available he messed up once and said at first $170 something and then when he repeated himself stuck with $190 and only gave me options between that and #240+ and that's plus activation fee and phone case and screen protector...uh left there and went right back to where I shoulda just went in the first place the cricket on new Britain Ave in west Hartford it's pretty much right on the Hartford line it's close by to Walmart. Got the phone I wanted, case, protector and they through in headphones for free and it all cost $150 and some change and I'll never go to another cricket besides them unless I'm in another state. They're the best, customer service and attitudes always good and nice. They al.oat always offer ways to help you get the best prices and they did not let me down today. Highly recommend them.”

4.4 Superb31 Reviews

“Cricket wireless in East hartford has best promotions on the new phones especially for those who need phone with monthly plans. Must visit store in hartford the sales representative has good knowledge on customer needs.”

4.7 Superb12 Reviews

“My wife and I went to the AT&T store at north Main Street west Hartford to resolve some issues with our telephones. We were met by store rep Eric Williams. His knowledge and great customer service was able to resolved our issues. Great job and AT&T should hire more customer service like him!”

4.2 Good100 Reviews

“There was a big screw up with AT&T technical support. I went to the store and Josh and Eric both helped. Josh fixed the mess AT&T made and Eric found a case for my phone and gave me the best price. They were extremely helpful!At& t avon ct”

4.1 Good110 Reviews

“Absolutely the Best customer sales & service in the Hartford area.I've purchased 2 phones in the last 5 years from them and always a quick easy process. The staff are on point and I would highly recommend them to anyone.”

4.2 Good27 Reviews

“There is an AT&T store in Weathersford CT that employ’s someone who is not only an amazing person, but a true testament to humanity. I was in a very difficult situation I had lost a phone. New to the area with no family, friends, or established residence. This man sat and listened to my concerns helped me in ways that without him, I would have been able to help myself. I felt lost, and saddened by my situation that I did not feel would be resolved, he watched, he listened and without uttering a word made sure every I was dotted, and T was crossed. He calmly reassured me in his own way that things would be ok. He could have told me the procedure to have my phone replaced, and that would have been that, instead after hearing all that I was going through he said, just give me a minute. He found out that I was in a transient state living in my car, just starting a new job having no idea how to navigate the area without my phone, and without hesitating he went from a amazing employee to a phenomenal human being, and humanitarian. People like this are the reassurance that goodness still exists. He saw me, he heard me, and though I feel this way quite often he let me know you are not alone. It meant the world to me. This tremendous act of kindness did not go unnoticed. I hope this message reaches him somehow. I hope something happens for him that is unexpected but much needed. I hope blessings are unlocked for him even though he was just being himself. He will not be forgotten. Thank you AT&T for making the right choice with him. And thank you God for putting this man in my life when I needed it most”

4.1 Good57 Reviews

“Came in today to transfer info to my new phone and both Nick's were extremely helpful and patient with all my questions. Would definitely recommend going to the at&t west hartford shop Lasalle for any of your at&t needs. 5 star service”

4.4 Superb7 Reviews

“My phone was acting up so I brought it in. I thought Kim was very knowledgeable and she explained what was going on with it. She was so helpful. They're aren't many places with helpful AND friendly staff.”

4.1 Good36 Reviews

“Had a very positive experience with Rah trading in iPhones for upgrade and changes to plan (and sweet Black Friday free iPads). He was very professional and was very patient and careful to ensure I understood all costs involved. Highly recommend!”

4 Good133 Reviews

“Claudiana and her team were wonderful! We found the perfect phones, thanks to Claudiana's help and guidance. Highly recommend this store! - Wendy & Terry O”

4 Good120 Reviews

“My experience was excellent helpful and understanding customer service support me a lot and I’m thankful for that because AT&T is a great service for customers.”

4 Good44 Reviews

“Today I was with Olivia. She transferred all my stuff over. Even though my phone was broke, she was able to do it. Thank you so much, Olivia, you are the best. I recommend everyone go to Olivia at T-Mobile West farms mall.???”

4 Good26 Reviews

“The salesman was good got me in and out in 20 minutes. He gave me different options on my iPhone and didn’t try to upsale me. I came here because of its ratings and it was worth the drive.”

4 Good25 Reviews

“Jaylanielle was an amazing associate who assisted very effectively and time efficient. I would love to work with her again. She not only helped with what I asked but also went above and beyond.”

3.9 Good18 Reviews

“Stopped in today for help getting rid of weird messages I was receiving. Staff was able to help me in minutes. Will keep coming back to this store. Always excellent customer service.”

3.9 Good19 Reviews

“A+++! I visited this location the weekend of 4/6/24 with a whole bag of issues after an update gone bad and Shalene was PHENOMENAL! I stumbled across this at&t in between getting a coffee & going to Lowes. The location was neat & clean and she was warm and welcoming. She listened to all my issues and addressed them easily, patiently one by one. My FaceTime wasn't working, I had a strange voice recorder on my text messager & my Facebook was logging out, not staying on. Shalene took the time to address each and rectify. I couldn't be more appreciative of her help. I'm big on customer service & this location is top notch!”

3.8 Good8 Reviews

“Great customer service, the person working was able to answer all my questions. I was able to switch from metro pcs and get a free phone!! It was a speedy transaction. I appreciate all their help.”

3.7 Good27 Reviews

“Staff at the Glastonbury location were fantastic. I had to make an unexpected visit and I left with a new phone. The staff was excellent and helped me all the way through.”

3.6 Good28 Reviews

“The service was great. They helped me save money. And they set up my phone where? I can not watch movies and get my Music. Which is very important to me period I strongly recommend this location.!”

3.7 Good49 Reviews

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