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“Joseph’s is the best!!! A nice gourmet grocery store located at Town Center Mall. Fresh seafood, meat, and deli. One of the best bakery’s in the area with homemade cakes, pastries, danish, cookies and a nice selection of breads and rolls. Also offering a nice selection of prepared foods. Best deal around… dinner for 2 for $19.99. A pound of the weekly special protein, 2 sides, a salad and a dessert. Need to impress guests at your next party, call Joseph’s to cater, you won’t be sorry.”

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“I found this boutique style Authentic French market and restaurant in Boca on North Federal. This place makes me so happy, the music, the ambience, you feel like you in Paris. The owners are warm and welcoming. It’s just so peaceful to sit and enjoy a glass of wine, bubbly or just read your book while sipping away on a capuccino the way I do. It’s smells exquisite the French cuisine and the smell of the French soaps just lovely. When I feel like just being away from the world during a busy day this is my hide out make it yours too and let the French music sway you away.”

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“One of the prettiest markets in the country offering the freshest meats, seafood produce and more. A nice selection of prepared foods and a good bakery. Staff is friendly and helpful. Join the loyalty program and you will receive an email with daily specials offering substantial savings.”

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“If you in Boca Raton Ares need stop in this place they have very good Brazilian and some Spanish products also they have a mini restaurant inside with delicious brazilian food , they have great Arabic coffee from Black Tucano plus they have a meat ? market with delicious picanha ?”

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“Always great at publix. Very clean and most who work there are pleasant and helpful except for one employee who was to lazy to tell me where i could find an item. Again the exception. The pricing could be a little better and to many dogs lately which seems strange.”

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“Beautiful store, great organic and high-end products, and amazing prepared foods. I love the selection of trail mixes, granola, nut butters, and prepared foods including soups, salads, meat, and fish. The produce is always super fresh and appealing, and even though it’s a smaller store I always find what I’m looking for. Prices are higher than average, but there’s Publix next door for your staples and generic grocery items.”

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“Perhaps the most aesthetically pleasing exterior of any Publix. The architecture, the landscaping and the smiling employee at the front door. It's what you'd expect on Camino Real. Inside it seems tighter than some out in west Boca, but I like going there just to park next to a Rolls Royce in the lot.”

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“TJs has an awesome selection of wines. In the Boca Raton store there is a man named Daniel who knows everything about selecting wine. He has helped us in the selection of wines for our son's wedding, and his choices are perfect. We really appreciate his knowledge!”

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“Expensive for sure. I don't see what all the hype is about. But it is very busy and very well organized. It is extremely clean and we'll maintained. My daughter loves shopping here. Much healthier options. Located right near Barnes and Noble, so after a nice walk around the book store, get your groceries and it's so easy! You can get discounts using your Amazon prime!”

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“The store looks very small but they have more stuffs that you think. There are some deli there selling kibbeh and other stuffs and they got some good sweets there including baklava, rokum, and halva. Sometimes there is even Pişmaniye but it's not always there. In short, place to check for Middle Eastern sweets.”

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“Really great inexpensive Greek food. For some reason we've been going past this place and never saw it till a neighbor told us about it. It's right on Lyons but almost invisible. They need much better signage and a big sign that says Mediterranean food.”

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“A Glatt kosher supermarket that accommodates the population that requires the necessary kashrut dictated by their religious beliefs. The supermarket is open to all that want to shop there. They offer everything a grocer would offer. A good source for kosher wines as well.”

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“This is my all time favorite Publix...It is clean and a big store...The people are friendly, pleasant and helpful...I had to use an electric cart for awhile because I couldn't walk... one of the cart retrievers would always go and get the cart for me when I I couldn't even walk from the handicapped spot to the store to get a cart...So many kind, helpful people work here...I love this store!”

4.2Good153 Reviews

“One of the Manager,s Stephanie,,,Is A Professional!!!!!!Kind , Always Helpful...Lucky Asset,For That Publix!!!!!!! Great , Employees like that Are Hard to Find!!!!!!She Definitely makes shopping there a Pleasure.......??”

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“This is one of their larger stores so they have a better selection of products. They have a very good produce, meat, fish & seafood, bakery, wine, and prepared foods sections in addition to dry grocery items.Upscale gourmet market.”

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“Publix Supermarket Boca Valley Plaza is my go-to grocery store. I love the wide selection of groceries, the friendly staff, and the clean and well-organized store. I always feel like I'm getting a great value when I shop at Publix.Here are some of the things that I like about Publix Supermarket Boca Valley Plaza:Wide selection of groceries: Publix has a wide selection of groceries, including fresh produce, meats, seafood, dairy, baked goods, and more.Friendly staff: The staff at Publix is always friendly and helpful. They are always willing to answer my questions and help me find what I'm looking for.Clean and well-organized store: The store is always clean and well-organized. It's easy to find what I'm looking for and I never feel like I'm being rushed.Great value: I always feel like I'm getting a great value when I shop at Publix. The prices are competitive and the quality of the products is high.If you're looking for a great grocery store, I highly recommend Publix Supermarket Boca Valley Plaza.”

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“4 Stars Been a long term customer. Quality food. Excellent presentations. Just dont buy the split pea soup. It's Split Pea flavored water with no ingredients.”

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“They had some very great deals. Produce was priced decently. And it is lasting, unlike Publix. The rest of the items were okay or fair in price. I love the idea of bringing your own bags. I also love the idea of getting a cart and having to bring it back up, saving the associates time for having to round up carts from people who can't bring their cart back up. The food it's seemed to be priced a bit higher, but I think the contents were larger portions. It was fun browsing through to see their options. Eggs! Oh my goodness! $1.23 for a dozen, unlike the competitors of $2-3 for a dozen. Milk! $3 versus $5 at their competitors! Maybe not everything is a better price or value, but many, many other things are. I will make it my go to place, especially for produce.”

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“I used the phone repair kiosk in Western Beef the vegetables are expensive and old the meat is Grade B the bread used to be good the deli used to be good now I just go to Aldi's”

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“ALDI (abbreviation for ALbrecht DIskont) has 10,000 stores in 20 countries. It was founded by 2 brothers KARL and THEO ALbrecht in 1946 in Essen, Germany. The 2021 revenue was $121 billion. Trader Joe’s also belongs to ALDI. If you go to the ALDI store in Boca Raton, you will not find in the parking lot, as many Porsche, Mercedes, BMW, Audi cars as at “Whole Foods Market“. But in the ALDI stores, you will find high quality grocery items and fresh produce (with a good choice of organic ones) at the lowest prices. See my pictures. The check-out counters employees are the most efficient you will ever meet. But bring your bags because you won’t get any paper or plastic bags from ALDI: protection of the environment. And when you take a shopping cart, you will need a “quarter“ that you will get back, when you bring the cart to its parking place! Voilà, just a little bit of discipline. ?I like ALDI very much. It enables us to make substantial savings, week after week. The new store in Boca Raton is beautiful and very clean too.?”

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“Been customer at this location for 8 year never seen a employee that rude like Bob at the customer service counter!!!! Everyone there in nice but that person is disgusting name Bob”

4.4Superb34 Reviews

“Brand new location. Clean. Well stocked. Sufficient parking and checkout counters. This location has a pharmacy and hot food stations for fresh food options. Accessible customer service representatives. Friendly staff. Wide range of produce options and bakery for custom orders”

3.9Good156 Reviews

“Great selection of kosher food, prepared, deli, sushi, produce, meats including beef, lamb, veal, chicken and turkey. Great pastries and other desserts! Friendly and knowledgeable staff. Fridays are their busy days.”

3.9Good151 Reviews

“Very clean, well-stocked store with good prices. Owners are very nice and extremely helpful. If you can't find it, they will; if they are out of stock, they tell if and when it will be back on the shelves. Great place”

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“I have to give my local Publix the best reviews and I'm really appreciated this yellow display because I just left a friend who has a grandchild whose favorite color is yellow. So public's got lucky that I took such a nice happy shot of their current display. It's still doesn't do anything to change the weather but it's consistent and they finally put a few items on sale that were worth purchasing this week.”

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“Managing my Mom's medications from afar couldn't be made easier than when dealing with the Publix Pharmacy at 22973 State Road 7 in Boca Raton, FL.The professionalism, kindness and patience is noteworthy and much appreciated. A very special callout to Phil for his going BEYOND to help Mom get a medication in a timely manner. THANK YOU!!”

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“Kudos to cashier Earl who was my tech expert who got my amazon prime working in the store with my apple smart phone. Without Earl's invaluable assistance I would be stir be on line at the cash register to get my extra 10% off. Make Earl Employee of the month for going out of his way to help me at store #561-447-0000. Thank you Earl, once again.”

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“Overall a good experienceBut the lines are always way too long.Don’t bother going there to get one item.If they had self checkout this place would make so much more money. Not to mention make their customers happy. Oh well ?‍♂️”

3.7Good153 Reviews

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