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“This is the cleanest and most organized Ross I have ever gone to, and I had to tell the manager how amazing of a job she and her staff were doing. The shelves were not overstocked, and it was very pleasant to shop. I bought $150 worth of stuff. The staff were all sweet.”

4.5 Superb45 Reviews

“If you’re trying to decide where to go for your wedding dress, this is the place!! Elda’s exceeded my expectations. They helped me find my dream dress and were so kind, patient, accommodating and knowledgeable during the entire process! I can’t recommend them enough- they are simply amazing people who are so great at what they do!I also went to Elda’s to have a bridesmaid dress altered which came out beautiful. They’re now my go to place for alterations! Thank you Layne & Kristine for all of your help- you two are the absolute best!!”

4.8 Superb31 Reviews

“I picked up the shampoo and conditioner bar and 10/10 recommend! I Have been a Morroccan Oil ride or die fan for years and I am on day 3 of no wash and my hair is no where NEAR it normally is with oiliness. Whe u washed my hair the night before and brushed it out, it looked like I had a blow out! Additionally, I bought a bath bomb for my son, he will be 2 I'm April, and he loved it! Hos hair was SO soft! We jave been struggling woth a dry patch for the last year and no shampoo or conditioner would touch it accept loading tjat spot with Morroccan oil!”

4.6 Superb44 Reviews

“First and foremost Meghan and Bella are really the best. Came in to find something for a weeding and they made my experience easy and fun. The best shopping experience I have had in a while. These ladies are awesome ?”

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“DD was absolutely amazing wow! She is the kindest worker I have ever come in contact with and she really cares about her guests! She was super convincing buying more stuff too while also catching some deals! :)”

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“I literally own 3/4 of the dresses from The Salty Shack! I’m always updating my closet with new dresses! My fave! I’ve bought way too much since I moved back in May!”

4.5 Superb30 Reviews

“I have been doing business with custom Shirts and Signs for about eight years. In fact started with them before they moved to their present , more expansive facility. I have had large banners, t-shirts, QR code decals, and "sign-a-bond" and car signage products printed from them. In fact, I am now awaiting for a special, meticulously custom detailed three foot round sign-a-bond printout for my company prize-wheel. Adam is in charge of this project. Sadie is in charge of another special company project. If these guys, rather my go to print team were a bunch of "jive-ass" knuckleheads, I certainly wouldn't be giving them my business. They could be perhaps a bit more smiling. I get all my projects done on time, at a price I can afford, most of all artwork assistance which enhances my knowledge in the industry and takes my company concepts to fresher, newer professional heights. Buyer specific spend an extra moment or two detailing your order. The process can be made interesting but you'll never go wrong!”

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“I was on here to write a review about my experience here yesterday but saw Melissa N's review and realized I recognized it because I was right behind her when she went into ross, and Melissa is a straight faced liar! The entire time Sebastian was helping both me and you he was greeting everyone that walked through the door so your statement about "Not the cashier sebastian" is a lie. Then your main factor about the post, getting extra change back, you forgot to mention the part that sebastian stated multiple times how much you were getting back in change and you were fine all times until he closed the register then you tried offering him one more penny but when he refused you got an attitude with him and became rude! You call him an idiot and claim that he doesn't know how to think or calculate but you were the one that waited until you had all your change to want to run out to your car and give him an extra penny and make me wait and all the people behind me wait even more! It's clear as day that you never had a job at a register because if you did then you would realize once the register is closed, you can't just open it back up to grab cash out of and that you can't just make the cashier and everybody behind you wait while you run out to get a singular penny. Are you sure you're not the one who doesn't know how to think or calculate because you seem pretty stupid? I'm contacting Yelp to get Melissa N's account and all her reviews banned and removed off Yelp because if she thinks she can just act this idiotic in public then blame it on the worker when its her own fault then go online and write a bad review about the store and workers in general she doesn't deserve to be on Yelp anymore! This store was pretty great and although I didn't run into sebastian again the cashier that did help me was great and very nice.”

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“Wow! I wish I would have known about this place sooner. I can’t say enough good things about this boutique. From the curated selection of clothing, jewelry, handbags and shoes, to the welcoming environment and friendly owner. It’s such a wonderful shopping experience, where your fellow shopper are more like friends helping you find the perfect piece. I highly recommend checking this place out! I will definitely be there regularly.”

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“By far my favorite store here in Melbourne Village. I am a scarf person and I own quite a few of them. They have much more than scarfs so stop in and check them out. The colors and styles are always unique. Sales are fun and the staff are so friendly.”

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“If you live anywhere close, don’t miss a visit to La Moda. They have fashion you won’t see any place else and an atmosphere that makes you feel like you’re spending time with friends.”

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“Decided to try a new place for pizza after my mother in law recommended this place. We were really impressed. I think we may have found a new favorite pizza place. Owner was friendly. Service was great. Deli was clean and well stocked. My husband and I had pizza which was excellent. They also had many sandwiches to choose from, salads, and hot Italian entres. ANd many desserts to choose from. We will definitely be coming back soon! Highly recommend.”

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“That sparkly black dress was made by Bella Marie who is the Owner of Duvenchy almost 15 years ago when she was located in Chicago. I have it displayed to show off her amazing work that I got to rock on the Red Carpet.”

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“I shopped at the Rue 21 located in the Melbourne Square Mall on April 25th and Dominique was very very helpful and so kind to us. He helped us throughout the store in finding specific items and was pleasant and kind and again so helpful. Thank you Dominique. I will certainly shop there again because of Dominique!!!”

4.2 Good47 Reviews

“Incredible! I made an online order and went to go pick it up when it was ready. They brought out the clothes and asked me if I wanted to try them on. I tried on all the shorts and none of them fit so they gave me bigger sizes. We were able to find substitutions for each pair of shorts if they didn't have the size, and discounted them so I was still paying the same amount as when I ordered them online. Some of these shorts were not the same ones as in my order, bc they helped me choose new ones where they had my size. The customer service here from Kaitlyn and [insert name here bc I don't know her name!] was above and beyond and I will gladly come back again! Also American eagle has some amazing jeans. Super durable, they last forever and are so cute. Also really well priced for the quality!”

4.2 Good12 Reviews

“This is normally my favorite run in and out of store when I need something quick. Items are organized and easy to find. The store is clean and the associates always seem to be knowledgeable and take pride in their work. I would've given this location 5 stars for their selection, associates, and cleanliness. However, Nicole with the green hair and black roots was not having a good night. She did not look familiar and her attitude was not at all what I'm accustomed to at this location. Please work on soft customer service skills... maybe shadow the several other associates who have mastered juggling the heavy work load and working with to their customers with courtesy.”

4.1 Good56 Reviews

“Absolutely LOVE CB!!! The different styles of clothing and accessories they carry are fabulous! Soooo many choices and the daily lives are addicting! Stef and her team are so much fun! Prepare your wallet!!!”

4.1 Good45 Reviews

“Hot Topic is personally one of my favorite stores to buy band t-shirts and talk to the employees about music recommendations, the last time I went there, the employee wasn't wearing a mask and neither were the other customers, I was the only one wearing one (along with my sister of course) I just wish they were a bit safer with COVID19 and all.”

4.1 Good18 Reviews

“Fabulous customer care in cosmetics at the Elizabeth Arden counter from Este. Found a beautifully embroidered white cotton Free People shirt! Thank heaven for Dillard's!”

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“Very pleasant experience. Staff was outstanding in terms of customer service and went above and beyond to help me out. I was in town visiting family for the weekend, and the hospitality was unmatched. Beety & the young lady (cannot remember her name) 5 star service. I WILL be returning whenever I'm in the Melbourne area.”

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“There's always something to fit my need or I come upon something I didn't know I would like. Always a great resource for affordable staple items like basic t-shirts or jeans.”

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“I had found a dress that I loved and was heartbroken when my size had sold out. One of the girls working retail, their name was Cayden I believe, was extremely kind and professional and helped me get the exact dress I wanted in the proper size ordered directly to my house with free shipping and discount from signing up for the rewards! I appreciate the kindness of the employees:)”

3.9 Good9 Reviews

“One thing I'll say is they should notice everyone walking in their establishment know matter color or creed I'll give them four stars do to the fact it's a different experience with skateboard shopping, treat everyone as a potential buyer use that Beauty and Pretty smiles to sell your products didn't get anything on my first visit but I'll be back very soon.”

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“Always love Ross, however they no longer have the jewelry counter which was confusing and disappointing and the furniture department seems to be practically gone also.Bring back the jewelry counter, Ross, please!”

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“Not bad, similar to TJ Maxx and Ross. Belts for $8, Hillfiger polo $24, luggage for $70-80. Mostly clothes, shoes, bags, but a few other things, too. Store is dated but not dirty. I'd go again.”

3.8 Good31 Reviews