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“If you have a Sam's Club Membership, they have the best gas prices in the area. Their traffic system allows for snarl-free, smooth and convenient access to the pumps.”

4.5 Superb60 Reviews

“This gas station happens to have some of the best fried chicken around. There's only one other gas station beachside that's competition. I stop here for fried chicken on a regular basis because it's that good.”

4.3 Superb78 Reviews

“9/2022The place is open to the public!No account needed or anything.First time here. They were very nice. They showed me how to turn the pump on, ( with a stick ) pump your fuel then go in and tell them the amount of gallons and they will write you a bill. They accept all cards (*** 2023 update- they don't take AMEX**) , I believe checks and all that stuff but I figure cards the most important.As for what they have now as of Sept. I can't remember them ALL but.Regular DieselRed Diesel ( OFF ROAD )NO Bio-Diesel ( which was what I was looking for, said it was too hard to get now )100 octane gasoline87 octane gasolineThey might have more, I just didn't see.Now as for price, as for diesel it seems to be the same as market price. But I figure they turn so much out its is good stuff.I just was at Walmart which was about 10 cents cheaper WITH discount and got about 3 gallons of bad diesel. Had to pump the tank out.”

4.9 Superb19 Reviews

“Under New Management!Gas station and convenience store are being renovated. Offering a nicer selection of products with some healthy options and a higher class atmosphere.”

4.4 Superb21 Reviews

“I don't know why this particular Sunoco that is supposed to be a 7-Eleven doesn't seem to have the full 7-Eleven setup. You can't use your 7-Eleven rewards points at this particular one. It's system is just not set up correctly”

4 Good68 Reviews

“Kind of hard to pull in to but a great gas station otherwise! I love the low price it was yesterday. Also a very well lit gas station! !! Clean store very accessible. I could let my nephew go in for a treat. I will be stopping here again.”

4.2 Good25 Reviews

“Best gas prices in town. If you use the BJs credit card, you can save almost $.50 off the usual prices at other gas stations. Often backed up at the pumps, but the wait is typically short, especially if you don't mind using whichever pump opens and pulling the hose around your car.”

3.9 Good50 Reviews

“Very decent and quiet place to prchase your daily need.I feel very friendly with the employees whenever i step in. They are very honest and polite. I got very good deal in Vapor. Must visit.”

4.2 Good18 Reviews

“Quick & easy access . Fried fish & shrimp are the best. Not greasy , thick and long filets . shimp are 30/34 's cooked to a golden crispy crust. Well priced also. Don' t forget the potato wedges , chicken too. Mmmmmm! Get in quick they sell out fast !! Serving starts at 10:50am till its gone . Ussaully about 1pm.”

4 Good28 Reviews

“I love this place. I live across the street and I go every day for my ciggerettes, redbull, and gas. I'm always in and out super quick, and I've never had a problem here.”

3.8 Good58 Reviews

“Big gulps and chips for a children ice cream and candy from Mommy and Daddy and toys and wonders for Grandma and Grandpa 7-Eleven and Compasses everything for everyone thank you for everything”

4 Good22 Reviews

“Will forever be grateful for the kind young man who helped out my mother. She was having trouble opening her gas cap and the young man who was working behind the register came outside to help her open it and also went out of his way to help her pump her gas. Thank you Justin. You just got yourself a forever customer.”

3.8 Good34 Reviews

“I recently moved into the neighborhood. I love this place! It's my new favorite neighborhood convenience store. They even have clothes! I bought new incense tonight. Joseph recommended it and it's wonderful. ?”

4.3 Superb9 Reviews

“Rideshare drivers have difficulty wee hours of the morning trying to find a place to use a restroom while spending my money in the store or for gas I greatly appreciate this mobile was opened and so were the restrooms and I was more than happy to spend my money here appreciate it guys thank you”

3.8 Good30 Reviews

“Since the ownership of this location changed over 8 months ago so has the shopping experience and everything about the store as well. Customer service is excellent personable and professional. When I was looking for a particular product I was having difficulty finding, the manager offered to order it for me and was in stock within 2 days. However this store boast a large and wide variety of products, including some pleasantly surprising finds. This BP has become my go-to gas station and convenience store. I also seem to get lucky every time I buy a lottery ticket here. Thank you Shiva”

3.9 Good18 Reviews

“Not my favorite....the store is very clean & organized but everything seems so monitored & not female fans...just my opinion it doesn't mean that's the case. You have to ask for cups for fountain drinks etc”

3.7 Good42 Reviews

“Employees were friendly and I was reminded to use my member rewards, saving me $ on my drinks I went in for! Pretty clean store, was in and out quick. Thanks guys!”

4.8 Superb4 Reviews

“I've been there many times I talked to the women and her husband who owns the place they do a great job very very sociable I keep going back all the time to get my gas and my lottery tickets and say hello to the nice people that work there they are very nice people I only buy my gas over there”

3.8 Good18 Reviews

“Christopher at this Murphy's has excellent customer service and people skills!! Went in super early this morning for an energy drink, whereas other places people would be grumpy and tired, Christopher was very upbeat, bright, and seemed very proud of his job!!! Keep up the great work!”

4.3 Superb6 Reviews

“Friendly staff. Viera pizza on site. Used to be right in but since they closed the mobile on Murrell, there have been lines at the pump. Hopefully that changes once the 7 elevens are open.”

3.9 Good12 Reviews

“I'm not sure if they were listening to me on the cameras or something, but I commented aloud how the pump I was using was missing the hose swivel on the nozzle...and then a week or so later, it was there, and I didn't see any on any other hoses. Thanks, guys! Slushy here is good too, but was missing the flavor we specifically wanted, haha.”

3.7 Good21 Reviews

“The parking is a little bit tight, but the pumps are usually available and staff is friendly and helpful. Gas prices are slightly lower here than average for the Viera area.”

3.8 Good13 Reviews

“This 7-Eleven is really Kool I like the staff here. And I seen an old friend, meet greet and eat! Love when I can say positive things about my community and the businesses that keep us going. Together we will make a better Tomorrow!”

3.6 Good37 Reviews

“Really great staff here! Food is always good. The place is clean. My child loves coming here. Everyone is so good to kids. My family really appreciates, Yall. Hope yall get pay raises and bonuses. ❤️”

3.6 Good37 Reviews

“They recently changed pumps, updating to much newer equipment. Big plus on that. But what happened to BP rewards? Few last times I dropped at location, I had to purchase gas at regular price, neither 5c on monthly rewards, nor 10c for using BP card were taken off. What happened, owners?”

3.6 Good32 Reviews

“Between Fort Lauderdale and Jacksonville, there are several BJ's gas stations...luckily, using the Gas Buddy APP, we found out that this one has the lowest price so we pulled in here to get some gas. It was $3.14 this morning. This BJ's gas is located right next to a regular BJ store, so it's convenient for those who want to fill up and do some shopping. This location is also close to many other retailers and restaurants like Walmart, Einstein Brothers Bagels, Popeye's fried chicken, Golden Corral buffet and much more....”

3.6 Good30 Reviews

“I've never had a bad experience at this gas station. The staff are always friendly, the store is always clean and the gas prices are always reasonable. The food inside the store is always fresh and have never come across any expired food whatsoever. The restrooms are always clean and well maintained. Which is a lot more than I can say for other gas stations in the area. This gas station definitely deserves the five star rating I'm giving them”

3.6 Good25 Reviews

“Good selection of food. Self checkout detects items stacked on the counter and works very well, even lets you buy gas and use cash. Microwave and utensils to heat up food, very clean.”

3.7 Good14 Reviews

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