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“Karen was awesome. She stayed after hours and repaired the camera lens on my husband’s phone at a great price. She also had great customer service and had us in and out of there in 20 minutes! Would definitely recommend her for any phone repair services and a friendly experience.”

4.9 Superb123 Reviews

“Abe and Robert went above and beyond, answering all of my nine million questions. They made sure I got the all applicable discounts and were professional and friendly through the whole process. Pleasure to be helped by them and highly recommend this store!”

4.7 Superb158 Reviews

“People you can actually trust to do a great job and not rob you blind. Family owned and the only place I take my phones anymore. Good prices on used phones and whatnot too.”

4.6 Superb77 Reviews

“Hannah and Destiny are awesome. Helped me upgrade with a new version to my phone, and we're able to assist me with all my questions. The customer service was phenomenal, and their diligence is valued as well.”

4.5 Superb73 Reviews

“Thank you Ryan for excellent customer service. You were quick and efficient. ?? highly recommend this store vs the corporate one on new haven.We left that store because the guy couldn't only not help us but didn't offer having someone more knowledgeable help so we left, I can give my money to someone that cared ☺️ like Ryan!”

4.6 Superb38 Reviews

“Renee was very patient in helping me set up my new phone. I also watched how attentive she was to all the other customers she was helping st the same time. She did an excellent job of multi-tasking. I never felt ignored as she helped another customer while we were waiting for my new phone to go through the process. She never missed a step when she switched between me and the other customers. Renee is knowledgeable, patient, and efficient.”

4.1 Good145 Reviews

“Morgan was very courteous and professional and took care on getting me home wi-fi she made it effortless for meI recommend this store for all your metro PCs needs.”

4.2 Good57 Reviews

“I'm in the mall and stopped by at&t to inquire abt s23plus, sales rep rollie answered all my questions abt phone..then I saw advertisement for flip5 he told me abt that as well. He is professional and I told him I will return w my decision. I'm glad I stopped by at&t today.”

4.1 Good66 Reviews

“Either Moses or Jose ? forgot the name my fault (Told us he’s Greece and we Cuban) The guy at the front desk who helped me and my moms gettin me the 15, super chill, 10/10 professionalism, easy to get along with, and so much more pro’s bout this guy.”

4.1 Good66 Reviews

“We were starting a new plan and we didn't quite have enough to pay it and Sam said he would start our plan anyways! And with their new deal we got 2 free phones when we started our new plan!”

4.1 Good60 Reviews

“We were greeted so kindly by Trenton whom opened the door for us. He was so friendly and jumped right in to help us. Brandon was also so helpful trying to fix my iPhone issue. I wasn’t there to purchase, only needed help and I certainly got that from the excellent service of them both. I’m so grateful for their help and kindness.”

4.4 Superb10 Reviews

“Patrick the manager was very helpful told me all the deals and was very knowledgeable and was patient with all questions I had for him and made this the best t-mobile experience the bestone ever and was so friendly and kindhearted”

3.9 Good108 Reviews

“Every time I go there I am always I am always greeted no matter how busy they are. Anything they can help me with they do there best. Never pushey. Never leave without made sure they can do everything possible.”

3.9 Good92 Reviews

“I got everything I wanted and was treated great at this location. MJ was very knowledgeable of the merchandise and helped me to get the best deal on everything I wanted. I will be returning to this location and this location alone. Thank you MJ for your great customer service!”

3.9 Good46 Reviews

“Came in to add internet to an existing account and review current wireless plan. Jarred was available to help me with no wait time, lowered my monthly payment, got me the internet plan I needed with no activation charges, and didn't try to up-sell me on a plan I didn't need. Appreciate the help! Good service.”

3.6 Good7 Reviews

“Great store, Great people, Knowledgeable, pleasant, and very helpful. Can't say enough good things about Tamy she she answered all my questions, and helped me pick out a excellent new phone. The gentleman there (Sorry I forgot his name) was also great as I returned a couple days later to add the screen protector to my new phone. Love my phone and case!!!!!”

3.7 Good38 Reviews

“RJ and the crew there was fantastic! It was my first day of vacation and my phone died I thought my power slot of my apple was broken and I panicked so I walked to this location once I got in I started to cry and worried my phone was broken I asked if they had a charger to see if my back would charge and they did it worked and I bought one of those chargers RJ was absolutely amazing never felt judged once for having a complete melt down in the store! Thanks so much for all your help!”

3.7 Good56 Reviews

“We went to this store this morning to replace our iphone 8s. Stan waited on us and we were extremely happy with his service. He was very knowledgeable about the products in the store as well as the plans. He helped us get the best phones and plan for us. We always go to this store when we need help with our phones or need new ones, but I believe this was the best service we have ever had. We always recommend it to others and will continue to do so.”

3.6 Good34 Reviews

“This is such an amazing team !! . Had Very very low expectations of this place before I walked in as most cable companies offer terrible customer service but not here . (Secret they are phenomenal)I came in with my brother to help him transition his spectrum landline to a cell phone and move his Verizon cell phone over .My brother is extremely apprehensive to change and doesn’t like to be bothered and generally fearful that he is gonna be taken advantage of by tech companies.We managed to get take the cost of his landline $50 and the cost of his Verizon $120 ($170 total ) down to only $70 for the first year and $100 for the second year .This is with two brand new iPhone (iPhone 15 pro and SE 3 ) for his person and business useThis is a total savings of $1860 over the course of two years.My brother could hardly believe it . After the years and years and years of MIs treatment at Verizon he finally found a company that looked out for him .The guys in the store did an excellent job making him feel comfortable and confident in his decision making process.The whole process took about 40 mins . Though I am sure it can be a lot longer .Can’t speak more highly about this store and the service”

3.7 Good114 Reviews

“Joe was very knowledgeable and informative with all of my questions. He also recommended certain new products he thought could be useful for me. He even informed me how much it would cost if I added a new line for my daughter. He recommended a watch because I was concerned about her losing a phone. He compared certain deals/packages that were available to me so I'd get the best price. He set up my new phone, transferred my data, and put it in the new case expeditiously. He's truly an ideal sales representative.”

3.6 Good46 Reviews

“This store is my personal preference. The store employee Z, is a great guy who knows his way around the mobile world. He gave me the best deal with the new Nokia G310 5G, and I left with two additional ones for a really good steal of a price. Highly recommend.”

3.3 Good19 Reviews

“A great place to shop and get gas This location is right off the south side of US-192 sandwiched right next to a large movie theater. There is a gas station right up front by the road. If you have a membership you can get gasoline often at a very good discount. There may be lines but it is worth the wait with gas prices as high as they are. The store proper has plenty of parking in front and a tire/automotive part on the west side of the building. They will deliver to your car. Those spaces are adjacent, near the front but to the west side (Right as you face the front of the building). The store itself is typical of many Sam's clubs with large shelves stored with everything from TVs to food. They often give away promotional snacks to advertise different food items that are available. The prices are very reasonable for most items with the understanding that you are buying in bulk. Checkout is either self-service or a check-out person. There is a small snack bar after checkout if you are hungry for pizza, sodas, or other items. Overall, it is a very nice store, well-kept and clean, with reasonable prices and friendly staff.”

3.4 Good30 Reviews

“- Posting this on Dec 2023 -Drive slowly as you approach the location, the big tree in front of the building is blocking the sign, if you drive too fast, you’d miss the entrance.Our family recently changed our cellphone provider from AT&T to Verizon, we were with AT&T for 20+ year, the past year AT&T was just disappointing. The review on Verizon as a provider is still TBD as we’ve been only with them for two weeks.BUT…I’d like to give shout outs to this particular store, their service & support are amazing, attentive, knowledgeable and very helpful.Our sales specialist was Kelly. She is great! I have never met a sales rep that willing to help above and beyond after the deal is done. The transfer process was a bit challenging but Kelly was always willing to find the answer and very patient with me. She knows what she’s doing and she was quick, too.The store managers; Vivian & Devan were also great. Very helpful throughout the process when I went multiple times to straighten out some things while Kelly was off.I have been recommending, and will continue to do so, this store and Kelly to my friends and neighbors.Thank you, Verizon store on 192!”

3.4 Good149 Reviews

“Quite a bit better than what it used to be. The change I think was moving from an office environment to a retail space. And it has done wonders for getting things done with them. Make yourself a reservation and it's almost delightful!”

2.8 Average50 Reviews

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