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  • "Always have the parts I need. A pleasure doing business here. The guys that work here are friendly and helpful."
  • "I have never been treated so poorly as a paying customer anywhere. I ordered a faulty part with them, and when the replacement came in they would not give it to me. I explained to them that I need the part to fix my car and I cannot take off the old one, and still drive. $140 dollars for WHAT!!!! So I had the Store Manager "Santos" give me the number for the Customer Service and he gave me a SEX LINE NUMBER!!!! Yes like the kind of number where the lady answers the phone and tells you whatever naughty thing you want!!!! I will NEVER do any kind of business with them again. TERRIBLE, TERRIBLE, TERRIBLE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"
  • "I needed a repair manual for a car that would not crank. I thought that it might have to do with the PASSLOCK security system. I bought the Chilton book from this place hoping it could help. There was a little hand written "no return" sticker on the wrapper. It was sealed so I could not see the index. I bought it assuming that it would have some useful information for me. I took it out of the wrapper and thumbed through it but not a single thing about PASSLOCK or security in general. The book was useless to me. I put it back into the wrapper. I tried to return it but the guy just pointed at the label and was very rude about it. He didn't even look at it to see it was still new and salable. I get the whole thing about such manuals and people buying them, using them and getting grease on them and then returning them. But this manual had absolutely no use to me. I called their corporate office and was told they would pass the message to the store manager and if he wanted to try to resolve the issue he would contact me. We'll I guess he didn't want to resolve it. That means for $30 they will never get another penny of my money in this store and probably no other O'Reilly's. I hope it was worth it to them. UPDATE: A few days after my review the district manager called and said he had been out of town and that he didn't understand why the problem at the store. He arranged for me to return the book at the store on East Colonial. I did with no problem. They are very nice there and have a huge stock which supports other stores. I still will stay away from the South Goldenrod store. "
  • "When you go there ask for hector. Awesome person man will help you to install and teaches you. Great service "
  • "They will sell you tools but not gonna help you install anything you buy from them. I bought 350 bucks of parts, and couldn't install them they didn't let me use their tools. Bad service. Worst oreilly store i have encountered. "

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