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  • "I am very disappointed in the lack of customer service at my new bank. In November I signed up for an email promotion that advertised a $200 incentive for opening a new checking account. About 2 weeks later, I took the email promo code i received to the bank to open up a new checking account and savings accounts for my small business. I explained to the associate that I did not receive direct deposit because I was an independent contractor, and he reassured me that I would still meet the requirements to receive my incentive if I used my checking card at least 10 times a month. I also inquired about the refer a friend bonus, and he told me we could apply for both promotions but he was unsure if you could use them together. We parted ways with the understanding that I would expect $200 for opening the account, and $50 for being refered. 120 days I learn that was indeed not the case. The associate had interpreted the requirements incorrectly, which stated that I needed direct deposit AND (not OR) 10 swipes on my card monthly. When I contacted customer service, I was informed bluntly that the bank would not be held responsible for the associates misinterpretation of the promotion, and that I should have paid more attention to the terms and conditions that I had agreed to. As a business owner I understand the importance of regulations; however, I expect my bank to act with integrity. I expect a corporation to take responsibility for their associates mistakes. Instead, the customer service agent told me they would not and the bank should, and the bank told me they would not and I should call customer service. I don't expect to have my time wasted in a run around, or spend 30 minutes trying to navigate an automated phone system just to ask a simple question. When I went to open the account a few weeks after signing up for the promotion, do you think I was re-reading the fine print or asking the associate to outline the requirements so I could be prepared to meet them. Long story short, my new bank has not met my professional expectations and I will be looking for another place to help grow my new business. Additionally, the $50 dollar gift card that I had received and was planning on saving for a special occasion had expired. It was a disappointing experience."
  • "Excellent "
  • "toilet account card, toilet money envelopes from the teller"

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