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11310 S Orange Blossom Trail, Orlando, FL 32837

(407) 857-4566


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  • "What they DO NOT tell you, is when you cancel your box service with them they will NOT forward your mail to your new home/address!!! United States Post Office also could not help me stating it was UPS duty to forward my mail for free since I paid a private company (UPS) to handle my mail. Now UPS manager told me I'd have to pay an EXTRA FEE to forward my mail, when USPS said that UPS should NOT charge and should offer free forwarding for 6 months when I switch addresses. Owner/manager never called me back after leaving my name and number at the store, and leaving messages with her employees telling them what USPS told me. UPS would NOT honor my free forwarding after I've paid them box service for a year! NEVER AGAIN will I ever rent a box from UPS! Total run around just to receive MY mail! They ignore you after you cancel box service with them, and do not try to help you unless you're giving them money for extra fee! #BS!"
  • "Best UPS ever visited. Very fast service and very friendly staff"
  • "I've had a PO Box for 3 years or so at this location, overall it's a modification of the post office. More of a personal feel, mom and pop's. If your trying to run a small business one of your bigger chain companies may be a better fit. I plan to use this place for years to come, nice, no fuss and for personal use, a Great place."
  • "Great service and good prices . 5 stars for sure"
  • "Totally suck! Totally LIE. They keep returning my mail that was properly addressed and blaming the post office - 3 times when I complained. The I busted them.... It was their "return to sender" stamp, it wasn't the post office. I got fined $500 for not replying to mail that was returned and it cost me another $116 to make a court appearance over the phone. UPS, you get sued next. Why do you have to lie? Why is it so difficult for you to put a piece of mail the box. Really, are you retarded? "

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