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“Favorite store it always has great clearance stuff and it's clean kinda off the beaten path. I'm right down the street from the North Gate store & the one on 53 hwy but would much rather come to this one. A big ?!”

4.6 Superb54 Reviews

“Oh my God! This store is sooo clean and organized. I was looking for something they did not have so I went to Dollar General! That store should be closed down. It was a distaster!! And the guy working there did not care that there were 3 people waiting to check out!! He should be fired and the manager should definitely be fired!!Give me Dollar tree any time...they deserve 6 stars if I could..Dollar tree will always be my store. Good job you guys!!???”

4.5 Superb42 Reviews

“Dollar General is the store to shop when you are far from the main cities. It is a store we pass by often, and so we are aware of how to get to this one for sure. I've been drinking plain water and felt the urge to get some sweetened lemony taste. And I also like to sweeten up my coffee in the morning. We don't have an extensive list. We parked up front and got a shopping cart. As with any store, you gotta learn the layout and the location of what is on the list. My problem is that we found it, but along the busily stocked shelves and the meandering aisles, you find so much more. Vanilla ice cream and paint brushes somehow got into the cart. Well, it was a pleasure shopping at this Dollar General.”

4.1 Good49 Reviews

“Came on down to the Dollar General in Dawsonville on 9 and noticed they must of been putting items away since carts where outRan into Brittany and she was grinding putting items away and helping customers with questions on location of thingsShe was so helpful and proffesionalThanks Brittany”

4 Good12 Reviews

“Love this convenient DG and the employees. They are so nice, And employee once help to cover groceries one year at Christmas time when I didn’t have enough \\u0026 I was with my kids. They make you feel at home!”

3.9 Good36 Reviews

“We've been shopping this store for 3 years. The store is always well stocked, neat, and clutter-free.Everyone is helpful and friendly.Excellent place to shop.”

3 Average9 Reviews

“They raised their prices........ I can no longer tell my wife that "I'm going to take her to the store and and she can buy ONE thing in the whole store for our anniversary, anything she wants" providing it's the Dollar Tree! .... Ha!”

3.1 Average30 Reviews

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