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“Clean if you read my reviews you know I'm a fan of publix subs and hot bar but went in to this one and hot bar didn't look hot looked a little old it was around 1 so thought that was weird so went somewhere else . Maybe next time”

4.4 Superb95 Reviews

“Lamborghini I think is walked over to Ingles what a beautiful ?. My son Jeffrey he was watching the girls and he loves the van but he really wanted a Toyota they were too expensive have I ever hit the lottery get my free energy machine up and running what are the vans get that easy it is rough , he always does it with a smile on his face.”

4.4 Superb45 Reviews

“Great place to visit! They take extra care to make sure their Christmas trees are fresh when you buy them. They have local honey, apple cider, and peanuts. Also, don't forget to visit their country store.”

5 Superb8 Reviews

“Favorite store it always has great clearance stuff and it's clean kinda off the beaten path. I'm right down the street from the North Gate store & the one on 53 hwy but would much rather come to this one. A big ?!”

4.8 Superb10 Reviews

“I'm from jackson county I just ask if this was 24hrs he said no n its never gonna be it was to me old georgia I respect the older gentlemen n what I mean of old georgia this state is suffering a identity crisis old South is disappearing in georgia that's y I like that store”

4.1 Good26 Reviews

“I feel bad because I don't know her name but the lady who works the register is SOOOO SWEET! I call her Mama. She always has a smile on her face and she makes me feel like a top customer even if I don't stop by too often anymore since moving.”

4 Good7 Reviews

“I just want to say thank you to cashier, Melissa, who patiently helped me correct a silly and embarrassing mistake when I checked out. I seriously appreciate her grace and kindness!! ❤️”

3.9 Good7 Reviews

“First time today, you can get some great deals. Even have some organic items. Food area fairly neat. Other area with misc goods a little haphazard but didn’t go in for misc goods. Will definitely go back !!!”

3.7 Good3 Reviews

“Came on down to the Dollar General in Dawsonville on 9 and noticed they must of been putting items away since carts where outRan into Brittany and she was grinding putting items away and helping customers with questions on location of thingsShe was so helpful and proffesionalThanks Brittany”

3.7 Good5 Reviews

“Very fresh produce department ! Bakery fresh bread and cakes. I I picked up pre-sliced deli cheese and meat. They carry my milks, which are Silk, original, unsweet, and organic half-and-half, and A2 , Great frozen section with $4.99 thin crust pizzas . ! Overall, the store is super clean smells good. The isles are wide ... the produce is super fresh and vibrant looking. I found everything I needed. I read the ingredients on the Food Lion products - bottles for mustard and for the jelly and other ingredients and they literally had better ingredients and fewer ingredients in the Food Lion products than in major brands so we're gonna give them a first time try. This store is like a small Publix or Ingels but much better prices . I bought many of the items on special and saved a lot of money . They offer grocery pickup and everyone looked happy !”

3.8 Good44 Reviews

“Only taking one star off due to the extremely poor customer service delivered by Robert in the self checkout. My mother and I were purchasing groceries for a family dinner this weekend, and she purchased a bottle of wine. Of course she knew she was going to be IDed so she pulled out her concealed carry permit, to which Robert asked her for a “real ID”. My mom very calmly said “that is a real ID sweetie,” and then Robert abruptly told her to calm down and said “I don’t know about that.” I think if we are going to have employees help take care of guests within the self checkout, they must be well trained and knowledgeable, and if a question arises they should be nice, not snarky and defensive. This is all coming from a young women in customer service herself. Disappointed Kroger.”

3.7 Good38 Reviews

“Paula attended to my need promptly and got my script from my dr office in 5 minutes . Very good friendly service . All the staff are super competant and friendly .”

2.6 Average11 Reviews

“We were in the area for the afternoon and had a few things to get. There really wasn't anything that set it apart from any other Walmart, but we found everything we needed. We were surprised there were so many cashiers (unlike our area). I like to bag my own things actually, but we went to a cashier, and she was very friendly and appreciative for doing my own bagging.”

3.1 Average94 Reviews

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