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“Georgia Home Depot is great. Clean, well stocked & wonderful service & staff. I wish my home town Home Depot was as good as this one. Maybe I should move to Georgia”

4.4 Superb39 Reviews

“Super friendly staff ugh I literally love them I try to come after school and every time they are so sweet to me the cheesy Mexican burrito is good too love this place”

4.9 Superb10 Reviews

“Sweetheart staff. Very kind, helpful and friendly. Prices are always great. Sometimes their technology doesn’t work for the discount on cigarettes, but smoking is bad for you anyways!! They are investing in upgrading their equipment to better serve their customers. They also have a great selection for convenient stores. Well done.”

4.7 Superb12 Reviews

“I love playing lottery ? but you win some and you lose some and that's just the way of it!! LOL but it's very much a serious addiction so play responsible. ?”

4.2 Good34 Reviews

“My tested, tried and true local convenience store. Fantastic staff who care about your needs. Stays open late. Stocks specific products per request. Very friendly, locally owned, highly recommended.”

4.5 Superb15 Reviews

“At least some businesses aren't scalping us at the pump. A product that holds us to buying it so we can provide for our families and keep our jobs. Wakmart and a few stations are doing their best to help. Outraged at these oil mongers holding us hostage. Karma is real”

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“Good old Kroger. Doesn't matter how much I shop there I never get about two pennies off on a gallon or whatever so Kroger points really kind of a joke but as far as the gas you know comes out of the pump find it is clean it well kept well lit and you know the attendant actually can figure out the number of the gas pump when I forget it every time. So you know as far as what would you expect from a fueling center this is just five stars because they get it all right.”

4.4 Superb17 Reviews

“Store is clean and neat, staff is friendly. Sometimes at night you have to wait on the attendant. They are usually busy cleaning and stocking from what I’ve been told and there is usually only one person there if it’s late at night. Customer service is generally efficient. The discount you get at the pump is sufficient to stop, the points definitely add up. Overall worth the time to stop in.”

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“What a lovely gas station! The lady behind the counter was so courteous and kind. The store is well-lit and organized. They carry a LOT of chicharrons/ pork skins, and quite a few alternate snacks. They even had fresh fruit! ?We were delightfully surprised.”

4.7 Superb10 Reviews

“Just went here bc I heard they have the best prices of vapes...and yes they truly do. Plus have a copious amount of energy drinks to choose from. As a gas station this place has it all and is the cleanist gas station I have ever been in to! Mike you know what you are doing I can tell! Keep up the great work Mike! Ty for the great service”

4.2 Good18 Reviews

“I just wanted to say that it's Under New Management! I love the place not only because they have Lottery LOL but because they have a staff that is unbelievable hands down a great group of people! The owner is remarkable and very professional. God bless y'all keep doing your thing. I would highly recommend any of your gas station needs to be done there for it is a treat. Oh and always nice and clean!!”

4.2 Good14 Reviews

“Gas and Go. Nice quick hit and run store ?. LOL???Not that way !!!!! Seriously though.. .There gas is gonna be as cheap as you will find anywhere. PLUS..... THEY HAVE THE CLEANEST RESTROOMS & THERE LOCATED INSIDE THE STORE.Also it's a very nice guy that runs the place ?.”

4.8 Superb6 Reviews

“The cashier was friendly and kind. She was working hard to manage lottery and gas purchases, but she didn't let it bother her.The only negative statement I can make is the prices are a bit higher than other places nearby.”

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“It's more than just a gas station...its a QuickTrip ?It's my preferred gas station. They're all the same, or at the very least, they carry mostly the same stuff, unlike other stations.”

3.8 Good19 Reviews

“Went to get gas and money. Had to go the ATM route again, but this time I was in-network and therefore didn't incur a bill. So I'm happy. I bought what i came there to by, got my coins and bounced.”

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“While visiting GA my brother introduced us to this place and said that their pupusas were amazing. I would 100% agree. The ambiance is 0 because this is in a gas station but I would absolutely eat here again. We got the chorizo + jalapeno pupusas and they were both phenomenally flavored, fresh and hot. Make sure you get the slaw too!”

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“I love this store it's Bhaskar the best tobacco prices around its my go to store whether I'm just headed out on my way home or if I just need to run to the store real quick”

3.8 Good10 Reviews

“Friendly staff, clean store, clean bathrooms, great selection of drinks! This store has the biggest WINE selection I've ever seen inside of a gas station. The manager is always willing to carry what I ask for. Have been coming here since 2005, and will be a life long customer as long as I live nearby! Cant say enough good things about these guys.”

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“Friendly people nice selection for a gas station. Just I work til 11 so I don't get much cooked food to chose from. I wish they had some of their chicken still that late.”

3.6 Good17 Reviews

“I was here to purchase gas which I normally don't do because my go2 gas station is the circle K on candler Rd. #hey Mrs Donna et al. Reasonably priced. Nothing bad to say”

3.5 Good31 Reviews