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“Excellent barre studio! Came for a week and didn't want to miss my workouts. So friendly, helpful, and accommodating. The 4 different instructors I had were all great! Challenging, knowledgeable, upbeat, and just great all around. Worth every dollar!!!”

5 Superb23 Reviews

“Nari is really great place , they have verity of Nepali’s clothes and Dry food like Noodles, Chana , soyabin, pickles , Rice , E.T.C.It’s a best place to visit…”

4.8 Superb16 Reviews

“I had a last-minute suit purchase at K&G Fashion Superstore , and the service was exceptional. The tailor, a great guy, ensured a perfect fit, and the staff were incredibly helpful. Highly recommend!”

4.1 Good27 Reviews

“Jerry is the Brooks Brothers MVP. He got me fully kitted out with some really comfortable and tasteful attire within a half hour of walking into the store. Thank you for the great experience Jerry!”

3.9 Good15 Reviews

“Amazing help and customer service. Anna really helped me to get three excellent summer dresses (she helped narrow it down from 20 to 3 dresses that were on SALE and fit beautifully!!!). Very grateful”

3.7 Good38 Reviews

“I went to the store Sunday April 2nd. I interacted with almost every person that was working, one helped explain a sale, if he had not I would have not known about a great deal. Other members of the store helped me at check out and someone stepped into make sure the discounts got applied correctly.They did not need to go above and beyond, but they did!”

3.7 Good3 Reviews

“I was looking for white shirt, the sale lady showed me some on sale. I also open an account; I closed my account years ago, because I don't shop there often. The sales staff were amazing, everyone greeted me with a smile and how are you, etc. Great customer service. Make me want to spend $ I will be returning.”

3.2 Average5 Reviews

“I've never shopped in this store before, but today they had a half off sale on outerwear. We got 2 coats for $466. Without the sale, they originally would have been $1,096 together. It was a GREAT purchase!! (Here's a picture of mine)”

3.4 Good14 Reviews

“Visitor from the UK. Went in to get some 511s, unfortunately there wasn't much in my size. However the super helpful Aileen guided me to the 514s which I'd never worn before, and I came away with 4 pairs of really well-fitting jeans for less than $200. Big ticks on all fronts!”

3.4 Good19 Reviews

“For some reason for me, banana republic medium is like custom fit for my body. Therefore for me personally I go to banana republic if I want some off the shelf clothing that is going to fit well. So if you're 5'9"- 5'10" weigh around 175 pounds and you don't wanna have to go customize clothing, give banana republic and their factory store try”

3.4 Good29 Reviews

“I went into the store looking for only one thing and just like most times you pick up additional items. This was my first time to Saks off fifth and I was very surprised on the pricing for the designer brands. I think I bought around 15 things which is something that I never do. I still have clothes that I wear from high school and college!!!??The staff was very friendly and courteous, and answered plenty of questions. The one thing I did not like about the store I wish it could have been better. It was that they had more staff and more available dressing rooms. But overall, my experience was very good and despite the , small amount of staff because no one was coming to work according to the folks working there. My experience was really good. I will be back, but on a Sunday instead of a Saturday when I know there will be less people shopping.I also found a brand new favorite clothing company that I had never been aware of named Tailor Byrd. Their clothes are amazing and they fit very well. So I will admit that they have a fan in me going forward for semi casual wear, three button polo, shirts, and shorts that can be worn on the golf course or in a semi casual setting.”

2.9 Average40 Reviews

“The best buffalo exchange I’ve been to - great selection, unbeatable prices, and really kind staff. I heard they are getting troll reviews that are hurting their rating - it’s a shame because this was one of my best thrifting hauls in a minute!!”

2.7 Average68 Reviews