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“My all-around favorite women's clothing store and that includes both Cambridge and San Francisco. I stop by every time I am in the area visiting my daughter. There is a small but well curated selection of clothes. I've bought some favorite items here. The owner and staff are friendly and knowledgeable. I appreciate that there now is an online order option, so I don't have to wait to shop in person, although stopping by is always a pleasure.”

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“The best classes, instructors, and community. Started coming here after having my kid and the instructors have been amazingly thoughtful at modifications! The space is inviting and I felt comfortable being a beginner in class. Nobody takes themselves too seriously here, and I genuinely look forward to class. Thank you PBHSQ!”

4.9 Superb15 Reviews

“I’ve shopped here for years and my most treasured clothing comes from here! The women who work in the store are so sweet, friendly, and helpful. They always remember me when I come in. I miss the old days when they sold furniture, but I love the children’s section and have found some great home decorations in the current setup.”

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“I came by a few months ago. I never even attempt to shop vintage since I’m on the cusp of regular and plus size (need the width through hips but not the waist). The owner encouraged me to try some jeans on. Came away with some lovely vintage Levi’s in that classic indigo color.”

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“I brought my toddler in (with a stroller) and everyone was so friendly and helpful. I appreciated that the team brought the shoes out so quickly since my toddler was very anxious to see the shoes and was also was getting tired after a long morning out. My daughter loves her new shoes and I love mine, too!”

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“Literally the most quintessentially Cambridge shop of all time. Really charming, old timey feel. They know your name and what size suit you wear, etc. Preppy handbook come to life: I wish all retail shops were still like this. Definitely an institution at Harvard! You won't regret stopping by.”

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“A breath of fresh air in the neighborhood for sure. Ran/owned by a super cool couple(the husband worked on the music for Jujutsu Kaisen) Always very friendly and welcoming. A lot of one of a kind designs done by them and also the only place around for Asian street style.”

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“J August is the cheapest place to buy Harvard and MIT souvenirs.If you went to the more expensive Coop, another souvenir store around here, you can use my Coop membership 2176-5557 when check out and get 10% off on everything and 25% off on clothes.”

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“This is my favorite thrift spot in the area! The clothes are high quality, and the prices are always reasonable (higher quality goods are pricier, but I always find a great deal). The perfect place to get clothes for work or play.”

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“This store sells products and souvenirs with the theme of MIT, which is a research center of the highest level in the world, considered a leader in technology. They sell keychains, caps, t-shirts, sweaters, jackets, gloves, USB drives, among a variety of products. the prices...just like the rest of the state of Massachusetts, they are high prices. The clothes are made in other countries such as the Republica del Salvador, China y otros, however they are of very good quality.”

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“Nice lil school store located on campus , it's small and cozy but plenty busy , cool Harvard merch in the store and workers are friendly despite bring crazy busy”

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“I live halfway across the country and ordered 2 hats I had tried for weeks to find online. Teddy got them shipped quickly, and they are perfect! Thanks, Teddy! Would definitely highly recommend”

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“My wife and I were visiting from Australia and were a little lost. My wife went in to ask directions and was helped by Jacob. We were very grateful and impressed by his help, great customer service even to a non customer. Well done Jacob , keep up the good work and thank you again.”

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“Had such a great experience at this store! I love shopping at boutiques/ small businesses. I am also a curvy woman. Unfortunately, I have had several experiences where I have walked into several boutiques and wasn't even acknowledged because I wasn't a size zero. Brooke took her time helping me find sizes and pulled a few pieces for me (one of which i wound up buying). When I fell in love with a piece and they didn't have it in my size, she ordered it for me. She went out of her way to personally call and followed up with me when she found up they had the item in stock in another location. Stellar service and they made a repeat customer out of me.”

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“The place is nice, staff is attentive. I'm knocking off a star because the MIT paraphernalia designs are the same tired old designs from 30 years ago. The logos are monochromatic with no accents. While you may find a jewel here and there, most of the designs are not worth the amount they charge. Unfortunately, they seem to have a licensing monopoly or something.”

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“We always like visiting these stores where ever we find them. My girlfriend enjoyed the store and we always find something we like. This store had about 4 floors of items, it was nice looking through the different departments. The employees were very helpful!”

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“Great selection of apparell that is high quality but the prices are extreme. You would be better off purchasing at Kohls instead of paying over 100+ from this store.”

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“This store was MADE FOR ME!! They had the cutest, classiest clothes, reasonable prices for high quality pieces and wonderful service. All around 10/10. Definitely will be returning.”

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“To be entirely honest, Gap isn't typically my go-to shopping choice. However, when the vibrant BUY ONE, GET ONE 50% OFF signs caught my attention from all corners of the store on Brattle St., I was compelled to pay a visit. Upon entering, you're greeted by the men's section on the ground floor, while the women's and kids' departments await upstairs.As I browsed the racks for autumn attire, Gap emerged as the standout among Banana Republic (fall catalogue begins tomorrow, September 1) and Zara where I had searched a few days prior. It was the sole brand I had visited whose clothes seemed ready to keep me cozy when a fall sunny-with-a-breeze day turned overcast. Julia, one of the store's associates, proved to be incredibly helpful. She guided me through the enticing deal, offering insights as if I were a friend on selecting an additional item to unlock the discount. She guided towards the fitting rooms, all the while engaging in pleasant conversation that extended beyond the usual scripted inquiries like "Do you have an email/phone # with us?" or "Find everything alright? Your total is $300."Departing the store, I carried a sense of contentment about my purchases. The experience felt unhurried and enjoyable, leaving me eagerly anticipating my next visit. It's evident that this particular location consistently offers a curated selection, and I'm excited to explore its offerings again in the future.”

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“I went to Chhabra to look for outfits to wear to my first Indian Wedding. From the moment I arrived, everyone was welcoming and attentive. They found me beautiful outfits made of gorgeous fabrics and then helped select accessories to match. They spent time teaching me about Indian traditions and what to expect at each event. I feel so much more at ease and excited about the upcoming ceremonies. They moved mountains to do last minute alterations, relieving so much of my anxiety. The dresses look beautiful on me. This is going to be a special time for us and Chhabra made it even more special. Off-street parking was also a pleasant surprise.”

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“I had a lovely visit at Tess! The owner was there and was charming and helpful and efficient. In fact I bought more than I intended because the products were great and Tess was very encouraging. Bought lots of presents and love what I bought!”

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