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“New Atlas Pharmacy exceeded my expectations in every aspect. From their friendly and knowledgeable staff to their efficient service, I couldn't be more impressed. Their dedication to customer satisfaction is evident. I highly recommend New Atlas Pharmacy to anyone seeking top-notch pharmaceutical care.”

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“Fantastic price'sNice and helpful workers except for the security guard, accidentally left my phone at the store and when I TRIED talking to him, he really was rude and not helpful at all.I'm speaking about the Aldi store located at 8 mile and Gratiot”

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“They have clothes, shoes, a few kitchen wares and nice backs to choose from. I have found some gems there. Sometimes they have furniture to give away. The food items are mostly can goods, some fresh veggies, bread, cereal, you get a pack of hot dogs and a bag of chicken. Sometimes snacks. The can goods, hotdogs and chicken are a mainstay. Everything else changes as it is received. Worth it.”

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“What a cool spot! Located next door to The Golden Fleece, this spot is much more than a market! They offer a full bar & entertainment. We stopped in after dinner for a few drinks. This place gets hopping a little later in the evening. They also have a great selection of pastries.”

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“I love this market! Very clean, the produce section is very impressive; always looks fresh. The ideal place to shop for all your Mexican food and products. Easy parking.”

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“I haven't been to this place yet but someone told me this is a very very good Marketplace to buy meats and whatever you need so I'm yet to go there but the person she really recommend this place and I am going to check it out”

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“Best liver and onions ever. I usually get it on Thursdays, but they had some today. It was so tender it melts in your mouth. It is so hard to find liver and onions old style with onions”

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“The market offers a diverse selection of fresh produce, gourmet foods, and specialty items. The ambiance is cozy and inviting, making it a perfect spot to explore and discover unique ingredients. The friendly staff adds to the welcoming atmosphere, providing excellent customer service. Whether you're looking for quality groceries or a quick bite to eat, Marcus Market is a must-visit destination in Midtown Detroit.”

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“This gourmet style market is located in Mid-Town Detroit on busy Jefferson Ave. I love shopping here when in the area although food items are pricey!Hot food counters have lots of selection . Meats fruits Vegs are kept very fresh.My fav is store is the hot food counter.The store is packed and stacked with groceries and food gourmet....very clean. However, although the store is smallIt is easy to navigate between isles without bumping into some or squeezing through aisles.Fast friendly cashier check out!Free parking & Clean lot.”

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“Neighborhood spot. A lot of items aren’t priced and you’ll go in one day be charged x amount and the next day double. Lol.They tend to have a lot of general items on hand that save you from having to go to a full grocery store.”

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“It has become my go-to grocery store. Their selection, prices, and eco-friendly practices make shopping there a breeze!) The produce is solid, and the prices are pretty reasonable. Recommend it for sure”

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“I don’t even know how to start. This store is amazingly undoubtably the best store in Downtown Detroit. It’s always open! They also have everything I need. The staff are so nice and kind. Thank you City market!!”

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“Man, oh man!!! This grocery store is going to be greater!! It's already great, but there's more to come. My friend and I stopped by on a Sunday. The store is beautiful, the staff is friendly and the produce is fresh!!! There's a hot food deli and healthy food items throughout the store. Stop by and see for yourself.”

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“Loud music more than half of the time & Bullet proof glass (as per the norm in the 313) makes it a near necessity to yell. Otherwise it's a clean party store with a new parking lot. Both very rare things in the area.I stop here frequently.”

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“I found this while looking for a good butcher. This is a small, humble but mighty little shop. There isn't the biggest variety of cuts but the meat is very good quality and good prices for the quality. There is a decent frozen seafood section as well as a variety of condiments, baking items, ingredients that you may need. There is not a big produce section. Everyone was so nice and friendly. I got prime rib, thick slabs of bacon, kielbasa, and a tbone. The prime rib and bacon was sooo good.”

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“I go to Pancho's everyday and everyone there is very professional The food there is great, they give you great service, and everyone there is very nice and kind..”

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“Very nice people here. They have a good selection of imported African goods. Their frozen meats are plentiful. They get a 4 star because I noticed quite a bit of expired food items sitting on the shelves.”

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“A modern approach to grocery shopping. Magnificent food market added to the Jefferson Business Corridor.The Meijer Rivertown Store continues to be well stocked, definitely modern, technical, attractive and yet practical, the store makes me proud. I love Meijer Rivertown Market ❤️”

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“Liquor Stores Every where should be ran by Individuals who are able to have understanding with their consumer. The men here have an excellent rapport with the community. A good place to run in and purchase your spirits of choice without any loitering.”

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“I love this store found out about it when my daughter came to Detroit to attend Wayne State University. Since then I travel hour and 15 minutes to come shop here”

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“Honestly I think this is one of the best locations to shop at .that's my honest opinion some ppl may feel different but this is one of the cleanest store around”

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“Best store on Eastside, great selection of Liquor, Food an also the kitchen in back cooks some great tasting home made food an if you see the BIG MAN outside bbq going well you gotta stop an try it.”

4.9 Superb11 Reviews

“Today was my first time coming here and the prices here are amazing. I’m for sure about to start shopping here. I’m glad a relative to me about this place. ?”

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“Usually has everything I need such as coke cola, cat supplies. Basically everything. Does not compare to Meijers, Wallmarts or target.. It's a local store for basic items. Some pricing is higher..”

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“I go to the store three or four times a week. It is my go-to. The staff is wonderful and caring. The store is very clean all the time. If you need an item, the staff is more than pleased to help Have grown to learn that the Aldi's products are great. For many years I was a Costco junkie love Costco to this day. However, I no longer am feeding a family of six I live by myself and Aldi's sells me the right amount of food so I don't have a lot of waste. It's a great store.”

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“Just a small neighborhood store that stocks basic items.One plus is that they had paper goods available when the larger chains were completely out.One minus is the lack of pharmacutical items like sleep aids, vitamins or cold medicines.”

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“I'm new to the world of mushrooms. Learning about the health benefits. I was surprised and happy to find the Hub close to home. The young man was very friendly and helpful ?”

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“Workers are very nice and there prices are decent... not the lowest but not the highest. They stay open till 2am unlike most in the area but for that reason be careful late at night cause it attracts all types.”

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“Ace a good Dollar General have a lot of things on the floor at a oil and you can go to have fun with your knee if they don't have it in stock they will get in stock soon”

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“If you need a hard to almost impossible item or ingredient for your authentic Mexican dish, then you need to head to Algo Especial. This is a store that I have visited with my mom for those family recipes that needed that Especial ingredients and we could only find them here. Their tamales are the best in all southwest Detroit.”

4.5 Superb17 Reviews

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