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  • "Normally I never have a problem with this place until yesterday (6/20/15), Not that they have EVER been bright shining stars in the name of retail but it's never been really anything worth complaining about. I went in because I wanted to see if my online payment had gone through. Whoever was there is probably one of the laziest workers I've ever encountered, He didn't help me at all. He wanted to charge me again saying that if I already paid then it would just go onto next months bill. He seemed uninterested in his job and obviously he doesn't get that we all live in flint and everyone is poor. I can't just drop two payments on a phone that hadn't worked in 3 days since I made the payment online. He then proceeded to just hand me the store phone and had me sit through a line of automated recordings with literally no options for what I needed. If all someone is going to do is hand me a phone and tell me to figure it out myself, I don't even know why they're getting paid to work. I would have understood if it was busy, but it wasn't. There was literally one other person there browsing at phones, and I use that term lightly because he obviously wasn't buying anything. Like I said I never really have a problem with this place, but why the hell are you paying people to sit in a corner all day and just so I can come in to talk to a robot? Honestly the service for my phone has been less than satisfactory since I got it and I will be switching carriers very soon. I'm so tired of my metro phones not working and no one ever wanting to help me with it. "
  • "This is the only metro pcs store that tells you the truth and explain every for you and fast service and they will try there best to fix your phone or your account for you love this metro pcs store thanks"
  • "Rip off artist. Tried to charge me 25$ for something I get for 10 in Waterford. "
  • "over priced for sim card"

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