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“Thank you David for talking to me several times and making transdermal custom medicine for my cat and you and your staff are so nice and caring.David thanks for your compassion and knowledge and taking the time to help me and pets that are hard to oral guys helped alot!”

4.7 Superb49 Reviews

“Meijer is a very special store for me, it is a clean store. The products are always fresh. And of very good quality. In the clothing area it is always well organized. And there are always good deals. It is my favorite store because everything is of good quality.”

3.7 Good160 Reviews

“I was driving to the Upper Peninsula for work and stopped at Costco for gas and decided to go in for a hotdog. I noticed there was a flu clinic going on near the entrance, so I ended up getting my flu shot. I was in and out in only 5 min; one of the easiest and smoothest flu shot experiences I’ve had.”

4.3 Superb19 Reviews

“Great Place!!! The lab tech are amazing and friendly. I never have to sit in awkward silence when getting my labs done and the pharmacy is quick and efficient and i never have any issues with them! I would highly recommend.”

4.2 Good17 Reviews

“As a person that’s not from Michigan and my first time coming here it’s definitely a mix of Walmart and target. Expect prices to be a little higher than Walmart, but on par with target. I really like the produce section of this department store.”

3.6 Good63 Reviews

“They have been so helpful to me while making sure I get a very expensive shot on time. They call to schedule delivery on the day they say they will and are extremely nice. I recommend them!”

5 Superb6 Reviews

“Best vaccine experience I've ever had. I let them know I'm apprehensive to infections and they were very understanding and helpful to distract me. They were also extremely nice and helpful beyond the vaccination”

3.7 Good23 Reviews

“We came in one night to get some photo prints done for a birthday party. The automated system gave us an error and they had no other viable options. Here comes Ben who advises us to download the app (which actually completely fixed our issue). He also assured us that the indicated time isn't accurate and that it's done sooner. All in all, Ben was among the most helpful store employees I ever came across. He was genuinely nice and made sure we were taken care of while he was at the other end of the store checking other customers out. All compliments to Ben! You left a great impression and I hope you get your due reward for your integrity and hard work!”

3.9 Good15 Reviews

“The staff treats you like a person, not just another prescription to rush through. I stop in every now and then just to talk to the pharmacist about random health things and have always been offered great advice and products to try. If they don't have it in their store to sell, they give recommendations on the best places to get what you need! Have transferred my prescriptions to here because the staff is so great!”

4.2 Good10 Reviews

“Hunter and the whole pack want to send their gratitude. These guys saved the day. After Cedar Springs Meijer said they could get his life saving medicine the next day, went next day to pick it up and they say they can't get it for another 4 days. We will definitely stick with rite aid for all our prescription needs. Thanks again. You guys kept papa at home and the entire family whole.”

3.6 Good28 Reviews

“I want to commend Stacy, the pharmacy tech(?) that helped me during my visit at the 28th Street & Eastern location in Grand Rapids, MI. The day I dropped my rx off, I watched as she assisted customers ahead of me. She was friendly, professional and really seems to care for her customers, as she made suggestions on refill amounts to save them money. When I picked up my rx today, which happened to be a pain patch for my dog, she was very sweet and said she would be keeping good thoughts for Baxter for his upcoming surgery. I haven’t had to visit a pharmacy very often, but would definitely come back to this one considering the customer care I received from Stacy. Thanks again, Stacy, I hope CVS values and appreciates you as I do! :)”

3.8 Good13 Reviews

“Drew in pharmacy was so helpful, he helped me through getting the best price for my prescription and also find a way for me to pay with my HSA even though I forgot my card- great experience here! Thanks Drew!”

3.9 Good11 Reviews

“My husband uses a very commomn med that simply cannot be found anywhere right now. None of the usual pharmacys have it and cannot tell us when they will get it back. I called HomeTown on a last ditch call as we need it before a trip. They got one in today and set it aside for us til we could get the script sent over. So kind and helpful! I'll be moving all our meds over there moving forward. Thank you!!”

4.8 Superb4 Reviews

“Tim and each of the staff profoundly exemplify what excellent service is. They've been my sole pharmacist over the past year or two after having finally had enough of the local pharmacy chains.I think I may require more than many customers, as far as last-minute med switches, etc, I feel "this must be frustrating to them" but they never give me that impression in the least. I always come away from every interaction feeling important. So, keep your Walgreens and CVS and them, this pharmacy has given me absolutely no reason to go anywhere else for pharmacy-related matters.”

4.5 Superb4 Reviews

“This is my local pharmacy that I visit frequently so I'm familiar with the staff and service here. I typically don't leave reviews but I would be remiss if I didn't acknowledge and highlight the warm and welcoming demeanor displayed by an associate by the name of Tommy. I came in to take photos for my passport and had several questions regarding the process and not only did he answer them but he displayed an interest in my upcoming travel plans. Impeccable service indeed. Perhaps great service is not lost after all. THANK YOU!”

3.9 Good7 Reviews

“One lady at this pharmacy is very helpful she has been working for more then 12 years that I know. She is a good looking lady with blonde hair that wears glasses. She helps the customer. Thank you.”

3.5 Good11 Reviews

“I called and was able to get information about a medication that I was specifically looking for and they were great with answering my question as well as offering solutions. I would recommend the Butterworth Meijer.”

3.4 Good12 Reviews

“Simon at the register could not have been more pleasant. The woman working at the other register was also very nice to her client. Service was very quick. Prescription was ready and filled properly.”

3.1 Average78 Reviews

“One of the few places left that's actually open 24/7 and has a decent selection of necessities and miscellanea.I've been able to transfer my prescription to their pharmacy over the phone as late as 9:00 p.m. and still pick it up that night. I've also been able to get an emergency dose of medication filled there late. Also, the staff are always very friendly.”

3.1 Average71 Reviews

“Beyond grateful for the manager there who walked me out to my car after a man 50 years older than me made inappropriate comments about me inside the store at 2am. I was visibly (and audibly...) so frustrated with him. She really went all the way to make sure I felt comfortable leaving. The kindness is unparalleled, I will never forget how truly cared for I felt in that moment. This was so much more than "customer satisfaction"; this was women watching out for women. It means so much, thank you so much.”

3.7 Good6 Reviews

“Changed to D & W pharmacy a little over a year ago. I could not be happier! Service is quick, staff is extremely helpful, friendly and do not make you feel like you are inconvenience when you have questions or concerns.”

3.6 Good7 Reviews

“Well.... It's like family--- ONLY BETTER! Friendly, kind and personal--- HEY LA-LA!! 💙💙They are attentive to this AARP pain in the butt ol lady!!”

3.6 Good7 Reviews

“Just switched to D &W gaslight pharmacy after having continuous trouble with CVS and I couldn't be more pleased. Sheila was professional, prompt, courteous and helpful. Hope she stays forever!”

3.8 Good5 Reviews
4.3 Superb3 Reviews

“This rating is for the PHARMACY only.I've been coming here for my medication needs since Nov 2023. There have been a couple times when my medication was not in stock, but the one was an uncommon dose (plus I only had to wait a day), and the other there is a national shortage of and they have no control over that. Any time they didn't have my medication in stock, they either found me a location that did (without me even asking), or I got it the very next day ??Moving onto the staff, I believe Jordan is the Pharmacy Manager or Pharmacist or something, but he is awesome. He is constantly looking out for me, he has empathy for what happens when I'm unable to get my meds so he finds a way. They are all super helpful. I can't remember all of the names, but I know one has long black hair and smiles alot. I've read the bad reviews, but I've yet to see anything remotely like those experiences. Whatever type of incentives Walgreens has for positive reviews, the pharmacy staff should all receive one. ???????”

3.1 Average41 Reviews