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“Fantastic grocery store with items from across the world. Whether I'm looking for ingredients for Indian, Lebanese, or Ethiopian food, I've found them here. Despite being a medium sized store, it has an impressive selection and a great deli with delights from Eastern Europe, Lebanon, and even Italy. The whipped garlic is fantastic and goes great with some fresh pita bread from the store. The gentleman who works at the deli is very friendly and helpful.”

4.7 Superb69 Reviews

“The best place to buy Hispanic products that you can't find most places. The staff also treats you like family and that's a huge plus, even when you have to use multiple cards to pay, they help make it work for you. I live right down the street and plan on shopping here everyday I can, just to get the soda shipped from Mexico and other places that are made with real sugarcane.”

4.9 Superb27 Reviews

“Aldi is the Best place to grocery shop. It's well stocked an has great items and prices. We always find 99% of the items on our list there.So glad they opened a store in Allendale Mi. Thank you so much”

4.4 Superb126 Reviews

“It is a pleasure to shop at Aldi. Aldi has a large variety of foods to choose from. They have an abundant variety/supply of various kinds of greens and fruits. There are unique items at Aldi.The prices are right and do not gouge the customer. You’ll get twice the food at Aldi than you would anywhere else.The fruit and vegetables are half the price as one would see from other nearby grocery markets.You are in and out, because the cashiers are amazingly fast.”

4.8 Superb21 Reviews

“Love shopping at Aldi's! So much cheaper there...theirproduce section is well organized & everything looks so need to take ur own bags or buy them at checkout..”

4.2 Good126 Reviews

“Very small, they have everything clean, the most important for me is the meat area , is ver clean very good meat and the service excellent. The only reason I gave it 4 stars is because the place it's to small.”

4.8 Superb9 Reviews

“They always have everything I am looking for. From fresh meats to dried chilies, pan dulces to fresh fruit. They have a bit of everything including the pots to cook it in. Reasonable prices and two locations to serve you.”

4.3 Superb19 Reviews

“The Nacional supermarket is this Latin Store where you can find mostly everything you’ve ever needed for a wonderful Hispanic home shopping experience. Moreover, you can avoid feelings homesick for a while. Help your self to get what you are use to or fulfill your taste with yummy Hispanic meals…If you are graving a homie kind of food, this place is 1 of the kind for excellence! If you know you wanted to eat the right thing, you will find it there. And if you long to get rid of cravings or even your hungover.. you have choices…Lol. It’s true. So I have so many reasons to say this Supermarket is One of my favorite places to shop at…There is qualify products, in addition, the costumer service is really one of the best around. If some one doesn’t like the packaging.. shame on them.. the important thing is the quality of food .. you are not eating the box.. ridiculous.. Maybe you need to be more careful handling packages on your can find this happy environment from the moment you get in. I found my self singing and dancing all the sudden while waiting for Jacky to fill my plate with that yummy food… I better stop Cos im getting hungry again… so yes, ?.. it’s so nice ! Call and get your orders ready, not time wasting… that’s so convenient… k, I mean it!”

4.2 Good24 Reviews

“We always have a great experience at this Aldi. But today Cade really went above and beyond. I was shopping with my son (6 month old) and found a really cool push car! I didn’t have my Aldi quarter I usually have and with carrying my son I couldn’t carry a big item out into my car. Cade checked us out, carried the car to our car, loaded in the trunk all in the cold pouring rain weather. He went ABOVE AND BEYOND and I am so thankful so I could get this push car for my son for his first birthday. Cade, you made our day! Thank you for being incredible.”

4.1 Good38 Reviews

“I live close by, and this place is sure convenient, has just what I need, it’s small enough not to get lost in, & the people who work here are consistently kind, sweet & helpful.I get produce for salsa, maíz for tortillas, hot sauce, & even try some of the Mexican dulces & tea selection.”

4.2 Good5 Reviews

“We had a special meat order here for a graduation party. The staff was very helpful in helping us figure out how much we would need for how many people were attending. We had the perfect amount for everyone. Also, their barbacoa and tamales are delicious. We plan on visiting again soon!”

3.8 Good12 Reviews

“This neighborhood grocery store has been around since my childhood. Love that it's still here. Wide variety of food and household items. Fabulous meat counter and great selection of packaged meat at a great price, friendly staff too!”

3.7 Good22 Reviews

“As a person that’s not from Michigan and my first time coming here it’s definitely a mix of Walmart and target. Expect prices to be a little higher than Walmart, but on par with target. I really like the produce section of this department store.”

3.6 Good63 Reviews

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