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“Went in looking for a pair of shoes and didn't find any in my size, I wear 15s, but the staff was really helpful and kind. If you're looking for anything outdoors, I would check this place out. And it is really priced reasonably.”

4.3 Superb113 Reviews

“Late this afternoon at a very busy time, my wife and I had an incredible experience of customer service at the Alpine Avenue store in Grand Rapids. We wanted to return a couple nice hoodies we bought for our family but didn’t have great return documents. Diane V went way past my expectations to solve our issue and showed incredible humanity toward others, something I wish was more prevalent in this world.We’re good customers, love the store, and will spread the word. ?”

4.1 Good112 Reviews

“Seems like they are having supply issues. Many empty shelves. Selection is limited. Maybe it was after a rush of shoppers I don't know. Some prices not clearly marked.”

4.1 Good95 Reviews

“Even if I go to Home Goods looking for a specific item, I always find something or somethings to buy. I love going to this store particularly, I find the 28th st. store to be extremely cluttered and impossible to walk through aisles.”

4.5 Superb35 Reviews

“I love Mejier! I'm so excited that they've upgraded their M-Perks!! As an avid couponer, this will add onto my savings. The purchaes to earn rewards are always easy to shop for because they're the items I shop for anyways!”

3.9 Good215 Reviews

“A good store, with some good products available. The prices are fairly reasonable. I visited several branches of this store, and it has always been among my choices because it has good products.Free parking is available, and parking is available for people with special needs.”

4 Good95 Reviews

“I very much enjoyed spending some time shopping in the store tonight. It was a little messy, but for the moat part, ok. The prices on things were not the best, but we made it all work. The thing I want to talk about the most was the absolute best customer service I have had in over 4 years (I promise). I was even taken back from how great the customer service was. Thank you for reminding me that those are the standards that employees and employers should be practicing and demonstrating. Hailey was wondering, great job, lady, and thank you so much.”

4.3 Superb35 Reviews

“I went to Nordstrom rack. I parked in their parking lot and entered to buy what I was looking for. I e selections and bought several nice items. Really good buys and great selection to choose from. It’s always worth going.”

4.3 Superb34 Reviews

“We went in looking for tea bags and purchased a side table. They had 3 possible options. We chose the lowest priced one, which will fit by my recliner perfectly. . Plus the very nice store manager gave us a discount because it had a noticable imperfection . It made our day!”

3.9 Good111 Reviews

“The store can be trashed a lot of the time but I still love it. I get so much stuff here from clothes to home goods to just recently luggage. I've never left empty handed.”

3.9 Good87 Reviews

“The employees at this location are fantastic, I live right by this big lots and go here almost weekly and have never had a rude/unpleasant experience with any of the employees, they are always kind, helpful and welcoming Toni and Natalie especially but the guys that I've seen stocking around the store are very friendly as well. The stocking of the store has improved immensely and stuff is well organized and easy to find. This place has saved me from dealing with Walmart/Meijer so many times.”

3.8 Good112 Reviews

“I absolutely love this store. if I had enough money, Id be shopping at it all day. Love their products & I especially love that they have some spiritual products like tarot cards and crystals”

3.9 Good39 Reviews

“*Edit* I added a star because there was an employee (Lori Mcntire-sorry for mispelling-) that went above and beyond for me. I can't find a place to float about her so I'm doing it here. Thank you. Lines are always long, but so is everywhere else.”

3.7 Good227 Reviews

“Love the way they have checkout now. Much better for the flow of customers. Store layout was nice and still had a variety of sizes and options even close to Christmas.”

3.7 Good161 Reviews

“This review is for the bakery. I ordered a 2-tiered wedding cake (minus all normal decorations...we personalized it later) from this location plus 7 dozen (?) cupcakes for our daughter's wedding reception downtown. The bakery manager (sorry, can't remember her name) was amazing and assured me that my instructions for the cake/cupcakes would be correct. They were and the cake was SO yummy. I was beyond thrilled. Thank you so much for a great transaction!! I'd order from them again in a heartbeat”

4.2 Good10 Reviews

“I love Macy's so much! This store has more casual knits and staple pieces while the other GR store has more cocktail style or workwear attire. As a platinum member, I hope both of these stores stay open as they are the only places I shop! Service anywhere is hit or miss, but these ladies continue to be quick with checkout. I believe Macy's has the best value for clothing out there!”

3.7 Good46 Reviews

“It's overwhelming! But in a good way! Lots of things to see that I didn't know existed! Laurie, the sales associate, told me people bring coffee to browse. It's definitely a great place to find things at great prices!”

4 Good11 Reviews

“Ms.MeMe did my hair about a month ago and the growth already is beautiful. My hair is healthy and with the winter months being here, I know the silk press and trim she gave definitely helped!”

3.9 Good10 Reviews

“I love me some Target. Staff are super friendly, easy-to-find products. Drive-up makes it super easy with my busy job schedule to get the groceries I need. Way easier and better than Meijer's pickup. However, do not get produce with pickup orders - I have gotten dented or moldy produce every single time. ?”

3.6 Good139 Reviews

“Dr. Larson is great! Very helpful and explained everything he was doing. He is an Incredibly intelligent doctor, and I would recommend. He did tell me that he wasn't positive that this would solve my issue (migraines), but thought it would help some and I appreciate his honesty. You can tell he isn't about the sales, but about what is best for the patient.”

3.4 Good19 Reviews

“Had a pretty good selection. The cashier was really nice and helpful! It's on my way home from work and I can always make a stop here if I need to pick up something quickly.”

3.4 Good34 Reviews

“I love the fact that I can earn points while shopping here and with my points I can use it towards gas like to get a dollar off gas or 50 Cent off gas or I can save money next time I go shopping there like this morning I use my points to get some milk And soda and I didn't have to pay anything out of pocket except for the deposit on the two sodas”

3.4 Good72 Reviews

“I can't remember his name but he took care of me around 9:30ish am on 12/29/2021. Even though they were busy, he was VERY polite. And very helpful. Please pass this on to him. He probably won't remember me but still tell him it was Jamie Castle who needed a medicine transfer.”

2.8 Average10 Reviews

“New store, easy parking in Green Ridge shopping center.Easy parking, right off Alpine avenue.Huge store, great selection for Men, Women and children!Great deals, very nice employees that were knowledgeable.I’ll be back!”

3.3 Good78 Reviews

“This is my regular Walmart store. I appreciate the newer employees! They are super helpful and easy to understand. I have had to do 2 returns over the past month, and the process is easy and seamless. Terri was my cashier both yesterday and today, and she is a GREAT conversationalist, and always gives me a smile at the check out. Big clearance events right now have me spending a little extra money, but hey..Christmas gifts! I so appreciate the cookie the bakery employees give my toddler, and one even stopped me yesterday to praise her for being so thankful without prompting. Caleb in the produce depart is always so helpful and friendly. We love his smiles!”

1.2 Poor4 Reviews

“Ive never personally had a problem with the employees here. From someone whos been in customer service jobs. You can tell they are mostly overworked and underpaid. So i think they do the best they can for what they have to work with most days. Love the new layout”

2.9 Average38 Reviews

“I love the crew at this store they are always helpful and never rude. Which is surprisingly rare nowadays. They work together well and always tell me to have a great day!”

2.8 Average44 Reviews

“Best target I have been to in a while. Everyone there was super nice and the experience was just so good. One worker we met there was David. He was one of the coolest workers I have ever met. Helped to make our experience top tier.”

2.3 Poor21 Reviews

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