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“FOURTH REQUEST - 02/20/2024Interesting I visited your fine store today, obviously in spite of your incredibly incompetent General Management the store is the finest I have ever had the misfortune to set foot in.In deed it is one with the most obvious display of pride in their job and employment I have seen. They had no idea I was coming and this is exactly the way it looked the first time I walked in.You buffoons do not deserve the fine people you have. I will frequent any store but DG and when necessary to visit a DG I will talk to your people about alternate employment opportunities.THIRD REQUEST - 02/06/2024Well I see it isn't just your front line Non-operating management that is incompetent, rather it is endemic throughout your organization. I am not going away and believe I can escalate well beyond your current cost of failure which, now, is squat in the scheme of things. You see I spent a little time as a Teamster and you abuse your people. Hmm, opportunity? You let me know.If you are not following me look up the concept of 1-10-100.You are currently at 1. How far do you wish to go?Your call, I 'm just along for the ride.I will keep checking back - You have my word on it.Second Request - 1/21/24 DG I would like a written response PLEASE!Asking kindlyThis was among the cleanest, neatest, most stocked Dollar Generals I have ever been in. I live in rural Michigan and they are everywhere here. I was a 26 year Management person for UPS with experience in operations, customer service, sales, sales management, and security. I have done hundreds of inspections or audits. I assumed they were getting ready for an inspection or audit. She said no, she had just had one. I said well I am sure you did outstanding on it. She said no we were the worst in the county. Having spent more time out of operations than in operations I observed a lot of different management styles. This one is not one I particularly admired. There is no way this store made all of those improvements in one week. No way at all. This is a caustic management style that causes issues for the manager and the whole team. I hope he gets some coaching as this is certainly a teachable moment.”

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“One can only imagine what it was like in Europe in the old days, where people went to the market, to buy foods a few times a week, as well as socializing with friends, neighbors, and children's parents. Covid has done a lot towards keeping us isolated. A repose from sitting and watching TV, is a run up to Polly's for Deli Lunchmeat, cheeses, Ora fresh baked cake. During my girls childhood, for 20 years I always ordered their birthday Cakes from Polly's, on Ferguson Road. What was so special? One could order Disney Characters on the cake, my daughter's favorite photo, a creamy whipped topping that wasn't terribly sweet. Much of the rest of the store allotted space for new or traditional world wide cuisine. It always had unique items. My younger daughter, whilst in her teens, refused to eat sandwiches without sprouts. Polly's, had them when no one else did. What more can I say? The best thing is to get off the couch in this icy cold weather, and take a trip to one of three Polly's locations.”

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“I HAVE SEVERAL FRIENDS THAT DRIVE HERE.. AND JUST RAVE ABOUT GOOD A PLACE IT IS..(Gordan Foods)They are a great place to be a driver at if you're physically able to do the work.. there pay really is equivalent to the Effort you giveBUT IT IS A PHYSICAL JOB MAKE NO MISTAKES, YOU EARN THAT MONEY.Now onto this particular store in Jackson, Michigan.. IT'S ALWAYS CLEAN, THE PEOPLE ARE HELPFUL AND FRIENDLY.. Generally I find everything I went in for.. if there out at the time I go in it's always been there the next time.. We generally go in there 2-3 times a month..”

4.7 Superb70 Reviews

“They always have the best attitude at this market everyone here is so kind and welcoming not mention I always find whatever it is I need there usually at a decent price”

4.8 Superb48 Reviews

“I just really like this place very clean and prices are good but also the meat department is excellent and the prices of the meat is cheaper than anywhere I've been in a while”

4.4 Superb127 Reviews

“I absolutely love this store, and the woman who still works there is awesome! The store is just as authentic and original, just as it was many years ago! It's a real treasure! I am so happy that the store is still there up and running. It truly brings me joy each and every time I go in there.There's not many stores like this left, and I hope it remains for many years to come!”

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“Variety of items for pantry and home. Blankets, pillows, rugs, home decor, beverages, snacks, staples like bread, eggs and milk. Love the convenience for a quick restock of necessities”

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“We love aldi! So very much!! Would like to see more organic available at the jackson location. Also there are now numerous self check registers. Which means 1 cashier most days. Every single time I'm in there, the self checks are used minimally. People want people serving them.”

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“Ordered a bowl each of tomato, beef barley & sweet potato bisque. They all were fantastic! The sweet potato bisque was excellent! Wish I would have gotten 2 bowls. Usually, I just stop for drinks but I'll be back for more food.”

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“Good selection; good prices. You can find things that smaller grocery stores might not have, such as bok choy and goat cheese. They also have a pretty decent selection of gluten-free products.”

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“Great Family Owner Business. Support your Local Business Owners.You will be pleasantly surprised at the service and quality of their Products. I won't buy my meat from any place else but Polly's. I am very trusted in knowing what I get when walking in the door. Great selection of Fresh Produce and Meat.With Polly's, you are never disappointed. The store has always been a reliable go-to for your everyday groceries or a quick run of the store or an item you forgot.”

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“In and out didn't have what I was looking for but most definitely was neater and cleaner than Horton or Parma. Maybe it was the times and days I visited the others. I try to avoid peak times. They did have something I wanted that the others didn't have but wasn't on the Chriistmas list, so I will be back.”

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“I have had several hogs processed at multiple locations. Jerome's is now my go to market even though it's a 1 hour drive. The seasoning smoking and packaging to your specs are great. It's worth the drive. Staff is pleasant service is quick”

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“Michigan made products from knitting to jewelry to baked goods to locally raised pork. There are several Michigan made "treats" that we love sold here, saving us the drive or shipping hassles.”

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“Was looking for some oil of oregano, had looked all over for this, but low and behold. I go to Walt's and they have it. Very nice. Smaller store, they have a a variety of everything. The employees were very nice and helpful.”

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“Dollar general is a growing store as around the US but if you have gone in one you have gone in all of them. They all look the same more or less and have the same products and prices. This particular one is always nice and clean, nothing ever seems to run out and the employees have always been helpful and nice!”

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“We went kayaking Friday morning.Made a great stop for some lunch after a very relaxing trip on the lake kayaking! We hit up the deli here at Polly's. Wings, potato wedges, with mac and cheddar salad, yummm! The staff was friendly.As for the neighboring lakes, it was amazing! It is still very beautiful outdoors. Don't miss out on the wonderful Autumn bloom that has begun! Enjoy.☺”

4.1 Good45 Reviews

“Been coming here since I was a little girl. Use to walk from my house with my other siblings and Ive just never had a bad experience here. I know all the employees by name and they know my step father too. Just super friendly staff and great environment”

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“The staff are great they are eager to assist patrons always polite friendly i shop there 3 or 4 times a week prices and product compare to any kroger meijers any grociery store”

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“I’d been without a vehicle for 3 years until September, and I’ve been disgusted beyond belief to see PS Food Marts switch out E85 to Ethanol-Free at a number of their locations. Imagine my surprise to drive to this station and see not only did they retain E85, but they added E15. This store is also clean, with a good selection of products inside. Plus it’s on one of the few roads in Jackson that’s pleasant to drive anymore (since the one-way streets were converted to two-way, and Jackson has constricted traffic flow with bike lanes).”

4.2 Good19 Reviews

“Asked several questions about different suppliment's. The clerk was very knowledgeable and showed me what he had in stock. He also made recommendations. If you need answers you will find them here.”

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“I know this is a longshot but. Yesterday (6/26/22) I was at sams club and I think my ring may have fallen out of my wallet. It was my aunts who passed away. It’s silver with five or six diamonds in a straight line all next to each other if anyone finds it please get a hold of me.”

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“Since the remodel, it is very cramped and it difficult to find what you’re looking for. There are also a lot of carts and broken down boxes in the middle of a few aisles which make it even more difficult to navigate around the store. Other than that, I’ve been coming here since it was built and it’s very convenient”

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“I love this dollar general , it is 100% cleaner . This dollar general doesn't look like , if a group of crack heads owned a dollar general, like Hamilton mich , and Holland mich stores do! Kudos to this store ! I will most definitely come back here when I'm at over this way!”

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“Always clean and stocked.... I love going in and seeing Camari's smiling face she is always friendly and she always stops and guides me to what I'm looking for compared to someone just pointing...? ? She's the best a very sweetheart..”

3.8 Good173 Reviews

“This review is to say how awesome the newest hire Syron Williams is. He is very pleasant to interact with, opens the doors for customers when he is able to and greets everyone who walks into the store with a smile on his face. Upon check out he always has jokes to tell and makes shopping experience a good one. It’s wonderful to have such a friendly employee at dollar general who wants to be there working. Future staff could learn a lot from him! Way to go DG of Parma you picked a great guy for the job!”

3.7 Good56 Reviews

“I was in the south side DG this afternoon (2/6/24) and whoever the young man working the register was deserves a promotion immediately. Wish I had caught his name, but he had excellent customer service skills, and just had that positive energy. Give him a raise and promotion immediately! I would return to this location just for the vibes.”

3.4 Good11 Reviews

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