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“I absolutely love this store! They had exactly what I was looking for and they patiently helped me find it. As I have a bad back and was looking for the perfect office chair, I also ended up leaving with the perfect desk, for less than I expected to pay for both! PAULY is genuine and very helpful. I'm definitely coming back! I recommend this place to anyone whether u have a home office or place of business, u must go there!”

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“Wide variety of back and posture torture devices, I mean aides. But only if that works for you. Some of us suffer more from these supposed fixes, but that's not on them and they generally really do aim to help”

4.7 Superb59 Reviews

“Excellent ccompany! From start to finish everything was handled professionally. Jordan arrived to our office promptly as scheduled and meticulously serviced our copier. I would highly recommend this company to anyone.”

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“Always ready to be of service with fair prices. Needed a desk yesterday. Picked it out over the Phone yesterday and it was delivered and set up today. They are the best and have never disappointed us.”

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“My Architecture Firm has been a client of American Color Systems for quite some time. They have been our source for Large Format Printers, Printing Supplies & Custom Graphics / Signage. They excel at everything that they do. Highly Recommended.”

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“Karen Davy was the associate that helped us. Not only was she extremely helpful navigating the purchases we needed for our new home office, but she provided amazing follow up as we pieced together details over the phone to complete one office. We bought a used office suite from a huge selection of both used and new furniture and had it delivered. The delivery crew was amazing and thoughtful as they anticipated the movement of the sun and people as they set up the massive suite. The furniture cost right around $900. Def recommend New Life and Karen.”

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“Mark has been a lifesaver and has really worked hard at being creative to satisfy our needs. He worked closely with Maverick to customize some desks for desktop screens and they nailed it. I appreciate him even more after working with another local office furniture company to repair a project that they installed prior to us discovering Office Furniture Concepts. Will absolutely use Office Furniture Concepts again.”

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“The primary associate, Jossi, who helped me went above and beyond for my printing needs. She helped me to learn about the different options available without my even asking and she sensed the urgency of my needs. She knows what she is doing.”

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“Great place to buy printer cartridges and carry on a conversation with the woman behind the counter. Extremely helpful and full of information about printers and cartridges. Whenever in the area, this is my go to place for cartridges and printers.”

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“I want to shout out to the Print Dept. @ Office Max, Especially Evelyn, she went above and beyond to help us in a bind. Dr. Frank L. Stile is donating 1 million meals to Feeding America and Three Square tomorrow night on behalf of David Goggins to help fight food insecurity. Evelyn called every store in Las Vegas to help us, and she did it at the end of the day, last minute to bat. This means the world to us and can't speak highly enough of her. If you are ever in need of a great print dept. Office Max on W. Charleston is extremely professional and very helpful. I recommend them any day of the week!!”

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“Matthew and Johnny were really easy to work and schedule with. Getting our printer serviced has always efficient. We recently upgraded to the newest model and they saved us money on our monthly bill. Great business and great people!”

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“I’ve ordered several stamps through A-1. They have a very fast turnaround and nice and easy process for submitting artwork. Very friendly staff. Clean and organized location. And they help with all the parameters of my project. Highly recommended and definitely coming back”

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“Was a really good place to work if you liked working and just doing your job. We ended on some what of a bad note that was my doing, but they really do care about there customers and have the best OEM products for Konica Minolta I learned a lot from them and was a little surprised by me leaving, but hope they keep doing a good job.”

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“I have been going to this store for years and I;m always impressed with how helpful eveybody is from the store manager (can't remember his name at moment, sorry) and to everyone in the Print Dept.,past and present. Recently Kimberly and Jennifer were a huge help with a small project that no surprise, turned out perfectly. It's convenient, the coupons appreciated that are mailed or emailed and most importantly, they genuinely seem to care about their customers. Thanks everyone!”

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“We were looking for a copier that would allow us to create marketing materials in house. The unit Don Milyanovich recommended to us has been perfect and his support is Great! I highly recommend him and Les Olsen Company for you copier needs.”

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“I have been using Vegas Ink and Toner for years. They provide excellent customer service. I dont have time to leave my clinic, so they bring my ink and toner to me! Super convenient. I very happy to be their customer and highly recommend them.”

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“Hi everyone This is vegas Fletch override the office depot on 2170 North rainbow boulevard. I stopped in to get a number of supplies I needed and Jay I believe he may be a manager saw me and asked if I needed help and he did answer my questions pretty quickly and get me up to the counter there and he was already waiting on the customer so after he was done with that then he helped me. It was very efficient and I give him 5 stars today Jay. If you get a chance stop Uber there and say hi to Jay and tell him you saw my have a lot of good stuff over there and they will take care of your needs for your office supplies or your home.”

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“Visited this store to find a bedroom set for my little one. I was not dissapointed. Staff was amazing!!! They treat you like family and the prices were the best!! (I shopped around lol)”

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“I've been a customer at this Office Depot many years. Management and staff have always been very helpful. Today I had another great experience. Dominic helped me out with a complicated print job. It worked out perfectly. Highly recommended.”

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“I’m setting up a home office, and a friend recommended the UNLV Surplus store to me. I had never heard of it and was very pleasantly surprised with their inventory and amazing customer service. I purchased a secondary monitor in great condition for only $15, and they included all of the necessary cords, a mouse, and a keyboard for free! The tech manager, Kevin, also plugged everything in to ensure functionality before I left the store. I saved hundreds of dollars by shopping at the UNLV Surplus Center!”

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“Lakrisha at the printing center has excellent customer service. Very helpful and efficient. I saw her interaction with other customers and I must say very patient and professional”

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“I have used this company for four years at 6 of our different stores. They have perfectly good ink cartridges and I just ordered a drum. I would never pay any attention to an old disgruntled employee. Sam is who I always speak to and he is professional and always very sweet. I would take it with a grain of salt what an employee thats gone already has to say!”

4.5 Superb4 Reviews

“This store is one of my favorite places to be at. The hospitality is amazing and they always take care of what you need to get done for you. If you’re looking for a shipping center / office essentials / or even a cup of coffee this is perfect for you. Thank you SBC you guys are awesome!”

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“Used CORT to rent some temporary furniture before construction on our office began, and enjoyed their service so much that we also moved forward with getting office chairs from them (so reasonably priced compared to what the designers tried to charge us)!! We bought 80+ chairs and had problems with a few not locking properly so they would lean back way far when someone would sit in them. I addressed this with the POC we worked with, Scott and Jimmese, and within a week they had guys out to our office replacing the damaged chairs. Great customer service at an even better price!”

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“Joey is the copier whisperer. When other copy repair shops wouldn't even touch our machines, (they're too old, we don't service those kind, etc.) Joey came out and diagnosed the problem almost instantly.I'm used to copy repair guys printing stuff out, looking at it, and then making a guess. "looks like a drum... can't be sure." Joey ran a page through our Canon copier and stopped it at every step of the printing process so he could identify EXACTLY which component was messing up.He also gave us the option of ordering replacement parts new or using used parts from his old machines if we wanted to save some money.I strongly recommend Tangerine Office Machines for copier repair work, and Joey in particular. They have been our reliable copier repair team for over a year now and we love them.”

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“I have been going to this store for years and I;m always impressed with how helpful eveybody is from the store manager (can't remember his name at moment, sorry) and to everyone in the Print Dept.,past and present. Recently Kimberly and Jennifer were a huge help with a small project that no surprise, turned out perfectly. It's convenient, the coupons appreciated that are mailed or emailed and most importantly, they genuinely seem to care about their customers. Thanks everyone!”

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“I have worked with South West Mailing Systems for several years for all of my printing needs. They have proven to be a reliable partner for my business time and time again. Homer is flexible and always comes through on those last minute requests.”

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“Thank you so much to John for his exceptional customer service! John was extremely patient and had the care to walk us through every step and make sure we knew and understand all the functions 100%. He offered to help out even in the future if we have any questions! If anyone ever needs a professional money counting machine, give Cummis Allison of Las Vegas a call. We absolutely recommend reaching out to John Gable.*Minh & TRANG.”

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