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“I really love this place. They have gifts of all kinds. Stuff you wouldn't find anywhere else. Of course books are there too. I recommend you check it out. I found a few Christmas gifts and am going back to pick up some more”

4.7 Superb15 Reviews

“Emack in Albany is a wonderful venue - for a quick cone or a meet up with friends. Orah has done an incredible job making this a fun & inviting space for all who walk in the door! Looking forward to the music on the summer stage :)”

4.8 Superb78 Reviews

“Love the Lego store! A go to place to start your Lego fascination, or rekindle an old one, the Lego store is an authentic experience. Keep an eye peeled for Jeff, Kimberly or my personal favorite, Myles as all the staff are super eager to help. With timely releases and a rotating pick a brick wall, you're sure to find the set you need. 5 stars!”

4.9 Superb36 Reviews

“I just got into retro gaming over the weekend and checked this place out last night. It was amazing! The selection and the way we were treated in terms of helpfulness and pricing is unmatched. Will absolutely be coming back for more gaming needs!”

4.9 Superb34 Reviews

“Absolutely LOVE ollies... never knew it existed until I was Christmas shopping for my kids with less than a hundred dollars. Thank you so much for helping me get my kids QUALITY gifts on a budget. I got your back Ollie's. <3”

4.6 Superb68 Reviews

“Staff are friendly and helpful. It's reminiscent of Hot Topic, but more on a nerdy/anime theme. You can find Studio Ghibli items, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, etc.Minus a star because the quality of the t-shirt I bought was not what you would expect for the price (the overall design is what sold it for me). But I'm a DINK, it was for a gift anyway, and YOLO.”

4.7 Superb19 Reviews

“Urban Aftermath is a great place to find new favorite books. They have vast selection of different genres. They also buy old books as well so might as well give them those you don't like anymore than throwing them away. I always trust Urban Aftermath whenever I'm looking for some books.”

4.6 Superb38 Reviews

“Wide selection of ice cream. I only got cake. Nice vibe. It was cold and rainy when I went but the outside seating must be really nice in the summer. I will go back to try the ice cream next time I'm in town.”

4.7 Superb13 Reviews

“Great place to go and have some fun. I highly recommend this place for everone kids all ages....The variety of items, old and new that they stock is great! There is so much to look at, I don't think it could be done in a day! Personnel and customer service is top notch.”

4.7 Superb11 Reviews

“This is a great on-line store that sells collectibles, gifts and toys made by high quality craftsman and manufacturers. I have always had exceptional customer service experiences.”

5 Superb3 Reviews

“Their candy section is fantastic. I’ve had a lot of fun picking things out to try or to give as gifts.Overall, they have some pretty good stuff in the store, and most of it is somewhere between alright and good in terms of quality. I wouldn’t go for the electronics (the headphones I bought after my normal set broke technically worked but the sound quality was not so great) but things like towels, shirts, hairbrushes, party supplies, etc? Definitely worth it. Would happily go back.”

4.3 Superb19 Reviews

“I have purchased numerous baby and child gifts here over a few decades. Kevin, the manager, is an absolute expert on all matters of toys and more. I return for the quality and unique stock. I rely on their gift wrapping. I have had 100% success with children and parents when I give them gifts from G. Willikers. Talk about 5 star experiences.”

4.2 Good21 Reviews

“Fun, clean, good flow, many products are $5 and $4 dollars. Really have to watch the prices. Products never stick around long. When they're in the front seasonal section on the right and only a few are left, they either get moved to the back or on a table in the front, on the left at a discount price. They also have separate standing racks that are separate vendors. Not affiliated as a five below product. They are a vendor product. Will vary per store. Be careful on the purchase.”

4 Good8 Reviews

“Fun store which helps you pick your next stuffed best friend. Large variety of options with stuffed animals, clothes and accessories. Computer stations help you print birth certificates. Staff are exceptional at helping you get just the right amount of stuffing in your new friend and can even help you dress them in their new outfit. Fabulous experience!”

4.1 Good28 Reviews

“They was so patient with me and they showed me how to use my rewards and it lead to a good discount with a warranty for my electric volt controller which makes me think of Pikachu this will be my controller for 2k23”

4.1 Good36 Reviews

“I 100% suggest this game stop going to over the Hudson game stop the help here is incredible!!! Everyone seems to have a positive and good attitude and vibe I'm not gonna lie I am very glad that I had that horrible experience with the manager Jonathan at the Hudson gamestop to be introduced to this gamestop even know its out of the way this is my new GS ❤”

3.2 Average22 Reviews

“My first time shopping at Lollipops, we were gifted a card from a dear friend. The owner Chris was so nice and welcoming. Kim (employee)was amazing so kind. There's a fitting room, which to me is a plus. A cute selection of clothing. Some pieces I definitely don't see around here. They both made my daughter feel like a princess an made her day special ?”

3.3 Good26 Reviews

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