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“This Five Below is clean, well stocked and has that new store smell everyone loves! They have lots of seasonal stuff already! The staff is nice, greets you up on entry and exit and is pretty upbeat! This store is one of the many transformations post COVID in the Ditmars shopping zone.”

4.6 Superb11 Reviews

“Very good fair prices I have been going to this store for a few months now and I can say that the store workers are very customer friendly and there really is a lot of variety when you walk into the shop.”

4.6 Superb8 Reviews

“It's a good store to get your need. You can get every household needs like kitchenware, soap, shampoo, carpet, mat, basket, baket, notebook, pen, razor, blade, cell phone and cover, nail cutter,”

4.5 Superb11 Reviews

“I have had the pleasure of visiting both the Iselin, NJ and just this past weekend the Jackson Heights store. Wow! I went to buy books (and believe me, they have a most extensive collection!) All of your puja needs can be found here. And to my surprise, a Doctor of Ayurveda on site. Everyone, regardless of ethnicity will feel welcome when they come to shop here. It is clean, well-organized, and the staff is very friendly and will answer any questions you may have. They were very patient when it came time to ring up my large order. I find the prices to be reasonable and would spend my money and time there again. I can tell that the owner and his associates take pride in their culture. Come visit Butala won't be disappointed. Jai Shri Krishna!”

4.6 Superb7 Reviews

“This five below is awesome! They have a diversity and variety of stuff and the cash registers are easy to use. But sometimes there are items blocking the squishmallows bin in the back. But it’s okay. This store is nice if you are on a budget!”

4.8 Superb4 Reviews

“The store is huge, the staff was friendly and very knowledgeable on where their products were. And they didn't laugh at me when I stutter-rambled on what I was looking for. So thanks. ? Like most mom & pop 99¢ stores, they have a credit card min (of $5) and all sales are final. They don't supply plastic bags anymore, so bring your own grocery tote. Also, it goes without saying, nothing is 99¢ anymore. ??‍♀️ I recommend you visit and see the place for yourself.”

4.5 Superb10 Reviews

“This is a perfect space to buy things for kids especially if you are trying to fill up a ton of Easter eggs or stockings for the end of the year. This is the place...or as we used to say back in the jam. I have visited countless of times to buy gloves, socks, hair scrunchies, combs, and airplane/helicopter toys. I have bought a ton of stuff in the past. And I'm a teacher, so you know where I go for supplies for my students, right here...they sell erasers, staplers, folders, stickers, popsicle sticks, glitter's like Michael's but way more affordable. I noticed they have the best things for young kids on a rainy day. I bought a plastic mosaic puzzle for my child and he totally loved it. I just really speak well of this place, but I'm afraid to review and share it because then it'll be so packed I can't even move...but now I realize you'll find it eventually.”

4.3 Superb22 Reviews

“Love their inventory and their knowledge. Customer service for me was great and they are very reasonable. Can't wait to go back. I get so many candles and baths (we all need a recharge)”

4.3 Superb19 Reviews

“I the first time I've went shopping at ABC'S, store ? was probably around in the 2000's but this was on Junction BLVD in Queens by the #7 train. ?? I wasn't even aware that the ABC's store was also on Sunnyside in Queens because sometime I used to walk out there & back. However this store is ?? Incredible! I'd be buying Almost Everything in there such as, winter coats, ? lots sleeveless shirts, robes, pajama pants, tee shirts, neck warmers, panties, nightgowns, & one of those Thermo sets that you wear underneath your clothes in the winter, ❄️ lovely oil sents, & one time I bought me a one of those recliner chairs ? coverers when I'd first shopped in ABC's on Junction. & It's ALWAYS Crowded that u can BARELY walk around to find out what your looking for let alone, trying to exiti or (sometimes) entering in ABC'S. I guess ? maybe I'm not the Only one that Loves & Enjoying shopping in this store, very polite employees & customers & clean. So whenever I need something from ABC'S (including some comfy pillow seats for chairs,) I can either go to Junction BLVD, or to Sunnyside Queens!!!! ??????????♥️?? ❣️”

4.1 Good13 Reviews

“I wish this had existed when I lived in Rego Park since it's right off the main drag of Forest Hills. In fact, I remember the days when there was no Five Below at all in NYC so this was a nice random find. Now it's definitely not as nice and doesn't seem to have as much as the location in Manhattan or maybe even the one in Long Island City but the staff was friendly and helpful though very much a presence as I was merely browsing to get a feel for the selection and what might be different from the stock in Manhattan or Long Island City. I didn't see any of the 50 cent water bottles so that was a letdown but I did get a needed phone charging cord that still works. Five Below in general has increased prices and I have less need for items there so it's not been the same for me as in years past but if you need a phone charging cord or some candy bars you can't find so easily (like Mallow Cups) then it's definitely worth the trip.”

4.1 Good40 Reviews

“Fun store to explore. It's like a dollar store, but Japanese! Lot's of cute school supplies and decor items, pastel colors, snacks too. Prices are 1.99 onwards but lotss of items between 1.99-5.99. Definitely worth a visit. I end up leaving with something fun and useful each time!”

4.1 Good68 Reviews

“This is a very dangerous store.My wife and I come here regularly ever since we moved into the neighborhood. If you can think of an item, Raindew probably has it. Maybe not the "best," but good enough.The first floor has a little bit of everything (from greeting cards, to sweets, to gardening equipment), while the lower level is more akin to a mini hardware store. There's also a pharmacy and a key maker. If you go inside this store, you WILL come out with more than you were looking for. Especially during post-holiday sales.Frankly, we're not sure what we'd do without this store; especially in light of the local CVS and Walgreens closing. It's a little rundown, but they've got a friendly staff and it's a great place to get supplies in an emergency.”

4 Good68 Reviews

“New, different, sophisticated. They are all necessary items in life, but their products are always so different, full of passion for life, and the prices are lower than those in Chinese supermarkets.”

3.9 Good30 Reviews

“They usually only keep 1-2 people as cashiers - but that's not the issue, apparently it's supposed to be self checkout or something? It always asks a question at the end, something related to the customer service or the cleanliness of that location. We don't even get a speak in answering to that, they just clear it off as soon as it comes, immediately putting a 5-star to those categories. Think it needs some improve, clearly lacks customer input and feedback.”

3.9 Good44 Reviews

“This Aldi's stock is huge. My family and I visit here often to pick up fruits and vegetables, along with some of their frozen foods. However, this one has inventory I haven't seen in some of the others. I saw fresh cut cold cuts, and many other foods. It was clean, shelves were stocked, and the lines moved very quickly. I would visit here again.”

3.7 Good30 Reviews

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