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“I've been coming here for almost a year now and this place is wonderful. Classes are right around minutes, and they can fit any fitness level. The workouts are constantly varied, so you never get bored, and they hit all aspects of the body throughout the week. Come check them out and either get in the best shape of your life or continue your health journey.”

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“3 words: community, support and friendship. 926 isn't just another gym or business offering workout options, they are a family. No matter what level of fitness you see yourself at, there is a place for you at 926. Since I started, I've seen firsthand how encouraging and supportive the coaches are and how close each member are with eachother and the coaches. 926 welcomed me with open arms and big smiles and have done nothing but help me with my fitness goals. This is the place to go to if you are looking for more than just a workout. 926 is were you also become part of a second family, find support, encouragement, and most importantly FUN!”

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“Great environment, positive reinforcement. Takes a bit of getting used to but definitely different. Trainer works with all fitness levels but think this is best for someone ready to take their fitness to a new level”

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“My husband and I have been members of Anytime Fitness for many years, and we absolutely love it. It's always clean, the staff is VERY friendly and always willing to help. The equipment is top-of-the-line and well-maintained. It's open 24 hours 7 days a week. :))”

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“This is my 2nd stint as a member of Elite and it’s even better running it back. Wonderful community of fitness/bodybuilding/general health enthusiasts who are engaging and devoted to achieving their goals! Def a focus on weight training in terms of the equipment offering, but there is cardio for sure and three stair climbers (H’Ville) If you’re looking to take your fitness to the next level - you’ll be hard pressed to find a better gym in the area!!”

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“Great workout…with an outstanding group of Trainers!They keep the energy level high, and encourage you to be your best.Strongly recommend to anyone looking for a fun way to get/stay in shape, reduce stress, and meet good people in the process!”

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“My Wife and I dropped in at CF Huntersville while we stayed in town on our way to our wedding and we LOVED our experience. The staff are extremely professional and everything about this gym screams professional strength & conditioning facility.Their gym is clean, organized, and well equipped for anything a CrossFitter (or Strongman/Weightlifter/Powerlifter) could want. As a CF gym manager myself I very rarely visit a gym that blows me away with their professionalism - CF Huntersville is a business that I now look up to and will strive to reach their high level of performance.If you are a North Charlotte local, or passing through town, do yourself a favor and train right here!-DG”

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“Great gym, great equipment. Got a day pass with some buddies while in town. Friend left their phone on a holiday weekend, and on Sunday morning, when the gym would not be staffed for 2 days, the owner was willing to locate and help us retrieve the phone. Dedicated to fitness and customer satisfaction. 10/10Elite Fitness refused to sell us a day pass BEFORE the 2 pm cut off because their employees were being lazy on a holiday weekend.”

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“I started at BURN with a Groupon. I was set up with a focus meeting to talk GOALS and nutrition as well as take measurements (on a side note BURN has an app and offers focus meetings daily all you have to do is sign up for one). The camps are 45 minutes of strength, HIIT, cardio - there is a different focus daily. Trainers always offer modifications to exercises so it accommodates all levels. I changed my eating habits and stuck to BURN/the trainers instruction ... 20 pounds quickly melted off. I started to build muscle and fell in love with BURN. The other members are encouraging and I have made some great friends. If you really want to change your life, give BURN 6 months like I did. Ps I just resigned for a year.”

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