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“Sam (Samantha) did a terrific job of addressing all my issues and fixing two iPhones right on the spot. Very personable and professional. I will return, for sure, if I need and further assistance.”

4.9 Superb80 Reviews

“Ashton gave perfect advice to a simple problem. Recommend for anyone that needs repairs, if it’s a crack on the screen tablet or even phone. Appreciate it brother! I’ll be coming back,”

4.6 Superb132 Reviews

“While traveling from Swansboro, North Carolina to Michigan, I stupidity reset my phone in an effort to conserve power. I rendered my phone unusable. I happened by this Verizon store and desperately burst through the door like a madman. The staff, instead of calling the police, calmed me down and gently walked me through the restoration process. They personally took me from hopeless dreg to restored human being. I could go on and regarding the professionalism and courtesy of Natasha and Viviana.”

4.9 Superb37 Reviews

“Very professional and helpful staff! Matt and David are awesome! Got me fixed up quickly! Love this store because of the staff with no wait time! I hope corporate gives these men raises!”

4.4 Superb120 Reviews

“Diamond was so professional and helpful. She made porting my phone number to T-Mobile from At&t and picking up the new S24 Ultra very easy. Great store. Great staff.”

4.4 Superb82 Reviews

“I really appreciate Noel helping me to get my phone work and add my thirds phone on Cricket service. And he also help me with discount programs and got $30 off from my monthly payments whoohh thank you so much! God bless! That what I’m talking about good customer service! Yeahhh!!!!”

4.3 Superb59 Reviews

“Ken was so patient with my raggedy iPhone 6. It was on its last leg and he got all my info transferred to my new phone while the old phone could not hold a charge. I appreciate him because he took care of exactly what I came in for. Thank you again Ken.”

4.3 Superb41 Reviews

“Lost my phone walked in not knowing if I could get my contacts or information Diana helped me get a Celero phone and she was able to retrieve all my contacts and pictures thank you for being so patient”

4.1 Good63 Reviews

“This review is on behalf of my husband. He came to this location for a new iPhone since his new one broke. He came home with a brand new iphone 14 pro max and satisfied by the amazing customer service provided by Helen. She was extremely helpful and caring. She didn’t even mind staying after closing hours helping him. I recommend this location a 1000%. If you need help with anything make sure to ask for Helen.”

4.6 Superb11 Reviews

“Breon was more helpful than the other AT&T western location. He was working on 3 customers at the same time and didn't miss a step. Extremely professional and knowledgeable.”

4.4 Superb14 Reviews

“I regretted spending 45$ on a tempered glass screen protector for a replaced iPhone 14. That is until I did a hard drop onto the graveled parking lot that completely obliterated the covering. The screensaver is guaranteed for life and I went to AT&T #200 in beside IHop for a replacement. I had the pleasure of meeting and being taken care of by Ciara who wasn't as shocked as I was when she peeled the protector off and below it was a pristine screen, not a scratch or hole. Ms. Ciara was kind, professional, and very engaging. I found myself chatting away with her and before I realized it, she had my replacement on the phone with a $10 charge for applying the protector, I had a brand new screen! Ciara deserved a nice compliment and when I took my granddaughter in two days later, Ciara wasn't there but Byron and Melissa were also a great team to work with! All three AT&T were excellent representatives of your organization!”

4 Good35 Reviews

“This is the only store I come to in Jacksonville. Love the energy here. Came to upgrade my phone again and had a great experience as always with Lorrell. I would highly recommend them for any of your needs. They are extremely knowledgeable and professional here. They also are not pushy with products and really willing to help!”

3.8 Good29 Reviews

“I like this target a lot, I appreciate the more sustainable products you do carry. The reason I am only giving 4 stars is because I wish this Target carried bamboo diapers and shampoo bars.”

3.2 Average5 Reviews

“Okay start off to say thanks to the wonderful person who actually help..when entering in the store a manger walk up to us asks what we need and we explain to us she can’t get in our phone account we had to wait to be help while we wait she stood there on her phone texting don’t feel like that is Manger like I feel as if she could help us while the other workers was doing what they needed to do for there customers they would helping yet she didn’t help she just stand near by texting on her fone I do thank the young lady that help us far as the Manager she was not good at all. I felt that she could help us with our problems…I didn’t felt as if she cared she even gotten a little snappy with us… we just wanted our problems handle so again thanks to the agent that did take her time out and help…”

3.6 Good50 Reviews

“I have been a US CELLULAR customer for years. I procrastinate about going in the store aise of long wait times and not very good service. Angie Means was fantastick. She listened exceptionally well, gave me options that were less expensive or the same price with better services.”

2.7 Average7 Reviews

“Verizon has been our provider since 1994. Of course it wasn’t called that then. I did leave for one year and came back. The grass isn’t always greener over there. I love their coverage and signal strength. 5g at my house in the country. I do live near a state hwy. Just purchased a new iPhone 15 and am happy with the trade. Great service.”

3.5 Good44 Reviews

“I love going and getting the hot food meals here! And whenever Kim is working, I know i'm going to get a smile and good service! Will definitely coming back and hope Kim will be there every time!”

2.1 Poor8 Reviews

“I went to the MetroPCS on North Marine boulevard and Western road and both of the individuals there were so absolutely respectful and nice. The manager helped me with the best deal more than I could imagine for the price and the other employee programmed everything for me so nicely. I actually enjoyed being in that store for as long as I did and I would definitely recommend anybody to go there. It was nice to actually talk to employees at a very personal level. I got to know things about them and they got to know things about me and it was the most wonderful experience I think I've ever had in a store. I learned the manager had been there for 9 years and now I know why. I would never go anywhere else again!”

3 Average49 Reviews

“Wait time wasn't as long as I anticipated. Customer service was friendly and professional. Compared to what it used to look and feel definitely a great fit for the area.”

2.3 Poor83 Reviews

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