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“We love these guys! They're fast, dependable, and honest. Anytime we need something they try their best to assist and everytime it turns out great. Thanks Formac!”

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“This is the second time I've come to see Travis for an exhaust leak on my car. First time he fixed it about 2-3 years ago he charged me less than I was expecting to pay. This time when I started to notice a similar sound I was worried I had the same problem. I stopped by to talk to him and made an appointment for him to look at it just two days later. He found the leak and showed it to me. It was not in the same part that he fixed last time so his workmanship holds up. He found the leak, had it fixed, and had me on my way in about 45 minutes. Very pleased with the work he does here. If you need exhaust repairs or are looking for a new performance exhaust, this is the place to go.”

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“My son was driving nearby when he had an issue with his car. This shop was the closest and turned out to be a great experience. They were responsive and helpful in getting him back on the road quickly and now safely. Great work!”

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“My check engine light was on. They found that a small clip had been left off after a repair at the dealership. Clip was replaced promptly at a very reasonable price. Great service. Would definitely recommend!Services: Auto exhaust system repair”

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“These guys are Very friendly, professional, fast and adequate! We have been coming here for car inspections etc for a few years now.. if you want an honest team of mechanics, go here as well!”

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“It is my go to garage for auto repair. Update your hours. I came in at 4:25 the kid cleaning up didn't acknowledge me went into the bathroom. I looked at Google says close time 5:30. Ran a quick errand thinking I would still have until 5:30 I just needed and inspection. The kid looked at me and inquired if he could help me and I said "got time for a quick inspection?" To be told sorry we close at 5. Told him if he would have acknowledged me when I was there at 4:25 all this could have been avoided. Still my go to for Auto Repair”

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“Billy has done excellent and affordable work for me since 1998,without a comback yet. He may not answer phone because he’s in rear of shop or spraying, Leave mrssage.”

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“Very professional…Niko helped me during all the process to get my new Porsche Macan GTS and he was very nice with me and replying to my messages quickly. Moreover, the car and the delivery was as planned ??”

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“I’ve brought them several vehicles and they have always done me right. There have been several instances where they have been significantly cheaper than other places. There’s been a few times where they quoted me a price on the phone and when they saw my vehicle in person it turned out to be cheaper. They could have never told me and I’d have never known the difference. So very honest. And they do good work too.”

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“Many friends and family have suggested this place for all their car care needs. I went today for an oil change and was amazed at the price and service. I was in and out in less than an hour and charged half the price I am used to paying. Will be using them for all my car care service's from here on out.”

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“I really wish they did everything as far as car service. They always make sure I'm taken care of without draining my account like Honda dealer does. Ty For your excellent service guys.”

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“I started coming to Philcar for work on my work vehicle and was so impressed by their speed and professionalism that I began to bring my personal car here for maintenance as well. Today I brought it down for a routine oil/filter change and tire rotation. I arrived at about 10:05 and was out the door a little after 1030. Everyone here is very friendly and knowledgeable about the work they do. Highly recommend bring your vehicles here for any and every service they provide”

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“Wow! This place is truly "red carpet treatment"! I had never been there before yesterday, when I pulled in (without an appointment) to ask about car inspections. As I was in my car trying to figure out if they did this service, a woman quickly came out to greet me. Her name was Emma, and she asked how she could help. I let her know, to which she said, " absolutely, we do inspections. It may be about 30 minutes as there are some cars before you. You can wait here, or in our waiting area". She was very nice, and enthusiastic (rare to find these days). She then said, "if you want to wait inside, go ahead and leave you car here and we will take care of it".She showed me where to go. In no time at all, they were pulling my car into the shop to inspect it! It may have taken all of 10-15 minutes. She came to let me know it was ready. I asked "if they check the tire pressure during this service", and she let me know that they did not. However, she then kindly offered to do so. Wow!This place was clean, kind, efficient, and I am so pleased! Jiffy Lube, please commend your employees here and let them know that they are doing an excellent job!!!”

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“Service and price was good. Older brown hair white man had good customer service and concern. The red head boy seems to have an issue with people who aren't white! Other than that it was fine.”

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