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“James and his crew are the best. I trust them for all my vehicles needs. I have taken multiple vehicles to them over a year and a half since moving to the area and know they will do the job right the first time. I have never had an issue with them and will continue to go to them for all my vehicle needs.”

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“The folks at The Tire Shop are honest and reliable. They do not overcharge for things and are honest about repairs. If you request something to be checked, they don't charge you unless the repair is needed. Their tire prices are good and they provide good, hometown trusted service. I recommend them.”

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“Don and Scott at Autobahn Service Center definitely know their stuff! Not only are they truly professionals, they are honest as well which is not always the case, especially when the customer is a woman and the mechanic knows that most women don't know a dipstick from a chopstick and may take full advantage of of it. Don and Scott always take the time to explain what the problem is with your vehicle and what it will take to fix it for a reasonable and fair price. I am so grateful to be one of their customers!”

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“I had purchased a car from out-of-state (about 2750-3000 miles away), and he was helpful and communicative during the whole process. I'd never purchased a car from a different state, and he was transparent each step of the way. I didn't feel taken advantage of (unlike most other dealerships). It also took us a few weeks to make arrangements to go pick it up, but he held on to the car on his lot without any hassle of complaints, which was incredibly appreciated!!There were a few cosmetic things that weren't disclosed and fees for the paperwork. However, all of the cosmetic damage was really hard to see, and the most important thing was that the car made it the entire way home, which is NOT an easy trip.The level of service I received, his patience, and attentiveness really made up for it. When I bombarded him with questions and concerns, he responded quickly, and he made the cumbersome process of buying a car out-of-state painless.Dealerships usually make me nervous from all the horror stories, but working with this one was a pretty great experience! I'd definitely purchase from him again (just wish you were closer!)”

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“I have owned multiple Audi sports cars. I do not let ANYONE touch or service my cars. I had Will install two cameras in my Audi S5. His work was immaculate and the care in which he treated my vehicle was impressive. I don’t know if you understand what is involved in installing cameras. He had to remove multiple pieces of the interior to do so. When he was finished it looked as if nothing had ever been disturbed. Hands down would use their shop for all the things Audi!”

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“Cox Automotive does excellent work at a fair price. I’ve taken several of my vehicles and had Clay to repair them. It’s good to have a mechanic you can trust and know that you’re not going to be screwed-over. Never any problems with the work they’ve done for me.”

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“Approximately 2 and 1/2 years ago, I contacted Mr Baldwin to build me a set of carbs for a 427 Fe engine. Had talked to him a couple of occasions and seemed very knowledgeable and experienced to do this kind of work not including a bunch of good reviews. I laid a deposit down and patiently waited. Now come on who is patient about Parts when they order them. I kept in contact with him approximately every 2 to 3 months to check on availability, a lot of back ordered parts ,a lot of short , staff illness in the family. Carburetors were finally finished and shipped to me and were recently installed on a 427 Fe by the engine builder and dynoed. He stated that this was the smoothest engine he had ever , dynoed with this carb set-up combination and great horsepower and torque were seen. Thanks Wayne Ferguson”

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