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“This place is busy, while there are only a few spots to park in the front, there is plenty of parking in the back. In addition to typical minimart/gas station items, they have great meat, an impressive wine selection and a new milkshake/smoothy maker. AND I just discovered that 'Pie in the Sky' moved in and now you can get pizza here as well. Definitely be back!!!”

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“Excellent service and they value customers. Didn't charge me to go thru wash second time when oil debris did not come off the first time even though I offered to pay. Also owner helped hand washed car before second go thru. Great to be a regular at this place and always a pleasant experience.”

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“Citgo had gas, air, lottery, cold drinks, tobacco, and separate diesel pumps away from the store for the bigger trucks. It was not the fanciest store that I have ever been to, but it had all that I needed on my trip to that store at that time.”

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“Everyone is always very friendly there. Someone commented or had a question about an employees "online comments being bad", and wanting them fired. Wow, they're all okay as I've experienced. I don't stalk their on-line presences and habits just because I buy gas from them. No.. ?”

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“I go to Planet Fitness at least 5 times a week. My coworkers and family think I am crazy. I feel that one hour a day of exercise is an hour well spent. AND I live less than five minutes away, so there are no excuses.”

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“The staff members are very nice and helpful! When you stop in tell um all I said hello be sure to tell them I got you to stop in they just might give you a little discount ? Cherokee Rob PEACE ✌ (Ol Van Man )”

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“This is my corner store close to my house. Won't ever find me saying anything bad about these people. They always go above and beyond no matter what you're asking. Even if you're short 62 cents they're going to grab their wallet and put it in. They know I'll get it back to them asap. Always smiling and always serving.”

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“New place, so far I've experienced good, friendly service. Best of all it's only 4 miles from my home and they sale non ethanol gas which I use in all of my small engine equipment. ?”

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“Yesterday, I was driving home on 77 when my wheel about fell off. Pulled over and realized I had lug studs/wheel studs snap off and most of my lug nuts were loose enough to turn with my hand. I got the car towed home as we do a fair amount of fixes, but come to find out this one was way over our heads. We were supposed to be leaving today on vacation in my car which was then immobile. After calling around, Mooresville auto was the only shop willing to get my car in within an hour and fixed before closing AND at a fair price. I am so thankful, they saved my car and my vacation. Cannot recommend them enough!! Will be a loyal customer whenever I need repairs from now on.”

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“This place is a dying breed. With most convenient stores being owned by chain companies these days it’s hard to find a place that still has personality. You always feel welcome and I always see the same girl who work the evening shift. I enjoy our quick chats. Always feel welcome.”

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“This review is for the food court only. The Costco pepperoni pizza is only $10. It is the best value for hot, prepared food anywhere. Now, it is not the best quality pizza by any stretch. But it is remarkably consistent. And it only takes 10 minutes from kiosk order to receiving the box through the designated window. 10 minutes is just enough time to grab and check out a box of golf balls, or a bag of socks. There are no other toppings; your choices are cheese or pepperoni. Keep it simple stupid.”

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“For a grocery store, this place is really cool! The closest thing I could kinda compare it too would be Whole Foods or a Fresh Market but this has so much more personality and way better prices, not to mention that they have a Beer Den where you can get a beer and sit there and enjoy a cold one right there. My niece brought me here because she wanted me to see it, knowing I like unique, had the been den and that they had a good selection of local beers that we could look for anything to take back to Florida with us. They have the usual things like a deli and bakery but then they had so much more. The part of the store that had all these areas made it almost look like individual towns or shops but each were different and super cute. Honestly, there was a ton of things that I could have bought to bring home with us but we didn't have room in our luggage so maybe if we take a road trip up here. Their meat area even has it where they have cooked steak for you to pick up, kinda like chicken or ribs and they have an area that if you want a bottle of wine that you can take it there and it will chill while you're shopping so it is cold for you when you get home. They will also take any produce and slice, dice or whatever you need to it so you don't have to. How awesome is that? If I lived in the area, I could see myself shopping here often. Lots of unique options, prices were good and the service was great.”

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“My favorite gas station ever! Every single person that works here is personable and knows exactly what I need before I even walk up to the counter! Best carbonated sundrop EVER, and always very clean! Never a wait more than 2 minutes in line, and very friendly service. 12/10 recommend!”

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“I go here most mornings on the way to work. I always see the same 3 people and they are nice, always say good morning and have a good day. Cold drinks, some hot foods and all the usual gas station items!”

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“Love going here! Always super fast checkout and great customer service! ❤️ my favorite go to place for drinks/slushies/ cappuccino. They always have everything stocked, and bathrooms are cleaned regularly. 12/10 recommend this QT!”

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“For me to be a regular customer knowing who the store manager she is never there it is a employee by the name of Sonya People that is always there with a smile on her face very dedicated very helpful goes out of her way to make sure each and every customer is happy my opinion she will make a very great store manager”

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“The lady that you all just haired is so nice,and so polite!!! Better keep her!!! People like that are hard to come by... She works at Brawley & Stutts Rd,Fast Phil’s...Just sayings!!!Thanks...”

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“Pretty good inventory at reasonable prices. The cashier we had was distractedly having a personal conversation out loud on a single-ear Bluetooth headphone mic (the ones from the '00's). Couldn't tell if he was talking to me checking out or to his buddy.”

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“I go in here every day before work, they are always extremely friendly and have even memorized the things I need from behind the counter. Every employee here always greets you when you walk in the door, even if there is a line, and I never feel unwelcomed.”

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“Mr James Gregory aren’t you the one that has been calling the store harassing the manager? Could have sworn I overheard “Shannon’s calling once again” since Shannon is actually what you go by! You’re the managers ex boyfriend from what I’ve heard, sounds like you’re mad.”

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“Other than the hard time getting in and out of the gas station's parking lot, I have no complaints.The store is also clean and well stocked, and the Dairy Queen is as well.”

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“While never the cheapest I've always been pleased with shell fuel which is why I use this particular gas station. It is also well maintained well lit and in a secure location in my opinion.”

3.6Good27 Reviews
3.6Good27 Reviews

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