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“This is a great outdoor shop, very friendly and always can find someone who can help me out. Love that it’s a three story store and gives lots of options. Hope y’all enjoy this place as much as I do!!! P.S they have a lot of the good outdoor brands!”

4.8Superb164 Reviews

“We went to Walmart, and their power was off. We went to Publix, and they didn't have what we were looking for (fruit tray). We went to Ingles Market, and they had everything we were looking for! We will go there first in the future.”

4.6Superb274 Reviews

“Great store, wonderful people! I love this store. Their selection and availability on items is top notch (even hard to find items). The store is beautiful and clean. Produce section is superb! Deli section is also on point. Great bagels!”

4.6Superb259 Reviews

“Wide selection, excellent produce area, delicious, personal service at the bakery counter and cents per gallon off at their gas station. Worth the slightly higher prices than their big box competitors.”

4.6Superb230 Reviews

“Fantastic trout! We found Sunburst on a lark, tried it out and will be regular eaters. We live near Lake Erie with world class fishing but won’t eat it bc of PCBs and garbage in the water.We ate four fillets and four trout burgers. We’ll be ordering big batches of fish for shipping to us.”

4.9Superb55 Reviews

“Lovely local health store! Very well managed, nice and knowledgeable employees. The store is very well maintained and their inventory is awesome. You earn points per every purchase & they offer 20% off every 2nd Tuesday & the 20th of every month. Closed on Sundays. :)”

4.7Superb41 Reviews

“In addition to the spices and dried peppers that others have mentioned, they have very good tortillas (in the clear plastic bags), as well as mangos, avocados and fresh cilantro. They stock a wide range of paletas (popsicles) that are delicious (coconut is our current fave). They also have cheeses, veggies, a little meat, sodas, canned goods, beans and baked goods.”

4.7Superb21 Reviews

“I like to shop this store because it offers good prices and the inventory changes. I never know what deal will pop up on the selves. It is like going on a treasure hunt.”

4.3Superb89 Reviews

“Well organized very well stocked,exceptionally clean with out stocking carts in almost every aisle. As SEVERAL of the stores here do. Everyone was very helpful and nice. A pleasure shopping there, I will be passing others closer and returning to this store.”

4.1Good15 Reviews

“This store is close to home. They had a good run for a while but that is no longer the case. Are they open or closed? Do they have employees willing to work today? Is there a random handwritten sign that says "sorry we're closed" in the sliding entrance door? Are you able to walk down the aisles? Is there food on the shelves or is scattered across the floor? Is there anything that is not made in Fentanyl China inside these stores? What is going on here folks. I don't blame the employees. I blame the Company for this disaster and this isn't the only one like this. Good luck!”

4Good74 Reviews

“I am moving to Waynesville N.C. I was please to find they have a Publix since I shop there in Florida but they also have an Ingles Supermarket. I have to say I was blown away by Ingles. The store is absolutely Huge and spotless clean. They have a much bigger variety of items and they even have a cafe by the deli with many tables and a large selection of hot ready to eat foods. I tried the Chinese and it was very good!”

3.9Good78 Reviews

“Friendly staff and the stock of items is always updated. You can tell they take care of their incoming shipments and actually put it out on the shelves when they should. This is my favorite spot to go when all the other dollar generals fail to have my favorite snacks. Thank you for being so reliable! You rock!!!”

3.8Good64 Reviews

“I love this grocery store. They always have a variety of super fresh produce, the store is immaculate and the staff is top notch! You can get your hair cut at great clips next door, then do your shopping. The store is always clean and hustling and bustling with dedicated employees.”

3.2Average22 Reviews

“I love going to this store!! Asm Jessica is always so super helpful and nice! No matter how busy or what’s happening she is always there to lend a hand! If you want to be treated fairly and like a friend go here!! Never have trouble finding what I need always leave happy!!”

3.7Good81 Reviews

“This Walmart was very well organized and everyone was incredibly helpful- especially our cashier Colton! He was the most friendly, efficient and helpful cashier I have ever encountered at a Walmart. It was a pleasure checking out with Colton. This is definitely our new favorite Walmart!”

2.8Average17 Reviews

“It's a pretty standard Walmart Superstore with groceries and produce and everything else you'd expect. Nothing particularly noteworthy except it seems a bit cleaner than most.”

3.6Good174 Reviews

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