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“Target had the Christmas cookie cutters I wanted at an exceptional price and available for store pickup. Now I can make Christmas cookies with my granddaughters!”

4.1 Good56 Reviews

“My mom had an excellent experience with Amber today; she has not stopped talking about how much she helped her for hours. Amber went above and beyond for her. Thanks!”

4 Good66 Reviews

“They were some what helpful on my GF phone but they she done all the thing they would done and somebody is hacking in her phone and they are paying about $60 buck a month for Icloud and had already download 57.24 mb off her phone and it's a Motorola 5G Stylist 2022”

3.8 Good51 Reviews

“I just got a line added and a few other things at this location. Annie and Amber were amazing and very helpful. I will definitely be using this store from now on.”

3.8 Good35 Reviews

“Target has a very nice grocery area They have almost every item you might need.They also have a great store you can ĵust look around in, pick up some gifts Definitely a good place to shop.”

4.3 Superb7 Reviews

“Hello My husband and I stopped by today for new phones. We had the delighted pleasure of being helped by in my view the brightest of fellows there.Brandon took time to come and help the both of us achieve exactly what we described to him what we were there looking for in a cell. We asked lots of questions and he was sweet about the whole process. Brandon is very knowledgeable and wise in this line of business.if you have any problems with anything he is the one you want to see just look for the young good looking gentleman and he will have you in and out in a wink. Thanks Brandon and Thank you T-Mobile for employing such a young wise wizard deserving of praise and definitely a raise .”

3.5 Good87 Reviews

“At the moment we are not as happy as we have been in the past. Our Motorola phones are acting up(2 of them). Internet and mobile data are intermediate at best. Texts are not going thru and phone calls go right to voice mail. The last software update messed everything up.”

3.5 Good85 Reviews

“The five stars that I'm giving is because Chris and Gilbert (the store manager) in Midwest city was very helpful.... However the boost mobile customer service line was rude and disrespectful -- I wouldn't recommend boost customer service to anyone.”

3.6 Good16 Reviews

“Used the Midwest City Geek Squad to install a 77” TV. Flawless install over fireplace. The even brought a vacuum to ensure they left no trace. Way better than I expected!”

3.5 Good70 Reviews

“Firstly, I am not one to go out of my way for these type of things. However, last weekend, I had an absolutely amazing experience at target! I was waiting at the fitting room for my daughter, and it was quite chaotic at this time (LOTS of clothes on the table) + about 3 employees getting things under control. One of them a man named Bryton, had seemed like the manager or lead presuming. Executed a thorough personality and tone of voice like a true leader, he laughed with his coworkers and maintained a busy fitting room professionally! Nevertheless, this young man has a bright future in managerial duties! Also, shoutout to Julie in the self checkout AMAZING PERSON!!”

3.8 Good4 Reviews

“Bryant and Gabe were absolutely amazing in helping my mother and I to be able to upgrade our phones! We have been with Metro for over 5 years and they were professional and knowledgeable in helping us find discounts and the best phones for our needs. I highly recommend going and seeing them for your next upgrafe!”

3.4 Good46 Reviews

“Walked in not know where I needed to look. Came across a young lady working there and asked her. Without hesitation she took me over the the correct area. I was also greeted by the counter staff when I walked in. I found what I needed and headed to the check out. The young man asked me if I found everything I needed and told him yes with the help of the young lady who was now behind the counter. Everyone was very polite and helpful. They both said thank you as I left.”

2.8 Average9 Reviews

“Stopped to check out the fish selection. Was looking for Cod. Just so happened they had 2 packages and were marked down 1/2 price. Checked the dates and they looked good. Grabbed some sweet potatoes, oil and louisanna bread crumbs. The parking is a little off here. Not sure why but it just feels odd. Not many in the store. Found what I needed and of course no cashiers. Self check only. Personally think you should get 10% off your total if you do self check. Got in and out without any issues. They have some decent prices if you shop the aisles and compare. Not a fan but they had the fish I was looking for.”

3.1 Average31 Reviews

“This location is always great! Usually very busy however service is always quick and the workers are always helpful and seemingly excited to help you out. Stores are always top notch clean and shelves are usually packed and when inventory is low, they keep the store appearing full and not empty or vacant like many other stores. Soda fountains are always cleaned several times a day and see them constantly cleaning coffee machines, cappachino machines etc.. Employees stay so friendly it rubs off on customers and everyone is happy in this place. You nailed this store to perfection and it should be a model for other locations.”

3.1 Average35 Reviews

“Great team!!! I've been dealing with them for a very long time!!!In time of financial needs, they have the resources! For many other needs, if they don't have it, ask and they don't mind helping!!!”

2.4 Poor13 Reviews

“Typically has he cheapest gas prices in the area so that is always a big draw for me. I am not much of a buyer of convenience store items inside the store as the price in any convenience store is too expensive for me, so I cannot speak to their inside prices. I really appreciate the free air machine that they have which allows you to air up your tires and time you would like.”

2.5 Average19 Reviews

“I am so disappointed in the customer service. I placed an order online for a washer, it took 8 days for it to be delivered! Now that would have been ok had they notified me that there was a delay, especially since it says it was going to be delivered within 2-3 days. Then when I finally get it, I had to figure out that the guys didn’t plug it in nor did they connect the hose, evidently, since I attempted to wash a load, and my laundry room was flooded! I tried to call for a service call, after 5 pm, no one answered the phone when online it clearly states they are open until 8pm! At this point, I just want them to come get it and I go elsewhere!! Update: I got ahold of someone around 10:30 the next morning! I was so pleased with the young man’s honesty and admittance about not plugging the machine in, I think his name is Eric, he assured me it would be done today! Claude arrived and put the everything on correctly! I am now a very satisfied customer!!”

2.7 Average74 Reviews

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