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“10/10 spaced out the best smoke shop you could ever go to! there so kind there and always have what you need and everything is good quality. there very welcoming when you walk in and it’s super chill i definitely recommend!!!!!!!”

5 Superb115 Reviews

“Super helpful, polite, and spent time walking us through everything we needed. Highly recommend and they don’t mind spending the extra time to get you what you need.”

4.9 Superb130 Reviews

“The incognito cart battery I bought was super useful and hit like a truck malaki was amazing helping me pick out a new battery and found exactly what I was looking for”

5 Superb30 Reviews

“This is always our go to place for all of our smoke needs!They have wonderful pricing, a wide variety of many products, and hands down the best customer service I’ve ever experienced!”

4.9 Superb31 Reviews

“Acquainted with owner, but this is an approving unsolicited complement how nice their shop is and how helpful they are to every customer rich or poor, and there is a huge selection. I like the cigar boxes,tho I am a non-tobacco smoker.”

4.7 Superb40 Reviews

“Love this place. Huge variety and a dope staff. Mercedes is my go to gal! I’ve always had a tasty vape with her behind the counter. This is the place where all the cool people go. :)”

4.6 Superb57 Reviews

“This is the ONLY place I buy from in OKC. Friendliest staff ever. Brittany is very patient and answers all my questions, laughs at my husband’s attempts at humor and makes us feel welcome to browse as long as we need. This shop is clean, organized and well stocked. I love looking around for gifts when I’ve got time.”

4.8 Superb30 Reviews

“I was thoroughly impressed by the extensive range of Kratom and delta 8 products available at this smoke shop. Their selection of glassware and disposable vapes was unparalleled. This smoke shop is truly exceptional. The shop's atmosphere is inviting and relaxed, making it a comfortable place to explore their diverse inventory. It's undoubtedly a go-to destination for anyone seeking high-quality smoking products and a superb shopping experience.”

4.6 Superb34 Reviews

“Came in on a Friday evening to grab a new lighter and cutter and was helped by John. He was absolutely fantastic, friendly and knowledgeable. Tobacco Exchange has always had a great selection when it comes to cigars but I will be be back next visit just because of John!”

5 Superb15 Reviews

“Great shop. I gave been coming to this place for years to buy my cigars. They are always knowledgeable about the cigars. They have great customers service. Also here lately I have been hanging out in the lounge. Nice conformable please to talk, relax and enjoy some great cigars. and try new ones too.( Nice place) I definitely recommend this place.”

4.7 Superb24 Reviews

“I came here looking for a glass piece to replace the Clover I'd had for years. I looked at a total of 5 shops for a similar design, and finally came across it here. However, I wanted to check one larger place to see if they had the exact thing (vs. similar) before committing.I walked into the other store and they didn't have anything near what I was looking for, and Luxury was willing to make a *literal* last minute sale (they close at 8, and I called and asked if I could buy the piece I was looking at with an ETA or 7:59.) They happily agreed, and even thoroughly followed policy and had me check the glass despite them closing so soon.Excellent service and quality!”

4.6 Superb30 Reviews

“I live in Stillwater and work here around the city, and after I realized I left my juice at home this was the first place that popped up in the search.Great staff, and a great recommendation, Strawberry Watermelon, I was my way with a great flavor.”

4.7 Superb19 Reviews

“this shop has the best prices on vapes I have seen by far. The smoke shop I use to visit priced vapes ridiculously high.. like geek bars for 24.99. finding this hidden gem with geek bars being only 16.99 has been a game changer. definitely worth a visit.”

4.3 Superb39 Reviews

“Best selection in state, great staff, and good prices. Also lots of great accessories. They have everything. The private lounge in the back is really cool too. Highly recommend this place.”

4.5 Superb19 Reviews

“To start my pipe journey, I visited R&K a few days back to pick out a corn cob pipe and tobacco blend. The gentleman behind the counter was very helpful and knowledgeable about the various blends. He spent a good amount of time with me helping me pick out what I might like. Great selection to choose from. Highly recommend this place.”

4.6 Superb14 Reviews

“Great place to grab thi gs on the go. Prices are average and the inside looks clean.From when I went in there fee years ago, this place looks a 100% better.I'm not sure if it's a new owner or what exactly but they sure did make the outside look great.”

4.4 Superb21 Reviews

“Have you heard that your favorite smoking supply shop, Up-N-Smoke, on N.W. 10th and MacArthur in OKC, is a dispensary, Grateful Med Dispensary. My favorite place in the world!Still loving it.Friendly, fun, bunch”

4.6 Superb10 Reviews

“The line is usually long as h***.. but the the women working inside get thru the line in a timely manner! 5 minutes max wait time with line wrapped around building”

4.1 Good47 Reviews

“Great, convenient place to get your drinks, snacks, and smokes. Steve and Susan are always super nice and willing to help with a smile on their faces. In my opinion, it wouldn't be a great experience without them!”

4.2 Good20 Reviews

“Had been searching every where and was able to finally find this favor here called the cowboy a lil more then I'm use to paying for 120ml but for this favor it was worth it”

4.2 Good19 Reviews

“Popular as an area diner for fried foods and ribs.This is a family owned business which is well stocked and offers seasonal specials on clothes, hats and gloves.They have a lot of Mexican candy and chips.Most coming here do so for the cigarettes and vape as this is a discount tobacco store under great value area rules not offered in other parts of the city which is a well kept secret. This shop has international cigarettes and some specialty national brands others in the area do not.Worth shopping in person, inside the store everytime because you never know what you will find!Very friendly staff with a great sense of humor. They accept cash. I have never been given the wrong product and never been overcharged, nor any wrong returned change. Open 7 days and often on holidays.”

4.4 Superb10 Reviews

“This store is awesome! After coming here for almost 10 years straight, I have not once had a bad experience. Everytime I walk in, I feel like I am greeted with love! I feel like I'm walking into the house of a good friend. I frequently just hangout and chat with/watch them work, and it's always so beautiful. Every person that walks in gets the same treatment I do! Brand new people, and long time regulars like me. The staff is quite knowledgeable on popular devices and is willing to go the extra mile and learn anything they need to help someone! These are the true vape experts of Oklahoma, and they give a quality of service I've never seen at any other establishment. No commision really let's them treat you like a friend and get you exactly what you need. I feel like they give discounts on just about everything too, gotta be the best prices in town!I'll be leaving the state in a few months, so thank you to everyone from Vapor world, through Vapor shark, to Kure Vaporium now, you've been the best.P. S. There's also 6 other locations in the greater OKC metro area and they are all just as awesome!”

4.4 Superb9 Reviews

“All I have to say is I have no idea why they are saying the man is rude. He HAS always been kind to me. I dont think "women" to need to worry about coming in. Great prices, always kind, take it from someone who's been going there for about 5 or 6 years now!”

4.2 Good9 Reviews

“I’m very impressed by the variety of different tobacco/smoking products/accessories available here such as disposable vape pens, grinders, hemp wraps/swishers/backwoods/Games/white owls/BLK swishers/black&milds/several different hemp wraps/several different joint papers, ashtrays, rolling trays, hand pipes, water pipes(bongs), gas mask, baggies, scales, butane/lighter fluid , torches, lighters, delta 8, CBD, hats, backpacks, and much more, if you’re a dispensary/medical shop owner , gas station/convenient store owner, or smoke/tobacco shop owner I suggest you go to OK wholesale to get the most profitable prices in Oklahoma I manage 2 gas stations and a smoke shop, so take my word for it your profit margins will rise because of how low-priced the products are compared to other wholesales in Oklahoma.”

4.2 Good5 Reviews

“Absolutely love this place. Quit cigarettes one day, walked in this store with no vape knowledge, and left with a new vape pen (which I quickly upgraded later). Staff is always friendly and helpful. I just wish they still had a store in Yukon so I didn't have to drive so far for my juice.”

3.9 Good18 Reviews

“This is a quirky store that has a little bit of everything. It felt like every time I turned there was an oasis of snacks, household items, and other things around the corner. It could use a few repairs but overall, not in too bad of shape. Some of the aisles are too narrow for a wheelchair though. They have hot food but there wasn't a lot when I was there.”

3.8 Good8 Reviews

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